As we celebrate a new year later this month and be with our loved ones for the holidays; we, the entire staff of The e-Wrestling Encyclopedia Wikia, wants to bless you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Prosperious 2012. With this said, I, and some of the maintenance crew members, will periodically check in and post several things in the blog posts. We, the entire staff, will have a big meeting during the holidays and will make the FINAL changes to the site. The staff here at eWE are welcomed to new ideas, comments, feedbacks, suggestions and everything in between from YOU THE USERS. From now to the end of the year, I would love the users to post your thoughts, suggestions, ideas, or whatever the case maybe, and we the staff will be talking about it in the final meeting of the year. If you have questions about rules or unclear of what is a rule or not, or what needs to be done, we will greatly appreciate it and will use your comments and make this site better than ever.

This is a side note to the entire staff that you need to contact me directly via Yahoo IM and or talk page when it is the ABSOLUTE BEST TIME for you. The maintenance crew will be this weekend and during the mid to late December 2011, I will tell you about what they say and by Decemeber 31, 2011, we will (more or less) be transitioning to 2012's business season. Things to cover in whether or not to revamp the Manual of Style, revamp the rules (i.e. add, change, delete, and all things of alterations), and site users comments and feedback.

In Closing, I would like the entire users to post anything that he/she/they need to be done and we, the staff, will do the work if it requires the needs. If the staff has questions, expect a question or two on your talk page for clearifaction.

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