Crimson Dawn
Promotion Vendetta Championship Wrestling
Date May 2008
Venue The Superdome
City New Orleans, Louisiana
Pay-per-view chronology
First Crimson Dawn TBA
VCW Crimson Dawn chronology
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VCW Crimson Dawn was the very first pay-per-view event of Vendetta Championship Wrestling. The event took place on July 6, 2008 at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The pay-per-view held the finals to the Seraphim Falls Tournament, a tournament started in VCW Live 1.1 to determine the very first VCW World Heavyweight Champion in a Fatal Fourway match between Eric Ares, Sir Feyd Brisbane, Magnum, and Thomas Hookton. The match ended in a draw when Ares and Brisbane simultaneously scored a pinfall, resulting in the World Heavyweight Championship not being crowned that night.

Another notable match was the Minutes to Midnight Match for the VCW Sanguine Championship, which was almost a show-long championship scramble match, but with slightly more complex rules. The match was won by Mortus, besting five other men to become the Sanguine Champion.

The show also saw a change in on-screen administration; the VCW Board of Directors removed Craig Christ from his post as VCW General Manager, and naming FMW's Skyler Striker as his replacement, who renamed the VCW weekly shows from just VCW Live to VCW Vengeance.


The main storyline ongoing was the culmination Seraphim Falls Tournament, which started at VCW Live 1.1. Eric Ares, Magnum, Feyd Brisbane, and Thomas Hookton all managed to advance to the quarterfinals of the tournament. However, at the end of Hookton vs. Dunn (who stayed in the tournament due to the Wildcard), the Coming (Skyler Striker, as a voice, had been making mysterious interruptions and appearances this way) interrupted an Eric Ares run-in and announced that all four remaining participants would go on to the finals at Crimson Dawn and challenge for the vacant VCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Meanwhile, six men who had been eliminated from the Seraphim Falls Tournament were chosen to compete in the very first VCW Minutes to Midnight Match to crown the first VCW Sanguine Champion. The participants were announced at 1.3, while the rules of the match were clarified at 1.4, during Andrew Carpenter's talk show segment, the Ring of Fire. The match was split into three portions - a match proper that lasted 15 minutes in the ring and ringside area (the participants already had to be backstage by the end of the 15 minutes; anyone who remained was disqualified), a backstage portion that was only shown to audiences before and after the other matches on the card, and a final portion that lasted 5 minutes. The last person holding the Sanguine Championship belt by the end of the match was the true Sanguine Champion, and the belt changed hands first by first blood; when the titleholder was already bleeding, he could then be pinned or made to submit.

Another match involved the culmination of the feud between Craig Christ and Romeo McCoy. Craig Christ had been oppressing McCoy since VCW's debut, first refusing to book McCoy in a match, against McCoy's complaints, and sending out henchmen to assault him backstage. Christ and McCoy had many confrontations over the show cycle, and even went to the point of corrupting the normally harmless Colt Conrad into attacking McCoy and giving Christ the upper hand in the triple threat match at 1.3. Eventually the Coming booked Craig Christ versus Romeo McCoy for Crimson Dawn.


The show opened with a match between Benjamin Bright and Bmore, booked after Bright mysteriously showed up after Bmore's debut match at 1.4 and inadvertently challenged Bmore to a match at Crimson Dawn, looking for someone to "educate". Bright did manage to "educate" Bmore at Crimson Dawn as he locked in his finishing move, "Patience," to make Bmore tap out.

Up next was the triple threat match between the Great Nodnarb, iSav, and Captain Courage, for a shot at the Sanguine Championship, which Nodnarb won after applying the Nodnarbian Special to his ally Captain Courage.

Mortus won the Minutes to Midnight match with 2 seconds remaining on the clock. All six men managed to hold the title at least once during the match. Andrew Carpenter, Gregory Best and Anon Ehmus were disqualified for remaining in the ringside area after the initial 15 minutes were up; Andrew Carpenter inadvertently speared Gregory Best off the stage, thus technically making them unable to continue the match, and Anon Ehmus did not make it through the curtain separating the backstage from the stage as Chris Austin executed a dropkick on Anon Ehmus and used momentum from the move to propel himself through the curtain. At the last portion of the match, Cain Ravid won the belt from Austin with less than fifteen seconds on the clock; however, Mortus came in and executed a palm strike to the nose, causing Ravid to bleed again profusely and winning the belt with less than five seconds on the clock, making him the first VCW Sanguine Championship.