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Real name Phan Dat Diep
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Height 5 ft. 8
Weight 230 lbs.
Date of birth May 3rd, 1984
Place of birth Saigon, Vietnam
Date of death
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Resides London, England
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Trainer Supreme Gato
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Phan Dat Diep , better known by his ring name VND is a Vietnamese professional wrestler who is currently working for CWF.


Phan Dat Diep was born in Saigon, Vietnam and aspired to be a professional wrestler after watching several matches on a holiday to Japan. Once he was eighteen, he moved over to Japan where he was trained for several years. While staying in Japan, he also learnt English, and when he turned twenty-four, he moved to England where he begin his indy career.

TWA Career

It was recently discovered that VND was formerly known as Saga Mask, a character hailing from Japan, with a likeness to the early VND, except with a mask.

He was signed to TWA just afew months after being in the indy scene and he created the gimmick of Saga Mask.

During his tenure in the TWA, he become General Manager of TWA's Monday show and his tag team partner awarded him the Amatuer Title after he was no longer able to defend it.

Just after a week of GM duties however, TWA closed down due to many resignations, including one from Diep. He then moved back to England were he wrestled in the indies once more.

English Independants

In 2006, Phan wrestled in several English promotions; including: BWA, EWL, BWF and GWE.

In all of these promotions, he fueded with another Asian wrestler, Roku Kato, a young man from Japan. There fued has been credited for bringing a puro style of wrestling to England.

After a year of wrestling in England once more, Phan created the VND persona, as he had been wrestling under his real name before. He was soon hired by the CWF and made his debut in 2007.

CWF Career

Phan made his television debut and was the first Asian wrestler in the company. He soon was put into a fued against Mental Jack, and was on a losing streak, with an exception of a tag match.

After his fued with Jack was over, VND's gimmick changed to a triad ganster, joining a traid gang known as the Lightning Dragons. During this gimmick he goes out and does "jobs" for the triad gang, which nearly always ends with the camera-man being beaten to a pulp.

VND was undefeated since his gimmick change, even winning the CWF T.V tournement, but was recently defeated by Mental Jack, the very man who put him on a losing streak in a T.V Title match.

At the PPV No Man's Land VND came up short in the Fatal Fourway for the T.V Title but proved after the match he could have won by taking out the ref and Mental Jack. The two faced off on the next Ignition and VND was finally able to beat Jack, and won the T.V title aswell.

VND would go on to lose the title to Mental Jack at Americana, and would subsequently retire from wrestling soon after. However, VND has recently returned to wrestling and the CWF.

VND recently had his first Main Event of CWF, in a losing effort against the returning Joey Greco. He is said to be soon taking a more serious gimmick, and less of a happy-go-lucky one.

Diep has recently taken another break to help out his student WRESTLEKing X get over in the CWF. It was planned that VND will return as WRESTLEKing's tag team partner, but the idea has since been scrapped. VND is said to be returning to CWF rings soon.

Wrestling Facts

Entrance Music

  • The Fighting Raising Spirit (First in CWF)
  • V.I.P by Big Bang (Second in CWF)
  • Tokyo Drift by Teriyaki Boyz (Thrid in CWF)
  • N.G.S by Asian Kung-fu Generation (Current in CWF)

Finishing moves

  • VNDiaster (Inverted Go 2 Sleep)
  • VNDestroyer III / VNDestroyer Returns (Double-Underhook Piledriver)
  • VNDestroyer II (Flipping Piledriver) - Rarely used.
  • VNDestroyer (Piledriver) - Feburary 2007 - November 2007

Signature Moves

  • Corkscrew Moonsault
  • Springboard Dropkick
  • Asai Moonsault (No longer uses as respect to his student WRESTLEKing X)

  • Nicknames
Asian Assassin

Championships and accomplishments

  • CWF Hall of Famer
  • Won the CWF T.V Championship (Longest Reigning).
  • Won the CWF T.V Title Tournement.
  • TWA General Manager.
  • TWA Amatuer Champion.


VND is good friends with fellow wrestlers WRESTLEKing X, Supreme Gato, Awesome Joe, and Ryan Nero.

VND favorite band is Killswitch Engage.

VND makes good rice balls.

VND once was charged with assault for attacking a man with chopsticks.

VND likes the smell of gasoline.

VND likes the sound of his own name.

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