Vanessa Lee (born February 12 1980 in Tampa, Fl) is an american Valet employed in Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation and is the girlfriend of "Hardcore Assassin" John Thomas

Vanessa Lee
[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Vanessa Lee]]
Name Vanessa Lee
Birth Name Vanessa Lee Adams
Debut 2005
Height 5’7
Weight 135lbs
Date of birth 2/12/1980
Hometown Crystal River Florida
Resides Crystal River Florida
Place of death and date

Personal Background

Vanessa Grew up in Tampa Florida living the usual typical life of a rich kid in the area, however, once she reached middle school she started taking an interest in a kid by the name of John Thomas. and although her parents threatend to kick Vanessa out of her house for dating a kid troubled like John Thomas. Vanessa continued to date John throughout all of his personal problems, and even left college to tour the country with John.

Wrestling Manager

Although Vanessa toured with John during his wrestling career she didn't start to appear on camera until he started his career in GWA.


Vanessa made her first on screen appearence during one of John's promos on July 23rd 2005. it would become clear that later she would start to

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