Vanessa von Braun
Real name Vanessa von Braun
Ring Names
Height 5' 8"
Weight 150 lbs.
Date of birth October 4, 1985
Place of birth Ridgewood, Queens, New York Flag of the United States
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Ridgewood, Queens, New York Flag of the United States
Billed from Queens, New York Flag of the United States
Handled by Kevin W.
Win/Loss Record 3-1
Debut 2008
Vanessa Karen von Braun (born October 4 1985 in Ridgewood, Queens, New York) is an American professional wrestler and valet. She is currently working exclusively for the Championship Wrestling Alliance, where she is the current CWA Women's Champion. She is also the valet for the Linden family and Chris Linden's girlfriend.

Career history



Von Braun began her career in PWW at the War following Last Laugh, interfering to both help Chris Linden win his match against Tristan Novak and distracting Rob Cavallo during his match with Alex Michaels, causing Michaels to win.



Vanessa followed the Lindens to EWX, but EWX shut down shortly after they joined.


After EWX was bought out by CWA, the Lindens and Vanessa joined CWA. Vanessa won her first-ever match in a tag team match, teaming with Talena against Anya Rose and Harley.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
  • Signature moves
  • Other moves
    • Sleeper suplex
    • Bridging butterfly suplex
    • Muay Thai clinch w/ knee strikes
    • Judo hip yoss
    • Roaring elbow
    • Wrist Clutch Exploder
    • Dragon suplex
    • Savate kick
    • European uppercut
    • FTS
  • Clients
  • Nicknames
    • The Queen Bitch
    • The Queen of Queens
  • Entrance music
    • "War Machine" by Kiss
    • "She Likes Rock 'n Roll" by AC/DC (current)

Championships and accomplishments

PWW (defunct)
Final roster
Tag teams/Stables
The Awakening | Bulls & Bears | The Eh Team | God's Finest Grapplers
Hollywood G'z | The Lindens | R2 | Stoned Cold
"Slick" Rick Avalio | Todd Duvet | Jimbo the Janitor | Monica Lockheart
"Sloppy" Joe Rother | Scott the Scoop | Carl Tuckerson

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