"The Pure Superstar" Vayne
[[Image:Vayne|px|Image of "The Pure Superstar" Vayne]]
Real name Bernardo Pinto
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Height 6'4"
Weight 265lbs
Date of birth May 30th, 1983
Place of birth Lisbon, Portugal
Date of death
Place of death
Resides New York, New York
Billed from Lisbon, Portugal
Trainer  ?
Handled by Richard I. Patterson
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Debut February, 2006
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Vayne is the first well established portuguese wrestler, currently contracted under three federations. Championship Rasslin' Federation and Vicious Wrestling Circuit, in the U.S and Portuguese Championship Wrestling, in Portugal.

Early Life

Vayne was always passioned for wrestling. In the age of 15 he requested his parents to join the only and main wrestling federation in Portugal. He was born natural talent, being able to perform every style of wrestling back then everybody recognized him as a pure talent. At only the age of 16 he became Portuguese Wrestling Champion, that achievment didn't pass in blank and a scout Richard I. Patterson brought him to the states. While he was training in various wrestling academies to become a professional wrestler, he became also a 3 Time All-American. At the age of 22 he arrived at his first federation... Championship Rasslin Federation.

Professional Wrestling

CRF: The Beginning (February 2006 - now)

Vayne appeared in the CRF with the nickname of "Pure Superstar", as promising talent altough his debut didn't went to well( he would lost his firs match to Hopp). He would eventualy end up feuding with the undefeated, at time, and also promising talent Arc. In the second match of his carrer he ended that streak by defeating Arc in a Standard Match. This feud would eventually go on and was considered the 2006 Feud of the year. At Defiance 2006 (CRF's PPV) a tournament was held to crown the first ever CRF Intercontinental Champion Vayne was participating and making his 3rd appearance in a CRF ring, suprisily he won a Battle Royal, defeated the monster Darkness via submission in a Singles Match and defetead Magician in a Ladder Match to be crowned the first ever CRF Intercontinental Champion. Vayne made his mark in CRF history and with that he joined the most successfull faction in CRF, eXtinction, led by the CRF Chairman, Fighter-X, wich is he still apart. He would eventually lose the title to his rival, Arc, in a Last Man Standing Match. Without losing his sights on CRF Intercontinental gold, Vayne teamed up with Egon to win the CRF Tag Team Titles from Smokey/Razorbacks. One week later Minarin and his rival Arc took the titles from them proving his superiority over Vayne by stealing him two titles in one month. Vayne still tried to regain the IC gold but with no success... At the first Royal Rumble held by Carnage, Vayne made an impressive performance winning his first Royal Rumble and a contract to use at any time, at any title. This would prove to be a very useful "weapon" to win his first world title. Vayne would still beat Arc in their final match ,before he became GM of Judgment (a CRF brand) have a small reign as Carnage Intercontinental Champion winning and losing the title to Les Black After losing the Intercontinetal Tilte, Vayne cashed in his oppurtunity and he chose to face Big Bad John for the Carnage World Heavyweight Title. He won that title succesfully in a Steel Cage Match. After a 1 month reign he would lose his world title to Magician. He tryied to regain it several times but with no success. Vayne, The Pure Superstar, was dead. Vayne, "The Deadman" had been born. With this change Vayne became more destructive and with the objective of punishing superstars and not winning matches. He would end up winning the Carnage Hardcore Title from Darkness proving he could aslo be superior in Hardcore type of matches. This bout would lead, after three matches, to the first victory of Darkness over Vayne making him lose the Carnage Hardcore Title. After ayne moved to Mayhem, bringing back again "The Pure Superstar". He participiated in the first ever 666 Match in his arrival leading the competiton from the beginnig till the end and recently he has defeated the Mayhem World Champion, Ice and now has the oppurtunity to face him for his title... can Vayne become World Champion again?

PCW: April 2006-Now

Due to his success in the U.S, Vayne was invited to be part of the first portuguese e-fed, Portuguese Championship Wrestling. Vayne acted there as a sort of "tutor" to other superstars. Many successfull superstar were born there such as Rappier (Current CRF Champion) Jay Mike (former CRF Superstar) and Loureiro (former CRF Trainee). In the first show he aligned with Kronus to become the first-ever PCW Tag Team Champions. After losing his title he would be inactive for a while, due to CRF. He would return being nominated by the Chairmas as General-Manager and creating for the first time a managig team to help him. Rafahari was named Producer of the show and Rappier the Crew Manager. During his reign as PCW General Manager he would become again PCW Tag Team Champion, this time his partner was Rappier. Due to the lack of time he would quit from his GM position being succeeded by Rappier.

XWA: January 2007-February 2007

Vayne was part of the XWA since the beginning till the end of the federation. During his stay he would beat Ice for the U.S Title becoming the final champion.

Vicious Wrestling Circuit

Vayne joined Eric Omega's VWC from the start. There he proved to be a sadistic and anti-VWC wrestler. He began his feud with Nail (the VWC World Champion at time) claiming that he was a CRF Traitor. This bloody feud would culminate in VWC's firs PPV Main Event a Triple Threat Match for the VWC World Title, where Ryan Brown was also apart. Thanks to nXw members (VWC rival fed) Vayne picked the win and became the 2nd VWC World Heavyweight Champion.

Wrestling Facts

Finishers and Signature moves

The Mortalizer (Stalled Powerbomb)
The Death Sting' (Sharpshooter)
The Twister (Twist of Fate)

Memorable Feuds


• In CRF, Vayne and Arc were part of the most memorable feud of 2006, they had Last Man Standing, Steel Cage, Hardcore and Table Matches. They face each other for the CRF Intercontinental and CRF Tag Team Titles. That feud established them as CRF Legends and HoF, and certainly as one of the most successfull superstars in CRF


• There feud was not a big one, but memorable for it's intensity, Magician took the best from Vayne and his World Title


• Since Darkness tapped out to Vayne he was never able to pull a victory from "The Pure Superstar". When Vayne became "The Deadman" there was no room in Carnage for two monster. Vayne took the Carnage Hardcore Title from Darkness and finally was beaten twice, losing the title in a Hardcore Match and in the re-match in the first ever Seven Sins Match. The record is 5-2 favouring Vayne.

Theme Songs

• Stone Temple Pilots - "Sex Type Thing"(Current)
• Moonspell - "Luna"
• Marylin Manson - "Putting Holes into Hapiness"
• Megadeath - "Countdown to Extinction"(eXtinction)
• Tool - "The Pot"

Championships and Accomplishments


2x CRF Carnage World Championship

2x CRF Intercontinental Championship

1x CRF Hardcore Championship

3x CRF Tag Team Championship (1 w/ Egon; 2 w/ Jake Jones)


2x PCW Tag Team Champion


1x United Sates Champion


1x VWC World Heavyweight Champion

Other Achievments

• 2006 Carnage Royal Rumble Winner

• CRF Legend

• CRF Hall of Famer

• Most reigns as CRF Tag Team Champion

• Winner of the 2006 Feud of the Year Prize (with Arc)

• PCW General Manager

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