Vegas Championship Wrestling
Acronym VCW
Industry Sports Entertainment
Headquarters Las Vegas, Neveda
Show(s) VCW Longshot
Established 30th August, 2006
CEO Samantha Swift
Founder(s) S
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President {{{president}}}
Booker(s) Samantha Swift
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Vegas Championship Wrestling Inc. (VCW) is a publicly-traded, privately-controlled integrated media (focusing in television, Internet, and live events) and sports entertainment company dealing primarily in professional wrestling, with major revenue sources also coming from product licensing, and direct product sales. Samatha Swift is the majority owner and Cheif Executive Officer (CEO) of the company. The company's global headquarters are located in Las Vegas, Nevada. VCW's business focus is on professional wrestling, a simulated sport that consists of wrestling

VCW promotes under it's weekly show: Longshot. VCW is also home to one heavyweight championship: the VCW Heavyweight Championship, as well as minor championships such as the Las Vegas Championship, Juniorweight Championship and the Women's Championship.

Early VCW

In the late 90's Solomon Swift had amassed an impressive fortune. He ran prize fights and even owned a stake in a casino. But he always had an interest in professional wrestling. With his vast wealth he started up his own promotion. Solomon died in March of 2006. His daughter Samantha was his only heir. Samantha took over the company and has kept it going since.


On August 30th 2006 VCW had it's first show Longshot. Longshot had tournments to find the new Champions. VCW was originaly made up mostly of CPW & MWA but alot of first year VCW wrestlers were introduced.

CPW & MWA Involvement

After the fall of both CPW & MWA in west coast wrestling VCW took over in the place of CPW & MWA when they both folded. VCW has mad a tribute to CPW & MWA by creating the VCW/CPW/MWA Hall of Fame.


Vegas Championship wrestling has one show each week on televison. VCW Longshot is VCW's main wrestling show filling people in with wrestling between 'pay per views'. VCW has a 'pay per view' event each month. The pay per view matches are aired on-line at the website.


VCW has two different venues which there matches are contested:

The VCW Arena (Las Vegas, Nevada) seats 5,000 and is the main arena which matches are contested. The VCW arena is the only VCW arena to have telvised matches The Armory (Las Vegas, Nevada) seats 900 and is used for house shows. House show results are posted on [1]


Championship Champion(s) Previous champion(s) Date Won Location Event
VCW Heavyweight Championship "The Tradition" Seamus Anderson Slaughterhouse December 31,, 2008 Las Vegas, Neveda Sin City Showdown
VCW Juniorweight Championship Jack Francis "The Swede" Carl Svensson December 13, 2008 Las Vegas, Neveda Advent of Anarchy
VCW Las Vegas Championship Jason Shepard Veronica Truman September 13, 2008 Las Vegas, Neveda VCW Aftermath
VCW Hardcore Championship Ryan Bowridge Andrew Moore December 312008 Las Vegas, Neveda Sin City Showdown
VCW Women's Championship "Bloody" Arrianna Lyra "Vermillion Lady" Jade Emira December 312008 Las Vegas, Neveda Sin City Showdown
VCW Tag Team Championship Grade A Tag Team Mass Destruction December 312008 Las Vegas, Neveda Sin City Showdown )

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