President Vegeta

Vegeta: President of The UCTF (1999 - 2005)

Vegeta is a former competitor in the Ultimate Crossover Tournament Fighting League. In his run, he was its first ever UCTF Grand Champion, one half of the first ever UCTF Tag Team Champions, part of the first ever UCTF Stable Champions, as well as eventually becoming the Third President of the UCTF. Currently, his where-abouts are unknown.

The Debut

Vegeta made an unexpected appearance at an Unnamed UCTF event in late November of 1998 with two former enemies by his side, Jeice and his partner Burter. Vegeta quickly called out every competitor in the UCTF, stating they were all officially on notice. He announced that he would destroy all competition in the organization and reign supreme over them. The UCTF alumnus, just barely surviving what would be known as "Demon's Final Showdown" were in no mood for another threat, and quickly banded together to stop Vegeta and the "New Ginyu Force." Hystalin, a half-saiyan in her own right quickly confronted Vegeta, and infamously spit in his face.

Initial Run

Soon after, Vegeta and The tag team of Jeice and Burter were placed into matches on the December 8th episode of UCTF Competition. Vegeta would go against the top fighter in the UCTF known as Devilman while Jeice and Burter took on the Tag team known as Love & Justice. Vegeta went down in an embarrassing defeat when Devilman knocked him out with a simple, text book Jack knife Powerbomb (Vegeta maintains he was talked into throwing the fight). While Love & Justice, the team of Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon ran from Team Ginyu after Jeice would not relent in his quest to bed Sailor Moon.

Following the Embarrassment, Vegeta prepared to quit the UCTF, however, President Tarot gave him a peace offering in a match against Ryoga Hibiki. Vegeta quickly dispatched Ryoga, in a fight that was so violent, that UCTF to this day has not aired the actual match. Vegeta wouldn't fight again until January 11th 1999 in the main event of the "No Escape Cage Match" UCTF Pay Per View, where he took on Infurita, Guyver, and Naga the Serpent in a contest to see who would become the first UCTF Anime Champion. Again, Vegeta came up short, as he was defeated by Guyver in the closing moments of the match.

Grand Championship

However, Vegeta's luck would change six days later. On the January 17th 1999 Edition of Saturday Massacre, Vegeta won the UCTF World Championship against Erlos, The Mysterious One in the main event. This win also placed Vegeta in contention for a newly debuting Title: The UCTF Grand Championship, an "invite only" match for all current champions to compete in. Vegeta would face off against the Other Champions Devilman, Guyver, Ryu, and Mourl, the Beakless Turkey on February 10th 1999. All other competitors would be eliminated from the matchup, leaving Vegeta and Devilman to fight to a standstill that ended in a draw.

The new President of the UCTF, Xahji the Myrmidon called for an instant showdown between Vegeta and Devilman 7 days later in a one on one contest. Vegeta was finally able to avenge his embarrassing debut by defeating Devilman, and becoming the first UCTF Grand Champion.

Saiyans Elite

During Vegeta's quest for the Grand Championship, Vegeta and the debuting tag team partner, Goku (Going by Kakarott in the UCTF at Vegeta's request) stormed through the Tag Team Tournament in early 1999 to decide the first ever UCTF Tag Team Champions. Vegeta and Kakarott easily defeated all competition to win the titles. They never lost the Gold, as they went to an incredible 10 - 0. They vacated the Championships whenever The Ginyu Force went through their first retirement phase.

Retirement, The Presidency

After a highly successful run with the Ginyu Force, Vegeta's original plan had come into fruition. The Ginyu Force now held every single title the UCTF had to offer. They were on the top of the mountain and ruled the UCTF with an Iron Fist. Vegeta had nothing more to prove to the UCTF. Xahji on the other hand, The stress of being the President of the UCTF began to wear on him. Xahji, seeing how passionate Vegeta was with his place in the UCTF made a lucrative offer to hand over the Presidency to The Grand Champion who accepted the offer. Vegeta would announce his retirement to the shocked fans of the Federation, and quietly stepped down, vacating the Grand Championship in the process. No one knew that in just a mere week later, on July 17th 1999, Xahji would also step down and officially hand the Presidency over to The Saiyan Prince himself, Vegeta.

Vegeta quickly made dramatic changes in a massive shake-up to the UCTF. He fired a legendary amount of fighters in his first official night as President of the company to trim the fat and raise the level of competition in the organization and began running the show in almost a brutal dictator style. Fighter gets injured? Fired. Fighter talks back? Fired. Vegeta's two chief of staff, Jeice and Burter began attacking uncooperative subordinates with gang-styled beatings. Vegeta was feared in the UCTF, but no one would deny that his taking over the ship created the biggest boom financially that hasn't been seen since his departure.

Xahji Conflict

Xahji made a surprising return on July 14th 2000, almost exactly one year to the date of handing the UCTF over to Vegeta. Angered at the edgy, hyper-sexual, ultra-violent style that Vegeta brought to the UCTF under his control, Xahji claimed that he would shape the UCTF into once again, a respectable fighting organization, whether the fans wanted it or not.

Xahji however, was an even bigger bully than Vegeta himself could even imagine. Quickly creating a stable that consisted of The Turks and Megaman X, Xahji crushed any form of resistance that could build around him. Miko Mido, the Anime Champion attempted to build a coup containing current UCTF Superstars and a one night only reunion of the Ginyu Force, but were quickly defeated when Xahji debuted his new, ultra-powerful ki.

His reign lasted until September 16th 2000, when Vegeta made his return. Vegeta and Xahji battled through Anime City in a one on one free-for-all brawl. Even as Xahji seemed to be on the verge of once against embarrassing Vegeta in combat, the Saiyan's introduced the Myrmidon to his new Vice President, Battle Angel Alita. Alita quickly killed Xahji with the "Hertza Haeon" attack.

Feud with Vince McMahon

Following the conflict with Xahji, Vegeta re-took the mantle as President of the UCTF, and another year of prosperity in the UCTF commenced. At The Annual "April Fools Day" Pay-Per-View, The Chairman of the then World Wrestling Federation, Vince McMahon challenged Vegeta to a one on one contest. This puzzled many, considering how much infinitely stronger Vegeta was over the aging Owner of the WWF. Then the match took place.

Vince McMahon quickly defeated Vegeta in was, at the time, the shortest UCTF match in history. Following the embarrassment, Vince kidnapped Vegeta and sped off into the night as the Entire UCTF Capacity crowd watched in shocked silence.

On the next episode of Friday Fury, Vegeta returned to the UCTF to a hushed crowd. After being accosted by a fan about his defeat to Vince McMahon, Vegeta goozled the man before asking him what he was talking about. Vegeta claimed to have never even met Vince for the fight. Vince never showed up to the disclosed location where the match was supposed to take place. After viewing the footage of the fight, Vegeta began laughing hysterically before leaving the arena. Apparently, Vince McMahon didn't fight Vegeta at all, but the Mascot version of "Vegetto" from the infamous Cartoon Network "chicka chicka" ads.

On the next episode, Vegeta is seen backstage attempting to contact Vince, who had gone out of his way to avoid him. Annoyed, Vegeta took it to the next step, having his daughter kidnap Stephanie McMahon. Following the kidnapping, Vegeta announced his ransom: A rematch with Vince McMahon in which Vegeta would team up with his daughter Bra against Vince and Stephanie in a ladder match. Hanging above the ring would be the deeds to the UCTF itself. However, if Vince and Stephanie Lost, Stephanie would be put in a room alone with Toss Salad Man. Vegeta promised that he would spend the next two weeks suppressing his power level to the point of a human being, giving Vince a fair chance at winning. Vince agreed, and the match was set at Cyberslam 2001 "Burn".

During the match, Vince Mcmahon's future son-in-law HHH intervened in a helicopter carrying Vegeta's wife, Bulma. Vegeta predictively left the match, giving Vince and Stephanie a two on one advantage over Bra. However, the Saiyan Princess had a plan of her own, as the debuting Kei and Yuri, the Dirty Pair appeared and assisted her retrieve the documents. Vegeta became the undisputed President of the UCTF once more, and Vince/Stephanie left in shame.

The Dark Horsemen

Almost immediately following the conclusion of the Feud with Vince McMahon, Vegeta drastically changed into a Darker, more sinister personality during the UCTF World Tour. He Began making strange demands on his subordinates and became even more ruthless before. Once Jeice announced his intention to return to competition to challenge the Grand Champion Android 17, Vegeta declared that he was tired of Jeice jumping in and out of retirement, and that if Jeice didn't win the Grand Championship at On Your Computer VI, he would face a lifetime ban from the UCTF.

The match took place, with Jeice and 17 nearly destroying the Tokyo Dome in the process. With Jeice gaining the upperhand, referee Guy Lombardo called a disqualification on 17 for an attacking him much earlier in the match. This gave Jeice the win, but not the Grand Championship that he was gunning for. Jeice went insane, attempting to kill the referee, but not before he was attacked by Fighters Okami, 17, The MacDougal Brothers, Rott, and UCTF Commissioner, Roger Smith. The UCTF Fighters attempted to save The Orange Crusher, when Vegeta made his presence felt, aiding the Mercenaries and aligning himself with long time enemy, 17. Vegeta fired Jeice from the federation. On the next episode of Saturday Massacre, the group was officially named "The Dark Horsemen." Vegeta went on to explain his actions leading up to the formation of the group:

I believe the question that has been on the minds of you peons for the last week has been... "Why?" Well, allow me to give you a history lesson. One Year ago... Yes... One Year ago, When I laid Several Hundred feet below the earth in a coma, hanging on by a thread to life for TWO FUCKING MONTHS, How many of you sons of bitches came to help me?! How many of you CARED?! Let me answer that. NONE! NONE OF YOU! You reported into work the NEXT day without a single thought about WHO gave you your jobs, and WHO signed your checks. NONE of you. Once I awoken and with my own strength, climbed all the way back to surface.. it took an ANDROID, an ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENT lifeform to help me regain what was once mine, the UCTF. NO ONE ELSE so much as said a welcome back to Vegeta. No one cared about Vegeta.. well you arrogant bastards.. it's now officially time for payback. STARTING TONIGHT. I shall punish you ALL for your INSOLENCE.

Thus, the reign of the Dark Horsemen began. Vegeta attacked any and everyone in his path, UCTF competitor or not. A group of UCTF competitors formed together including Garshrink Grimjaw, Covetous, Piccolo, Hystalin DeWarrloc, and Acrapha DeWarrloc under the leadership of the Vice Presidents Kei and Yuri to take on Vegeta's alliance. Kei and Yuri attempted to defeat Vegeta via shock and awe, by destroying the newly built UCTF Mecha Arena on an episode of Saturday Massacre. However, Vegeta proved that he didn't care, and one-upped the Co-Vice Presidents by destroying the entire Anime Island in retaliation, killing millions of people in a blink of an eye, including his very own wife and children.

As Vegeta's demeaner deteriorated even more, He challenged the resistance to a five on five battle at UCTF's Inaugeral "Inferno" Pay Per View. During the chaos, Android 17 turned on Vegeta after revealing that his sister was caught in the blast on Anime Island. Vegeta quickly killed his second in command in front of everyone, followed by Garshrink Grimjaw, Okami, and nearly killing everyone else in the match. Vegeta then turned his attention on a child who had bombarded the Commentator's tower. With two words spoken "Elei Ayanami," Vegeta destroyed the tower that held Bob and Ralph. The little girl teleported everyone to safety seconds before being incinerated. Kaede, the former UCTF Vice President then appeared and attacked Vegeta from behind, quickly overpowering the saiyan. However, Dayvid Nite, now in a new body returned as well, assisting Vegeta's escape by leveling Kaede with a chokeslam through the ring. Vegeta fled the scene leaving the shocked audience and severely beaten fighters to recover.

Fatali RoSE

Kaede and Elei revealed the true cause of Vegeta's turn. He was under the control of a God level alien being known as RoSE, the daughter of Dayvid Nite. After Nite's defeat at the hands of Miko Mido, RoSE gained revenge by using The UCTF as her playground in her ultimate motive of taking over Earth. Kaede challenged the newly resurrected Dayvid Nite at UCTF Carnage which he accepted. Hystalin, angry for the way Kaede disrespected her was also thrusted into the match as well.

Kaede managed to defeat both Dayvid and Hystalin at the Pay Per View, however, Dayvid managed to kidnap his intended target, Elei Ayanami and escape. Kaede attempted to intervene, when Miko Mido and Jeice, now under the control of RoSE attacked him.

At the next Pay Per View, Winter Warfare, Kaede faced off against Dayvid Nite once more. Again, Kaede gained the upperhand, until Dayvid Nite revealed he had kidnapped the Seiyuu's wife, Shiki. He demanded Kaede meet him on RoSE's mother ship, the "Fatali" where they would have a final showdown. Kaede reluctantly accepted. Several UCTF members joined him, in addition to Several superheroes from Earth, including the Fantastic Four. The armada of Earth's defenses took on RoSE and her Fatali, giving Kaede and the UCTFers to reach the ship where not only Dayvid Nite, but Vegeta awaited.

After a fantastic battle, They were able to break RoSE grasp of Vegeta and several other UCTF's superstars. Vegeta demanded that everyone leave the ship immediately, as he was preparing to unleash his final Ace, The Shougekiha.

As the party escaped the ship, Vegeta unleashed his final attack, sacrificing himself and Fatali. Meanwhile, on the ship heading towards Earth containing the surviving UCTF fighters, Dayvid Nite revealed to be alive. The group struggled to gain control as Dayvid attempted to self-destruct the escape pod they were crammed into, when another RoSE appeared before them. Dayvid cried out to RoSE to let him die, but she refused, stating "I will do anything you ask of me." Dayvid responded "Set me Free." She smiled, kissed him, as everything around the fighters went black. They awoke back on Earth, on Anime Island as if the battle never took place. Still saddened by the apparent death of Vegeta, the crew were suprised when a small pod landed several feet from them. Elei opened the pod, revealing Vegeta, nude and perfectly healthy. RoSE had returned the Saiyan's life to him, and he was no longer under anyone's control. Pretending not to remember anything over the past six months, Vegeta walked away stating "I have a fed to run," When in reality, he remembered every death he caused while under RoSE's control. He made a secret pact to himself, stating he would never allow another innocent death to happen in Anime City while he was there to defend it.


This pact came into play in 2004, when William Clarke's body was invaded by the Elder known as Xanthius in his attempt to take over the Multiverse. Vegeta used his Shougekiha once again to stop Xanthius controlled William Clarke from killing millions of innocents. With a violent light show, Vegeta, William, and Xanthius disappeared into thin air.

Post Xanthius

Vegeta returned two years later a much different man. The President Jeice offered to give the UCTF back to him, but Vegeta declined. Since then, Vegeta has formed a sect of Capsule Corporation into a military faction. He has been acting in secrecy ever since. No one knows what his motives are as of yet.

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