Xtreme Velocity Championship Wrestling
Acronym XVCW
Industry Professional E-Federation Wrestling
Headquarters Vancouver, British Columbia
Show(s) Saturday Night Rampage and 12 monthly Pay Per View shows per year.
Website See external links on post itself.
Established 2014
CEO Bobby Williams
Founder(s) Matthew Mitchell
Key people Matthew Mitchell and Eva De La Cruz the owners of XVCW
Owner Matthew Mitchell
President Kaleb Steele
Booker(s) Rush Downing, Jonathan Edwards
Writer(s) Now Hiring

Xtreme Velocity Championship Wrestling (XVCW) is a wrestling promotion based on the Created Wrestlers. This promotion started on May 15, 2014.When one day owner and chairman Matthew Mitchell and his girlfriend at the time Nicole were sitting at home and wondering why there is no company out there that cares for there talent and fans and give them new and exciting ideas to keep them excited while being part of a team.

The Start Of XVCW

Xtreme Velocity Championship Wrestling started in May 15 2014 after a long time of thinking Matthew Mitchell opened the XVCW. With the first titles being XVCW Extreme Championship, XVCW Intercontinental Championship, XVCW Womens Championship, XVCW World Championship, XVCW World Tag Team Championship. Also announced was the first 10 guys would fight for being on the top of XVCW. Blood , sweat and tears were brought to the ring because everyone wanted the gold , and only one man could have it. The other title being the XVCW Tag Team Championship where with any hard work any tag team being male or female could one day become the tag team champions.

XVCW also launched a roleplay academy and a state of the art superstar bank and monthly slammy awards to help keep the XVCW roster members engaged and have some excitement while they are working to earn their money to one day get a title shot at either title XVCW has to offer.

The Purchase Of AHW

It was announced on May 27, 2013 that Authentic Hardcore Wrestling had been bought out by Matthew Mitchell and Nicole who decided to hire Rush Downing as the new General Manager for VCW Thursday Night Vengeance and Matthew and Nicole also purchased the rights to their ppv names and their superstars and divas what will happen when AHW arrives in VCW you will have to see.

The Merger Of XWA and VCW

It was announced on June 12, 2014 that VCW and another company by the name of XWA had merged and with that we witnessed the birth of XVCW or Xtreme Velocity Chanpionship Wrestling.

XVCW Staff

Chairman Of The Board

Co Owner

Chief Executive Officer

General Manager

President Of Operations





  • Ken Rhodes
  • Michael Stamos

Ring Announcer

  • Kelly Gibson


  • Mark Ross 
  • Lillian King

Talent Director

  • Theodore Storm

Head Of Security

  • Brice Kennedy


  • Dr. Nathan Atwell PhD


  • Ted Fields
  • Hank Russell
  • Moe Stevens
  • Andy Tucker


Al Nova
Amber Steele
Bill Brody
Billy James
Bobby Williams
Brandon Rivera
Briana Pillman
Cait V'asquez
Carol Holt
Celeste LeRue
Chris Matthews
Christy Elders
Damion Steele
Dean Diamond
Deana Steel
DeWayne Phillips
Dustin James Holt
Emma Sawyers
Eva "Heartless Bitch" De La Cruz
Everett "Rock Hard" Aloni
Heather Kingsley
Herotio Fujiyamasan
James E. NightWolf
Jenifer Holt
Jennifer Enigma
Jesse James
John Hunter
Jonathan Edwards
Josh Davis
Kaleb Steele
Lionel Vickers
Marvin Sawyers
Massato Yashihashi
"The Dynasty" Mike Dimter
Mike Hunter
Misty Haze
Mr. Japan
Randal Vickers
Red Dragon
Rockin' Lunatic
Rush Downing
Ryan Reigns
Scotty Paine
Sgt. Iron Head Jackson
Tanya Killings
The Executive Producer
Tyler Jayceon Marshall
Tyler Grey
Walt Ashland
Xena Brody

XVCW Championships

  • Extreme Championship (Current Champion: Vacant)
  • Intercontinental Championship (Current Champion: Vacant)
  • Womens Championship (Current Champion: Eva De La Cruz)
  • World Heavyweight Championship (Current Champion: Vacant)
  • World Tag Team Championship (Current Champions: Billy James & Jesse James)

Saturday Night Rampage

After over a month of being opened and had gone through two mergers with others fed it was announce in june that XVCW would have a new show and that show would be Saturday Night Rampage.

Pay Per Views

Here at Xtreme Velocity Championship Wrestling we have 12 pay per views per year and they are the following:

Velocity Championsip Wrestling List Of Monthly Pay Per Views
Event Name Month Of Event
Brawl 4 All January
St. Valentines Day Massacre February
Rapture March
Spring Blast April
May's Bloody Massacre May
King of The Cage June
American Resurrection July
Last Man Standing August
Blood Bath September
Oktober Fest October
High Stakes November
Torture December

The roleplay count for ppvs are 2 per person so make sure you rp for your match or you will lose.

External Links

XVCW Forums

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