The Velocity Wrestling Federation It is a roleplay fed that has being going strong for some time now. It was opened in 2007 by Ronald Reyes.


The VWF began many years ago as an attempted e-fed by founder Ronald Reyes. Unfortunately the fed perished and was not spoken of again for many years, until Ronald decided to re-open it again. This time many superstars swarmed to VWF, making it a highly popular fed.

VWF Staff

VWF Staff Chairman of the VWF - Ronald Reyes (Head decisions in the fed.) Chief Executive Officer of VWF - Mike Lee (Head decisions in the fed) General Manager of VWF - Matt Falcon (In charge of Showdown, GFX maker, match writer) Commissioner of VWF - Thaddeus Knight O’Brian (In charge of Fastlane, match writer) Writer of the VWF Magazine - Raven Cyarm (Global Moderator, writer of VWF magazine)

VWF Showdown

VWF Showdown is the VWF's inaugural flagship weekly show. It is run by GM Matt Falcon. In the beggining of the VWF, the entire roster was planted on Showdown, until by executive decision, a second brand was created.

VWF Showdown Staff

  • Showdown Commentators
  • Jimmy Biggs
  • Mark Nelson
  • Ring Announcer
  • Kelly Gibson
  • Interviewers
  • Bernie Jackson
  • Tammy Moore
  • Talent Director
  • J.C. Theo
  • Head Of Security
  • Jamal Brice
  • Physician
  • Dr. Eric Davis PhD
  • Referees
  • Ted Fields
  • Hank Russell
  • Moe Stevens
  • Andy Tucker

VWF Showdown Roster

  • Charlie the Bloody
  • Raven Cyarm
  • Tyson Stone
  • Axle Vengeance
  • Tommy Phoenix
  • Christian Banks
  • Mike Shockly
  • Luna Chick
  • Xerxes Wisdom
  • Boosler
  • Jarrell Jackson
  • Malcolm King
  • Adam Shearer
  • Kronik Sohl
  • Saint Xover
  • Rhuid
  • MVP
  • Greg Ace
  • David Miller
  • Rowdy Mysterio
  • Celeste LeRue
  • Faye Walker
  • Rena Steel
  • Catherine Silva
  • Echo Blackwhisper
  • Justice
  • Scott Mahon
  • X-Raided
  • Young Lil J
  • Nine
  • Jackson Daniels
  • Jackson Redfield
  • Amy Frankfort
  • Rockin' Lunatic
  • Seth Morgan
  • Bodzilla
  • Kaira Hastings
  • Jeremy Dart
  • Dan Forrester
  • Aleena Shay Donovan
  • Frenchie Frances
  • Sara Good
  • Justin Thunder
  • La Vega

VWF Showdown Titles

  • World Championship (Current Champion: Raven Cyarm)
  • US Championship (Current Champion: Boosler)
  • VWF Womens Championship (Current Champion: Celeste LeRue)
  • VWF Tag Team Championship (Current Champions: Malcolm King & Xerses Wisdom)

Pay Per View

Pay Per View supershows are to be held once a month, these are the as confirmed list that will be updated as time passes

  • May - Excessive Force
  • June - Golden Glory



  • VWF Championship (Current Champion: Axle Vengeance)
  • International Championship (Current Champion: Charlie the Bloody)
  • Carnarge Championship (Current Champion: Vacant)
  • World Tag Team Championship (Current Champions: Bodzilla and Samoan Kong)

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