Veronica Vixon ( born on 2/1/87)She was born in manchester england and grew up in england with her step-mother as her father was roaming around the world on Bussiness trips. Veronica and her step-mother were close but according to tabloid magazines Veronica step mother was jealous of the relationship between father and daughter. As her father doigted alot to his only child and heiress to his bussiness Veronica.


Veronica Vixon, is the daughter of successful bussiness tycoon Vincent Vixon. Veronica Vixon is described as a socialite and seems to be one of those annoying Heiress who are on the televesion and they never do anything. Veronica is an ex-actress and ex-professional wrestler. As a wrestler she has only ever been at one federation and she quit after two weeks due to what the media proclaimed as "The McAllister Scandal." She has not been seen in public Since.


The rumours were correct as Veronica faced Adriana Holly which was going to be tough for Veronica Vixon. Double V looked a bit rusty in the ring but she managed to make Adriana tap out with the Vixonification.


Finishing moves

Vixon Bomb- Swanton Bomb

VV Drop- Acid Drop

Vixonification- Sharpshooter

Other Moves



Head Scissors takedown

Arm Drag into Armbar

Springboard Elbow


Leg Drop

Springboard Moonsault

Springboard Forearm smash

Shooting Star Press

Personal Life

  • She is in the middle of a on and off relatiosnhip with Jason Pogatez(Famous Actor.) They met on the set of Diamond Explosion and the have had a Rocky Relationship since day one and it was announced on 15th Januaray on the offical Veronica Vixon website that the two are engaged to be wed and will be married sometime late this year or early of next year. Jason three years her senior has come under firing criticism from the media about his relationship with Veronica the two have been offically going out since April 2003 a few months after her sixteenth birthday.

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