Vertigo Dirtmurder
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Vertigo Dirtmurder]]
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Ring Names The Maggot, The Outcast, Zack Ramon.
Height 6'2
Weight 230 lbs
Date of birth Undisclosed
Place of birth Behind Mc'Donalds
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Resides Portland, Oregon
Billed from Portland, Oregon
Trainer Duke Charleston
nCw, 2BMe.
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Debut 10/27/07 - nCw
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Vertigo Dirtmurder was born Zack Ramon along with his brother in a alley between McDonalds and a vacant building. he was manually aborted useing a kitchen knife and alot of heroine. his mother, Kelly Ramon bled to death miniutes later. Vertigo grew up in northern washington near seattle. he was a huge metalhead and nirvana fan as a teenager but every day he was tortured by school kids and teachers alike. his only two friends were Shaun Jacobs and Kira Redmond. his only escape was a wrestling organization called extreme fuckin wrestling. or more commonly known as EFW. where he became the hardcore champion defeating Zaster "the dragon" Zastera, AKA Shaun. this violent match scarred Shaun for life physically and mentally and created a rift between them. as it ended with Shaun being crucified with barbed wire and thrown face first into dynamite. only days later on a camping trip a teacher stabbed Kira in the leg with a dirty hunting knife infront of Vertigo in another attempt to hurt him mentally. finally he snapped and tore the teacher apart. no witnesses could say how it happened and Vertigo took the blame to save Kira who he had fallen in love with. after a trial he was sentanced to life in the Oregon institute for the criminally insane. where he started to lose his mind. until Kira broke him out. he laid low with his father in a low luxury cottage in the brazilian rain forest. he despised his father for rapeing his mother so many years ago and one day he left to live with a native society. part of their ritiual was to dye a member's hair dark purple with poisonous berries that grew on only one tree. and if the member survied they would be accepted. Vertigo survived and was welcomed with open arms. after three years a terrible plauge killed off everyone but him. he had no place left so he returned to america to live with Kira, who he proposed to May of 2006. one day Vertigo was watching TV and noticed a wrestling federation that just built up to a high level and he decided to go to a local show and ask for a job. he was put through a pre-develoupment course and accepted into nCw and life calmed down for Vertigo. things weren't calm for long. his brother who he thought had died at birth appeared and tried to kill him. for a long time no one knew his identity until Vertigo unmasked him and revealed him as Zaster. during their final encounter Vertigo threw Zaster off a cliff seemingly ending his life. a month Later Vertigo joined with Lance Ryan, John Anthony, and Joe Everyman to form Insurrection Inc. from wich evolved the team of Vertigo and Joe Everyman with manager Damien Hellfire. Vertigo and Kira had their wedding cerimony on collision with guest appearances by Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson. he went on to win the Xtreme Title from Davey Ortega with the help of Spike Kane. A month later he lost it to Sexy Jason in a Xtreme Match. This sent him into a psychotic rage and went missing for over a month. He returned in a suit and white mask with hundreds of followers under the name Legion. His skills had obviously faded as he was beaten in three matches, which in the third his throat was sliced open and he barely survived. Two months later in a small federation Vertigo made his return and went on a rampage fueled by drugs, sex, murder, and violence. 2BMe was Vertigo's chance to release all the haterid he had built. In one night both the members of the Dirtmurder family won titles. Kira defeated Maria after diving from the rafters onto her winning the Destiny Women's title. As well as Vertigo winning an extremely brutal cage match of his own design against Mesogog for the Demons Dwelling title. Unfortunately 2BMe closed due to lack of resources the next night. Vertigo was most recently seen with Kira burning the 2BMe titles back at nCw, where he fought his last match against his former partner Joe Everyman.

Vertigo Dirtmurder disappeared with Kira Dirtmurder January 5th 2009 and left nothing but ashes of their former home. To this day neither of them have been seen. Rumors of their death or reasons for their disappearance are fabricated daily. No one knows where he is or when, or if he'll ever come back.

Title & Achievent History

nCw Xtreme Champion

2BMe Demons Dwelling Champion

2BMe Hardcore Champion x2

2BMe Women's Champion (Kira Dirtmurder)

nCw Rookie Of The Year 2007

Sig. Moves

Humiliator- swinging neckbreaker to crippler crossface (former)

Giant Killer-Vertigo hits a springboard spinning superkick then jumps over his downed opponent and lionsualts him to a pin.


Pulse Of The Maggot-Its Set Up Like A Twist Of Fate That Instead Of Turning Into A Falling Facebuster (Twist Of Fate) It Becomes A Sitdown Facebuster (Stunner)


Such Horrible Things - Creature Feature (former)

Voodoo - Godsmack (former)

Pulse Of The Maggots - Slipknot (former)

Bang Bang (Your Dead)- Ozzy Osbourne

Feds (former and current)

New Championship Wrestling (nCw)

2BMe Extreme Wrestling


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