Vincent Jericho
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Weight 225 lbs.
Date of birth April 17, 1985 (Age 23)
Place of birth Westbrook Maine
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Resides Palm Springs, California
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Trainer Chris Jericho, Michael Hayes, Ring of Honor Wrestling School
xWo, NAW
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Debut June 4th, 2007
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Vincent Jericho (Born April 17, 1985) is a professional wrestler who competes in the Xtreme Wrestling Organization.


When Jericho was 5 years old. His parents died in a car accident. He was sent to live in an orphanage in upstate Maine. It was there, Jericho spent his time watching wrestling, growing up liking those like Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage, Diesel, The Rock, and others. In 2002, when Jericho was 17, he left the orphanage and joined a wrestling school in Augusta, Maine. There, Jericho would spend five years training to become a professional wrestler. In the begginning of 2007, Jericho had set off on his journey to find a federation to start off.

Armageddeon Wrestling Society

On May 27, 2007, Jericho signed a contract for the Armageddeon Wrestling Society. June 4th was his first ever professional wrestling match, in which he defeated Nick Pastley. Later that night, Co-General Manager, Zakk Morrison, stated that at the upcoming Pay Per View, Block Party, would host a battle royal to deterimine the first ever AWS International Champion. Jericho was announced as one of the particiapants. At Block Party, Jericho was the last eliminated from the match, and Stan Young was crowned the first ever AWS International Champion. On the next Live Wire, Jericho defeated fellow roster member, Robbie V, in a singles match, moving his way up the ladder to earn a shot at the International Championship. The following week on Live Wire, Jericho and his partner, Nick Haze, defeated Robbie V and Stan Young in a tag team match after Jericho pinned Robbie for the second time in week. He is next to be scheduled in a 5 Way Tables, Ladder, and Chairs match at AWS's next Pay Per View, Superbrawl Saturday. Vincent had come up short, though, as Dante Light won the match. Later that evening, Jericho was entered in a battle royal to determine the next AWS Champion. Just as Jericho entered, The Great #1, who was eliminated just seconds before Jericho had entered, re entered the ring and tossed Jericho out of the ring. The next week, Jericho faced off against Great 1 in a First blood match, which Jericho won. His next match was against the former AWS Champion, Matt Kluge. During the match, Kluge went for the Hortonville Destroyer(Canadian Destroyer), but Vince reversed it into a jacknife pin, and got the three count. Later that night, AWS International Champion, Hammid Nawaz, and color commentator, Ishrat Abbas, were both suspended by Co-GM Zakk Morrison. The International Championship was vacated and a tournament was held to determine the NEW International Champion. Jericho faced off against Joigga in the first round.

Insane Wrestling Federation

It was announced on that AWS was bought out by the Insane Wrestling Federation. Jericho, along with other members of the roster, including Scotty Blaze, had moved on to IWF. By Tuesday, September 11, most of AWS' roster had made the jump to IWF. Vincent was placed on the first return card of IWF: Madness, where he faced Alex Kincaide and Zion. Jericho won the match when he pinned Zion after the Spirt Break. The following week, Vincent defeated Kincaide in a Ladder match, gaining him entry into a fatal fourway match where the winner would move onto the Rebirth Main Event to determine the new IWF World Heavyweight Champion. Squid won the match, pinning Raid Legend. The following week, Vincent faced off against the 300 pounder, The Truck, and lost. However, at Rebirth, Jericho was placed in a 4 Way Elimination match for the vacated IWF Internet Championship (All titles were vacated at the time). But during the Xtreme Championship, battle royal, Jericho shocked the crowd be actually being the final entrant. It came down to Carl Shade and Vincent Jericho. Just as Jericho was thrown over the ropes, he hung on. Vince grabbed Carl Shade and pulled him over the ropes with his legs, sending both men to the ground. As it actually appeared, both men hit at the same time. A replay in slow motion showed that Shade's foot hit floor first, thus crowning Jericho the new IWF Xtreme Champion. Later in the night, Jericho still competed in the fourway, and was the final competitor. Unfotunately, he was eliminated by The Truck, and he became IWF Internet Champion. Over the next two weeks, Jericho lost matches against Jaguar, and in a tag team match against Theo Tyler and Jaguar. Vincent is next scheduled to face off against #1 Contender, Marvelous Matt at Against All Odds in a Street Fight for Jericho's Xtreme Championship. At AAO, Marvelous Matt defeated Vincent Jericho for the IWF Xtreme Championship, holding the title for 34 Days.


Jericho joined WWE HaVoc in mid May. His first match was a 2 Stages of Extreme on the ECW Brand, which was won by Chris Benoit. The week after, Jericho was entered into a ECW Television Championship match, which ended in a no contest. Jericho soon came to terms with his contract and was released from WWE HaVoc.

Professional Wrestling Entertainment (PWE)

The Proving Grounds

On June 28th, Vincent Jericho signed a contract with PWE Inc. He was then placed in the Farm league of PWE, known as The Proving Grounds, or TPG. He was scheduled to a double debut match against Viper, in which he won via an inside cradle. Two weeks later, Jericho defeated Adam "Pacman" Jones in a singles match. Jericho was then put in a four man over the top rope battle royal to determine a number 1 contender for the Submission Championship. However, the next week, Vincent bounced back by defeating Justin Jawbreaker in a singles match. Vincent was then moved up to Underground, one of the main brands in PWE.


Jericho was moved up to PWE: Underground on August 14th, 2007. His debut was when he cut a promo. He is scheduled to face Lee Nolan on the 8/21 edition of Underground, which Lee had won. Two weeks later, Jericho faced off against Rex Halton and PWE Dream Champion, Bryan Danielson, in a triple threat non title match. During the match, Jericho attempted a Shooting Star Press, but ended up injuring himself, and being taken out of the match. Jericho has not made a ring appearance since then.

Xtreme Wrestling Organization

Revenge (2007)

On July 25th, 2007, Vincent Jericho signed a contract to wrestle for the xWo. His first match was a four way elimination match. When it came down to him and Christian Isis, Revenge GM, Luke Holden, came out and declared both men the winners, claiming to have been impressed with Jericho and Isis. The following week, Jericho faced off one on one with Christian Isis. Jericho was able to win by reversing a roll up into a pinning predicament of his own. On the next week of Revenge, Jericho teamed up with Powerhouse Zack to take on Christian Isis and Hamlet. Zack and Jericho dominated the match and won when Jericho made Hamlet tap to the Walls of Jericho. Jericho returned to action three weeks later, taking on Bryan Matthews. In an upset, Jericho defeated Matthews via roll up when Colby distracted Bryan (The two were in a fued at the time). At Summer Clash, Jericho entered in his biggest match of his xWo Career, a Madness Championship Monster's ball match. In the end, it came down to Vincent and newcomer Scott Cohen. Ultimately, Jericho failed in capturing his first championship, suffering a Masscre (Superkick) from Cohen, who was crowned the new Madness Champion. It was on October 3, 2007, where on, Jericho had stated that he may have been cursed because he could never win a championship. Scott Cohen decided to give Jericho a rematch whenever he decided. It is still undecided when Jericho will set the date. However, Leo Ames, Co-Owner of the xWo, stated that Vincent needed to prove himself, along with Zero, Maruiz Pudzianowski, and Robby Narrow. The four were placed into two seperate singles matches. Where the winners of those matches would go to Taboo Tuesday and challenge for the Madness Championship. Maruiz defeated Zero, and Vincent defeated Robby Narrow. Both matches were on the October 15th edition of Revenge. That night, Jericho also revealed himself as a masked wrestler, named Mystic Scyther. He had defeated Narrow with his new finisher, the Shirinai(Asai DDT). This earned him another shot at the xWo Madness Championship. At Taboo Tuesday, Mystic Scyther defeated Mariuz Pudzianowski in a Sadistic Madness match to become the new Madness Champion(Scott Cohen was vacated of the title prior to the match). However, Scyther lost to Vicious, Mariuz's tag team partner, the following Monday. On the next edition of Revenge, Scyther is to face off against Mariuz Pudzianowski, and if Scyther wins, Mariuz will leave Revenge. However, if Mariuz won, he would get a title shot. Mariuz, however, was not looking forward to a title shot, and got himself disqualifed. The next week, Scyther lost to Sean Idol, who returned after a leave of absense. Before the match even occured, The Ninja, who was making his debut on Revenge, stole the Madness Championship belt from Jericho. The next week, Jericho defeated the Ninja in a singles match, after being forced to buy his own belt back. Jericho next lost a match to Logan McManus, and then went to Final Days and relucantly teamed up with Mark Vain to take on Robby Narrow and The Ninja and Longfellow Benjamin and Sean Idol. Vain and Jericho claimed victory when Mark pinned Ninja. The pinfall earned Mark Vain a title shot on January 7th. This would then leave Jericho to choose his second challenger for the match on January 7th, which was Sean Idol. But, controversy soon arose and it was to be decided to make the match a fatal fourway, allowing one more person in the match, which would turn out ot be Longfellow Benjamin after defeating the Ninja.

Revenge (2008)

The new year rolled by with the biggest xWo match of the year, The Massacre match. The Massacre is a 30 man over the top rope battle royal involving 30 weapons as well. Jericho entered in at #21, and was eliminated around the time of the 26th entrant. Jericho was about to be hit with the Ground Zero (Top rope Sit Down Powerbomb) by "The Weapon of Mass Destruction" Christopher Murdoch, but was pushed over the ropes by Montel Vontavious Porter, who later went on to win the match. The next week on Revenge, Jericho lost the Madness Championship to Sean Idol in the Four Corners of Pain match, ending Jericho's reign at 98 Days. The following week, Vincent was defeated by Mark Vain, even though Jericho had his foot on the ropes. Afterwards, Vincent challenged Sean Idol to a rematch for the Madness title. In a losing effort, Jericho had done his best to get the belt back, but inevitably, he failed. The following week, Jericho defeated Naomichi Hayashi, aka the Ninja. Afterwards, Jericho had entered a losing streak. Losing to Floyd Mayweather on two occasions (Once in a singles contest, and the other in a triple threat). He also had lost a Triple threat match to Mart Skies. Jericho entered the Glass Bath Elimination match at Night of Infamy III, as well as entering the March Madness 2008 tournament, where in the first round, he faces the former xWo Champion, Mephisto. Vincent was the third eliminated from the Glass Bath Elimination match, and Jarroyd Moss won the entire thing. Meanwhile, in the March Madness, Jericho put up a valiant effort against the former xWo Champion, but eventually fell, allowing Mephisto to venture to the next round.

Vincent resumed his quest to win the Madness title. He then on Naomichi Hayashi in a #1 contender's match on Revenge, which he lost. Jericho then took an unprecedented leave from the xWo, due to complications and personal problems.

Return to Revenge (2008)

Vincent Jericho retuned to xWo Revenge in late June of 2008. He competed in the International Championship Tournament, where he defeated Iain Knights and Jarroy Moss respectively, leading thim to the finals at Vendetta. However, Jericho's scheduled opponent, Justin Hunt, was viciously attacked backstage. So, instead, Jericho faced Morder,in which he took three Morder Rates (Running Elbow Smash) to the face before actually being pinned. In the following weeks, Vincent would win and lose several matches before even attempting to gain another title shot. At xWo's Fall From Grace, Vincent Jericho and former rival, Naomichi Hayashi, won the xWo Tag Team Championships, successfully bringing them back to Revenge. Two months later, Jericho and Hayashi lost the tag team titles to the team of Carl Madsen and Romeo Valentine, America's Most Hated. However, a week later, Jericho was voted into the International Championship title match at Taboo Tuesday, defeating Chris Richards to become the new champion. Only a month later, Jericho would lose the title to Jarroyd Moss.

Revenge and Meltdown! (2009 Onward)

Starting in 2009, Jericho continued to team with Naomichi Hayashi in the early months. In February, Hayashi was fired from the xWo for personal reasons. Jericho then competed in the glass bath match at Night of Infamy, but lost.

In August of that year, Jericho returned to the xWo, debuting as a Meltdown! Superstar. In his first match, he faced off against Lawrence Jones, but came up short. The following week, he was involved in a confrontation with xWo Hall of Famer, D-Dawg, and his son, Desmond Majors. Jericho would then lose a triple threat match to Bryan Matthews, who pinned Joseph Colin. At Fall From Grace, Jericho nearly won the xWo Evo-Division Championship, but was a split second late in getting the pinfall before Ryan Therriot, who managed to get the pin on Carter to win the title. In the following months, Jericho would enter a rivalry against former xWo World Heavyweight Champion, Chase Christensen. The two first faced each other on Meltdown!, gaining wins alternately throughout the month of September. However, the third match would decide who would go on to be apart of Team Meltdown, in which Chase got the victory. At Summer Clash, however, Jericho defeated Revenge's Zack Lifer in a Brand Loyalty match.

Soon after Summer Clash, Meltdown closed and all of its superstars were moved to Revenge, where Jericho would compete in a series of matches throughout the rest of the year, attempting to determine his place on the brand. Jericho would go on a four win streak, leading up to his confrontation against John James. Jericho came up short, but the following week, Jericho was granted a Revenge Championship match against D-Dawg. However, before the match could even commence, newly named General Manager, Blade, had Jericho removed from the arena in favor of D-Dawg getting an easy title win. However, D-Dawg refused the win and set up a rematch for the vacant belt at New Year's Massacre. Jericho was able to pull out the victory after hitting the Light Grenade, securing him the Revenge Championship.

Real Wrestling Reborn

RWR World Heavyweight title Controversy

Upon Vincent Jericho's arrival to the RWR, he was placed in very high card matches. He went undefeated, defeating wrestlers such as Steve Strummer, a former RWR Undisputed Champion, Dante Light, CDE, Alston Baptist, and others. When RWR opened up their second brand, Jericho competed in the tournament to determine the first ever RWR Heavyweight Champion of Havoc, the show's name. Vincent Jericho reached the finals, moving on to face Hammid Nawaz and Spencer Star in the finals. The match was won by Jericho initially after pinning Star. However, post-match, Jericho was stripped of the title for unknown reason and the title was awarded to Nawaz. In a very confusing situation, Jericho confronted mangagement about why the descision was reversed, and yet, he could not recieve a clear answer to why he was screwed over. Jericho then promptly quit the RWR. Management tried to make him stay, even by means of giving him back the World Heavyweight Championship. Friend and fellow wrestler, Matt Kluge, had stated that Jericho denied the return of the World title, saying it shouldn't have been taken from him in the first place. Jericho only has kept in touch with Megathreat, the GM/Wrestler on Superstars, and Matt Kluge. As it stands, Jericho is the first ever Havoc champion, without question.

Finishing and Signature Moves

  • PWNAGE Kick - Superkick
  •  - Yakuza Kick
  • Sexy Shining Stardust - Shooting Star Press into Imploding 450 Splash

Signature Moves:

  • The Walls of Jericho, Part II - Liontamer
  • Suplex
  • Scoop Slam
  • Calf Kick
  • Line of Fire - Modified Texas Cloverleaf
  • Rocking Drop - Jumping Samoan Drop
  • 720 DDT
  • Spear
  • Hurricanrana
  • Crucifix Hurricanrana
  • Corkscrew Moonsault
  • Superkick
  • Tiger Suplex
  • Release Dragon Suplex
  • Jumping Air Raid Crash
  • X-Factor
  • Crucifix DDT
  • Shuffle Side Kick
  • The Fantasy - Spinning Horizontal Kick
  • Diving Clothesline
  • Standing Moonsault
  • Moonsault
  • Swanton Bomb
  • 630 Senton
  • Path of the Byrd - Phoenix Splash

Championships and Accomplishments

Insane Wrestling Federation

  • IWF Xtreme Champion (1 Time) (34 Days)

New Age Wrestling

  • NAW Earth Champion (2 Time, Final) (33 Days)

Xtreme Wreslting Organization

  • xWo Madness Champion (1 Time) (98 Days)
  • xWo World Heavyweight Champion (1 Time) (1 Day)
  • xWo Tag Team Champion (w/ Naomichi Hayashi)(60 Days)
  • xWo International Champion (1 Time) (50 Days)

Real Wrestling Reborn

  • RWR Havoc World Champion (1 Time) (1 Day)

Theme Music

  • "Light Grenades" - Incubus (xWo) (Current)
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