Viper Venom
Real name Violet Campbell
Ring Names Viper Venom
The Venomous Temptation
Height 5'9
Weight 130 lbs
Date of birth September 11, 1983
Place of birth Foothills Hospital, AB
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Chestermere, Calgary
Billed from Calgary, Alberta
Trainer Lonewolf
Handled by HardxWax
Win/Loss Record W-15 / L-8 / T-4
Debut March 27, 2007

Viper Venom, born Violet Audrina Campbell on September 11, 1983 at 9:11 in the morning, is a professional wrestler for Extreme Championship Fatal Wrestling (ECFW). Some say her birth date is a coincidence, other’s say she is a good luck charm.

For other information and complete & detailed role-play history, visit the Viper Venom official site.



Born in a small neighbourhood in Calgary, Alberta, Violet grew up with respectable and Catholic principles, but also in a tough living environment. When Violet was just 3 years old, her parents enrolled her at St. Clement Primary school where she attended until grade 6, keeping the same acquaintances, including Hayley Nadyra, through to secondary school. School was not so easy for Violet, even though the work was not an issue. Known for her tough attitude and tamed look, Violet was a magnet for prods and gossip which she did not engage in, nor care for, and in such a small town, word spread quickly about her home life.

Violet had a lot of family, but they were mostly unsupportive. Her mother, Samantha, and Aunt Shirley were avid party-goers, and were usually at a local bar or gig leaving Violet to manage her older brother, Ryan and younger twin siblings, Anthony & Rebecca. This constant neglect forced Violet to brush up on her cooking skills and over the years sort of became a “temporary mother” to her siblings, which her older brother, Ryan did not like. Although Violet had quite a few siblings, she knew her mother would not be carelessly having children because she had made it quite clear that she had received an operation to get her tubes tied after her father passed away from a stroke when Violet was 4. Violet did mostly everything for her siblings, and watched them waste away in front of her eyes. Being a Virgo, Violet was the most active and organized person in her family and encouraged herself to be active in her classes. While cleaning one day in 1997 for the Christmas holidays, Violet found a resource book for recreational activities and took a curious look at the pages, falling instantly in love with the idea of taking gymnastics. It was not until this Christmas, the Christmas aunt Shirley brought over leftover turkey, and 6 of her cousins plotted a sleepover with her cousins, that Violet decided to get a job figuring that she would save her money for recreational activities and transportation. Being 14, Violet took the only job she could have, as a dishwasher at the Bears Den restaurant and banquet hall in town, working for 5 dollars an hour on their busiest days. After 3 weeks, Violet had saved up enough money to take gymnastics and have enough money left over for food, transportation and knick-knacks. While Violet was gone for small hours during the day, Anthony & Rebecca were occupied by Shirley’s children, and Ryan took care of providing food for them. This sudden take of responsibility forced Ryan to oversee his misfortune, but he still didn’t take a shine to his sister who had after a year of gymnastics and working at Bears Den, had developed and saved enough money to take martial arts.

In early 1999, during an extensive martial arts class, they were treated to the visitation of a guest speaker, Tina Terror. Tina Terror was a wrestler who had made her debut at a locally known Indy fed in the 80’s, and whose moves Violet was fond of watching. Immediately, Violet found her inspirational, and had decided that she would stop taking martial arts to learn to wrestle in the night school Tina was promoting. In high school, there was no women’s wrestling team for Violet to practice, and had to leave her entirety to her wrestling classes. It’s not to say that she was ‘good’, but she did improve and it helped ease the distractions of her home life. Violet began a plan to execute in a year, to find rent in the next town, Chestermere and pursue a life there where more wrestling opportunities were available. Also, during Tina’s speech, she mentioned wrestling in an annual fair that took place around her birthday and was curious to learn more.

To earn some extra cash, Violet modelled a small article in a mediocre teen magazine, which helped her build up a modelling resume. She also worked on the Stampede grounds in the summer, as security staff at the Pengrowth Saddledome, and a concession check. On her 17th birthday, Violet moved to Chestermere after learning that her mother had been sent to jail for a hit-and-run while DUI in a stolen car and the twins were in custody of their Uncle Clarence & Aunt Shirley. Of course, Ryan was sketchy and angered, but Violet could care less; she was in pursuit of a dream she was not sure about. After recently moving to Chestermere, Violet met Alice-Ruby Lee, who she accepted as a roommate that she cleaned up and helped her pay rent in return. The two became the best of friends, and they had much in common. Not long after though, while going to an ECFW show, Alice re-met with her long-time boyfriend, Stef Morrus, and Alice left Violet to travel with Stef for ECFW. During Violet’s first days in Chestermere, Violet went to the fair 5 days after her birthday of which she spent at a motel. She had won a money prize for pinning Tina Terror at a ring set-up in the centre of the fair. It was at this fair in the next year, that Violet had met Caden Cyril, a local shop boy interested in perusing a career in law enforcement. The two hit it off, and dated until late 2006 when he proposed to her by making her a “Winter Wonderland”, and planning a horse-and-carriage tour. Of course by then, she was known as “that girl in the magazine”.

For that year, until early 2002, Violet was hired by an in-company modelling agency for Chatelaine magazine on a regular basis, and was paid for various photo-shoots and quirky cooking photos. She was slowly recognized as being a “healthy set” picture personality and became a good role model for young adults. By 2005, Violet was established in various prints such as Esquire, Vogue and People Magazine doing more risqué poses and wearing daring clothing, and the feeling gradually diminished her tomboy attitude. In 2006, Violet’s long time friend Hayley Nadyra came to her for assistance on solving her husband’s abuse problem during her pregnancy. He died in February 2007, and Hayley and her child currently reside in Violet’s home in Chestermere.

In March of 2007, Violet was presented with a full-time wrestling contract for ECFW from Kurt Evans to wrestle under the name “Viper Venom”. As soon as Violet stepped in the door, she felt welcomed, but was creamed in all of her matches, the first being against Misty Hilton. In May, Violet took a break to be the Maid of Honour and attend her best friend, Alice-Ruby Lee’s cliff-side wedding at White Lake, Ontario. It was there she formally met the Best Man to Stef Morrus, Jeffery Wolfe, better known as his ring name, Lonewolf, who became her future trainer. With Lonewolf’s teachings, Violet showed great promise and vast improvements which created relationship problems between her and Caden, who had become power-hungry, suspicious, interrogating and abusive as a consequence to his power-giving job in law enforcement. The two broke their engagement, and Violet’s relationship strengthened with Lonewolf. They are now an official couple.


In 2007, Violet was taken under Lonewolf’s wing and trained persistently, basing his teachings on those of his mentor’s, The Fritz. At the time, Lonewolf had been training young C.W.A. wrestler, Matthew Cross, and the two were his only students. Viper’s snake-like abilities and striking height of 5’9 proved her capable of easily spotting ways to dominate her opponents, and it was not difficult for her to practice training with men. Gradually over the year, Violet and Jeffery created a relationship for themselves and are now together officially as a couple. At the end of 2007, Jeffery retired from ECFW to pursue his dream of opening his own gym and passing on The Fritz teachings to classes of his own students.

Overview / Facts

  • Viper's entrance music is "Freya" by The Sword
  • Viper's Look-a-Like is Scarlett Johansson
  • Viper is currently the female vocalist for a band called "RUDE", whose members include: Matthew Cross (male vocalist), Belle D'Aubigne (pianist/backup), Ben Fuller (guitarist), Philly Nyne (bassist), and Jerry Ashton (drummer).
  • "RUDE" is a rock music tribute band.
  • Viper is being trained by her friend & recent companion, Jeffrey Wolfe, known solely by his ringname, Lonewolf.
  • Viper's best friend is Alice-Ruby Lee
  • Viper has siblings whom she hasn't seen since she was 17.

Career History

Viper joined ECFW in March of 2007, her first match was against Misty Hilton. All of Viper's Match Records can be found here:
Click Here to see Viper Venom's match records

ECFW Update

Viper Venom was the former Women's Champion for ECFW, she vacated her title with hours to spare before her King of Kings match. Viper is currently touring Europe as second-front to the band "RUDE". Rumour has it Viper has been seen visiting shows and has been talking with ECFW management, it has not been confirmed why.


The Constrictor: Frankensteiner Headscissors Takedown

Bound Defiance: Wheelbarrow Suplex

Common In-Ring Favourites

  • Anaconda Vice
  • Cobra Clutch
  • Elbow Drop
  • Lady of the Lake
  • Moonsault
  • Scissor Kick
  • Springboard Hurricanrana
  • Snake Eyes
  • Snapmare
  • Tarantula
  • Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker

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