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[[Image:{{{image}}}|px|Image of Virus]]
Real name Shane Trent
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Height 6'03
Weight 234 lbs.
Date of birth July 3rd, 1987
Place of birth San Francisco, California
Date of death
Place of death
Resides San Francisco, California
Billed from Your Home Computer
Trainer Jeff "Sharp" McGee
Extreme Wrestling Alliance

Total Annihalation Wrestling Unique Styles Wrestling

European Wrestling Society

Extreme Honor Wrestling

Handled by Virus
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Debut May 2006
Retired August 2008

Born Shane Trent, he goes by Virus, a current wrestler for EWA and USW. He has known victories over Icekid, Adam Adams, Marcus Duke, Randy Orton, and Redman along side his ex-partner, Showstopper. The duo went by S.A.V.I.O.R Heroes. He also is one of EWA's best known superstars.

Extreme Wrestling Alliance

Virus entered EWA to take on the veteran Redman, who was the favorite in the match. Virus would go onto win the match via countout. He then partnered with Showstopper to take on Redman and Icekid, which they won and then joined together as S.A.V.I.O.R Heroes. The duo won their second match as a team over Adam Adams, Marcus Duke, Randy Orton, and Icekid. Virus then got a shot for the Inter-Transversal Title holder Jamez Hardy, which he lost to Scott Buster. He also has had two number one contender spots for the Smash Championship, but lost both times to JGH. Virus was in a feud between him, RWS, and Randy Orton and had a Summer Meltdown match, which Virus won. He also became a special guest referee in a match featuring Showstopper for the belt, which Showstopper won. Showstopper, however betrayed Virus on June 9th episode of Collective Mayhem. Virus then would get a title shot against The Showstopper, which ended in a no conteset, when Scott Buster attacked Showstopper.

Virus then participated in a United World CHampionship tournament, but lost in the first round to HBB. This however gave Virus a spot in a Money In The Bank spot, which involved The DJ, HBB, Ricky Jones, Human Wreckingball, and JGH, but ultimately lost. Virus also won a Fatal 5 Way and the Smash Division Ladder Title Match, which involved Jamez Hardy and JGH. Virus held the title for 73 days, before losing the title to Mister P at Desperate Measures. Virus recaptured the belt the next week. Virus dropped the title to try for the United World Title, but lost.

Virus would signed up for three matches at Last Rites, being only the second person to do such a thing. He won one, lost one, and drawed one, and capturing the Inter-Transversal Championship. He lost the title to Daniel Assassin later on. He would then defeat The Snake for the United States Championship. And with a shocking upset, he defeated Cody Rivers to win the United World Title and the Inter Transversal title, making him EWA's first and only Triple Crown Champion. He would lose the titles on seperate occasions, holding the Inter-Transversal Championship the longest. Virus then took a break from wrestling after being diagnosed with a ruptured spleen and having to have surgery on it to maintain it.

Virus would return to EWA and win the Inter-Transversal championship, only to lose it to Icekid later on. Virus then went on to face PDT 08(P4 and Mr. P) as part of 4KW(Four Kings of Wrestling) that he had formed and won the Tag Titles with Sycho Sam and would become the second Grand Slam champion in EWA history. Virus then went on hiatus. Virus would come back, but went on a major losing streak, but found a break in the Survival Royal, finishing 3rd and got a United World Heavyweight Championship. After losing once more to The Rock, Virus went out with a bang when he retired from wrestling.

Unique Styles Wrestling

Virus entered USW with a win in a six man tag match, but lost another one the next event. He has had a number one contender match against P4 in a ladder match, which he had lost due to interference by Maverick Jones and Kid Radical. In the process, they gave Virus a broken arm and leg. Then, at Nocous Remedy, Virus made a suprise return, only 11 days after his last injury. Virus now is having feud with Nathan Cadge, who ultimately destroyed Virus in a 4 on 1 handicap match. Virus then defeated Nathan Cadge alongside Redman. Cadge and Virus had a match in the next show, with Nathan Cadge defeating Virus brutaly with help from his manager, Allson Rivers. USW closed though due to it having competiton from other wrestling companies.

Total Annihilation Wrestling

Virus entered TAW looking for gold by challenging Chris X and IceKid for the TAW HArdcore Title, but lost. He then went for the Underworld title, but lost yet again. He went for the Fearless Championship and won. The titles were vacated though, and unified into the Middlewweight title, whivh Virus lost to Icekid.

European Wrestling Society

Virus had just signed a deal with EWS, where he fought his first match against Dante, which he won with ease. However, EWS would go bankrupt and was closed.

Extreme Honor Wrestling

Virus opened his own independent circuit, called Extreme Honor Wrestling. Several others, like Bret Hart and P4 joined him in the process. He held the tag titles with Steven Cartagena, best known as IceKid two times.



Infection-Tornado DDT

Computer Destroyer-360 degrees piledriver

The Cure-720 Moonsault

Deletion-630 Senton

Signature/Normal Moves

Reverse DDT

Reverse Huricanrana

Shooting Star Press


Pele Kick


Shining Wizard



450 Splash

Signature Quotes

  • " Get Infected "
  • " You've got the Virus!


  • The first XWF X Division Champion
  • 2x EWA Smash Division Champion
  • First winner of a Summer Meltdown match.
  • 4x EWA Inter-Transversal Champion
  • 1x EWA United States Champion
  • 1x EWA United World Champion
  • 1x EWA Triple Crown Winner
  • 2x EHW Tag Team Champion
  • 1x EHW Pure Champion
  • 1x EHW Tri-State Champion
  • 1x TAW Fearless Champion


  • Virus bought his mask from a 99 cent store.
  • Virus is usually mistaken with the Virus from JWA:EWA.
  • The only injury that Virus ever had was the USW ladder match that he participated against P4.
  • Virus has a perfect record in Triple Threat Matches.

Personal Life

Shane had been dating Sara Vance. They had three kids, Jason, Brian, and William. The two now share custody of the children. Shane lives in a San Fransisco 3 story home with 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and a 4 car garage.

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