Vladimir T. Strife
[[Image:|px|Image of Vladimir T. Strife]]
Real name Vladimir Tepes Strife
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Height 6 foot
Weight 269 lbs.
Date of birth March 10th, 1979
Place of birth Sighisoara, Romania
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Billed from Sighisoara, Romania
Trainer Kingbear, Hyper Elf
Eagle Vision Professional Wrestling
All Star Wrestling Federation, Solid Core Wrestling, Gods and Heretics Wrestling
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Debut October 2006
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Vladimir Strife, (born March 10, 1979) is a professional wrestler of the Eagle Vision Professional Wrestling (EVPW) federation. Using a mixture of knowledge of technical wrestling and brutal hardcore tactics, Vladimir has become a Legend, rising to a current career record of 49-0.

Growing Up

Growing up in Romania, Vladimir grew up as a wrestling fanatic. Despite training hard and practicing, his family was too poor for him to afford proper training. Things changed for Vladimir one day though when he met a man by the name of Kingbear, who took a liking to Vlad's style and offered to bring him to the states and give him proper training.

Wrestling Career


Immediately on arrival, Vladimir began to climb the ranks. Winning a hard fought debut, Vladimir followed up with another, becoming 2-0 in ASWF. Things soon looked like the dream was coming to an end though as ASWF went out of business.

Shortly after, however, ASWF wrestlers Kingbear, Hyper Elf and Hawkeye created SCW and called upon Vladimir to join. Vladimir was determined to come in hard and make a name for himself and he did just that, finding his niche for hardcore wrestling. Coming out in an odd tie from a flaming cage match, Vladimir and The Classic Rocker both made their opponents tap out at the same time. They would fight again the following week in a match that would begin a long rivalry between the 2.

Vladimir walked away from the match with the SCW Solid Kore championship, but The Rocker had left his mark, shattering Vladimir's kneecap with a sledgehammer. After being assaulted in the ring by Justin Michael and The Rocker, Vladimir found help from announcer Jimmy Pate, who refused to stand for the attack. Vladimir and Jimmy would go on to defeat the Rock N' Roll Pain Train in a tag team cage match.

Vladimir soon became known for his show-stealing matches and brutality. In one of the bloodiest matches seen, Vladimir was stabbed in the stomach with a hand sickle by combatant Rurouni Kenshin Kobashi. Vladimir ended up grasping the victory though with some help from Crazy Boy and his manager as he powerbombed Rorouni from the bottom of the titantron for the victory.

Vladimir soon betrayed Crazy Boy as he nailed him with a PainKiller in an agreement to get Skull to throw in the towel for newcomer XRD to give Vladimir the victory. As his winning streak was beginning to grow and grow and grow, so did Vladimir's desire and willingness to do anything for the victory.

In a match that pushed Vladimir harder than anything he'd dealt with before, Vladimir faced 3 men in a Hell in a Cell at SCW's final PPV. Crazy Boy interfering and raising the cage and extra 20 feet with the wrestlers on top only proved to further the danger more. Vladimir found himself chokeslammed through the cage and down crashing into the ring below. Through a sheer amount of holding on though, Vladimir crawled out from under the ring and stretched his arm around a crashed out Rurouni for the victory to the surprise of all in attendance.


Vladimir made an impact as he debuted in GHW with the honor of Main Eventing a PPV against GHW veteran Tai Nai O'Neil in a bull rope match. Taking the brutality to Tai, Vladimir incapacitated his opponent and got the victory, walking out with a busted eardrum.

The fires of hatred between himself and The Rocker continued over to GHW though, causing a feud between The Coven and The Outlaws. Even going as far as leading to the kidnapping of Kingbear himself, seeming to end as Vladimir and Gnarfflinger faced off in the ring. Vladimir ended up victorious, but not without paying a price. He suffered having his cheek ripped open, requiring time and stitches to heal.

Having survived all odds, Vladimir simply fought harder as they increasingly became more difficult, having to defend his Hardcore title against 5 other men in an Elimination style Electric Pool match. Teaming up with fellow Coven member, Vladimir and Jake Diamond were able to hold on as The Classic Rocker, Rhino, Skorpio, and Hyper Elf were eliminated. Coming down to the 2 partners and competitors facing off to the excitement of the crowd, both men fought their hearts out, but it was Vladimir who came out on top as he planted Jake Diamond with a Skesis Bomb Driver and got the 1-2-3 to retain the title.

Afterwards, hatred brewed between the Coven and Human Wreckingball, growing into sneak attacks and mind games between them as Wreckingball assembled a team. Wreckingball had them sent to an Asylum, Vladimir being kept for evaluation. Upon release, he returned with a vengeance, unleashing the devastating Skesis Death Driver upon GHW Japanese-American wrestler Draigon. The move was quickly banned though due to it's dangers, Draigon having been paralyzed from the waist down by the attack.

Vladimir's bullying almost cost him though as he underestimated newcomer Desperado and nearly lost in a a thumbtack deathmatch. Vladimir pulled out a victory at the end, but it was only the beginning of troubles.

Facing his toughest match yet, Vladimir faced off against Brett Steel in his creation, the Asylum Cage Deathmatch. Both men left broken, bloody, and beaten, Vladimir somehow pulled off the victory, maintaining the famed winning streak. He would soon bring another fame to himself as controversy sparked around him. Vladimir walked out of the War Games match between the Coven-based Team Diamond and their opponents Team Wreckingball, leading Alex Stall and Hawkeye to follow. Screwing over Jake Diamond and Soundlab, it was believed that Vladimir, Hawkeye, Alex, and Kingbear would go on to make their new stable.

AS Vladimir turned on them though, it became even more hectic, Vladimir and Kingbear going on to create the Titans alongside Hyperion and Rattlesnake.

Going on to defeat Brett Steel and Rurouni Kobashi a second time, Vladimir went on to face Rhaps in a punishing 'I Quit' match, triumphing and adding yet another win to his list of victories.

Vladimir then claimed that he was the greatest champion and challenge any champion to step into the ring with him. Gnarfflinger answered the call and loudly, challenging Vladimir title against title.

Following this, Vladimir seemed like he had met his match as he stepped into a cage match with wrestling veteran Hawkeye for a brutal, risk filled match. At the end, however, it was Vladimir who again took the win as he escaped the cage and continued by assaulting Hawkeye's manager Amanda. Lighting the a flame of fury, Vladimir found himself assaulted by Gnarfflinger the Butcher and a vow of revenge from Hawkeye.

Vladimir continued on to steamroll Giordano Jazz, extending the streak to a whopping 17-0 as he headed into NeXuS.

Vladimir was attacked in the parking lot prior to the match though, his injury showing clearly during the match with Gnarfflinger. Once in the zone though, it didn't seem to matter as Vladimir fought back hard, surprising the Butcher. After over an hour of brutality though, Vladimir found victory as he hit Gnarfflinger with the Skesis Tumble Driver, a flipping Skesis driver, from the top of the ladder. As he held the King Of The Deathmatch Title and Charging Glory Championship close to his chest, it was apparent that Vladimir Strife might just possibly be unbeatable.

Tension began to build with old rivals again and soon, The Titans and the Forsaken Angels were at one another's throat yet again. A match was thrown together historically as Hyper Elf announced he would fight his retirement match with the team of Kingbear, Vladimir, and Big Bear backing him up as they took on Alex Stall, Hawkeye, Brett Steel, and LRey in a Bear Pit match. Making an example, Vladimir took a win over Ricky Rodriguez on SNR to to build up his momentum going into Tried And Convicted, where he would enter what might be the most brutal match of his career.

The hyped up anticipation for the Bear Pit Match paid off as fans got their money. Brutality was on tap as the 8 men devastated one another inside of the pit, all fighting for the victory until disaster struck. A supporting beam in the pit was struck too hard and came crashing down upon Hyper Elf, paralyzing him from the waist down.

Taking out his aggression from the accident that happened to Hyper, Vladimir made his way into the tournament known as the Hardcore Games, facing Rurouni Kobashi and Desperado in an Inferno Casket Match for the first round. As all 3 men gave their all, in the end it paid out for Vladimir as he shut Desperado inside of the casket and lit it on fire, winning the match.

Angry from the incident, Vladimir made his way back out to the ring and called out his stable members, Hyperion and Kingbear. He announced the end to the Titans and then turned his back on Hyperion, then announcing a new stable would be formed under the name of Revolution. Vladimir and Kingbear quickly were getting offers, but from them, only one man was sadistic and brutal enough to stand with them properly.. the Hardcore Genius, Matthew Oliveira.

To date, Vladimir again has beaten all comers and still stands seemingly invincable. However, a wise man once said that the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Only time will tell if, when and how the winning streak of Vladimir Strife will fall or if this legacy is truly unstoppable.

In wrestling

Finishing Moves

  • Skesis Driver (Sitout Tiger Driver '91)
  • The V3 (Facebreaker DDT)
  • Overkill (Whiplash Neckbreaker)

Signature Moves

  • The Heart Starter (As the opponent lays with his head against the bottom turnbuckle, Vladimir runs across the ring and leaps onto their chest, jumps up and lands with double knees onto their chest.)
  • The Asylum Choir (Straightjacket hold with a leg scissors on the abdomen.)
  • Painkiller (Standing fireman's carry dropping back of head onto the knee)
  • Sinnerplex (Inverted Stunner)
  • Son Of A Bitch Legdrop (Dropkick turned so leg drops length of body, the bottom of his boot hitting their mouth.)
  • Lights Out! (Full force, closed fist punch to the face. Illegal in regular match.)


  • The Messiah Of The Asylum
  • Bad Lad Vlad
  • The Hardcore King
  • The Czar Of Scars
  • The Undefeated Behemoth
  • The Ironman of Impact
  • The GodKing

Entrance Music

  • Immortally Insane by Pantera (Former)
  • The New Black by Strapping Young Lad (Former)
  • All Hail The New Flesh by Strapping Young Lad(Former)
  • People Hate Me by The Murderdolls (Former)
  • Cassie Eats Cockroaches by Acid Bath (Current)




Allies & Enemies


  • Sang
  • Hyper Elf
  • Metal Dragon
  • Ricky Masters


  • Matthew Oliveira
  • Gnarfflinger The Butcher
  • The Classic Rocker
  • Crazy Boy
  • Human Wreckingball
  • Alex Stall
  • Brett Steel
  • Hawkeye
  • Rhaps
  • Kingbear
  • GHW

Championships and accomplishments