Voorhees is perhaps one of the most unique characters to enter the e-wrestling business, although his poser is Jason Voorhees from the popular "Friday the 13th" horror films he is not to be confused with the fictional mass murderer. Oozing with arrogance the character has dominated every e-fed that he was ever part of and is perhaps one of The 13th's most successful characters.


The Mystery

  • Perhaps the most unique thing about the Voorhees character is the sheer amount of mystery that surrounded him, his past, his origin, his plans none of these things were ever really revealed, you would always get hints and constant arrogant remarks but to this day 8 years later no one truly knows who or what Voorhees is.

His Claims

  • He claimed to be ageless, existing since the dawn of time, he claimed not to be 'restricted' by the restrains of life or death, he claimed to be immortal on some occasions and then on others claimed to be something else again. After being killed he was able to reconstruct his body and make his return and appeared to have a strange ability that allowed him to remove himself from both time and space.

Public Opinion

  • There are those who believe that these are all just 'parlor tricks' and that it was no more than just simple illusions but then again maybe there is more out there than science can explain. But whether his claims are true or not one thing cannot be denied. He has always been a fan favourite.

Holding a Grudge

  • Voorhees was also well known for another thing, he never forgave anyone, if he felt that he was betrayed, or if he did not get what he wanted then he would make sure that person regreatted whatever action caused his hatred for as long as possible. Ironically this became one of the things the fans loved most about him.


His Debut

  • Voorhees' official wrestling debut was in a small company called UWF, the actual name of the company had been lost over time but many believed it was either the Ultimate or Ultra Wrestling Federation, either way when Voorhees first made his debut it was only days before the owner was forced to leave due to an unrelated injury, but with the absence of the owner Voorhees participated in his first and only UWF match, a Triple Threat Cage Match for their Hardcore Championship, ironically no live footage of the match remain but it was in fact this match that inspired Voorhees to create the 'Hardcore Cage'. Voorhees had won this match and UNOFFICIALLY became the Hardcore Champion, the federation closed only a few days later..

The Isane Wrestlign Federation

  • Voorhees did not receive much true attention or recognition however until the (original) Insane Wrestling Federation opened it doors only weeks later under the rulings of Owner Norris with the assistance of Co-Commissioners James & Blades, Voorhees is remembered for quite an outstanding Hardcore Championship during this company's two reign's between 1999-2001. Voorhees and Mace Steel having some classic battles over the Hardcore Championship, the start of the rival between Zircon Warmburn & Voorhees who would ultimately become arch rivals and a classic ladder match against our own legend Tim Carter, although there were no classic moments in this company so to speak, unforgettable moments that you would never forget this is what solidified Voorhees in the spotlight and forced the world to take noticed of this mysterious superstar.

His EHWF Debut

  • As the (original) Insane Wrestling Federation slowly closed a friendly rival had sparked up between it and the Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation and it was not long until Voorhees made his debut into the company that would ultimately become mark his legendary career, this is where it would all happen.. The EHWF was owned by Voorhees's long time rival Mace Steel, and despite their past Mace Steel had developed a very high amount of respect for Voorhees. In his debut match Voorhees would infact face the owner's brother brother Hawk Steel in a first blood match, something that had somewhat become a trademark of Voorhees' at this point and not only did Voorhees win his debut match but he broke Hawk Steel's 2 year undefeated streak. After that moment Voorhees became an instant star

Voorhees is Screwed

  • It wasn't long perhaps only around 6 months before Voorhees' attention was looking towards the Heavyweight Championship but those in power refused to give him the shot at the Championship, even during the first "Undisputed" Championship tournament Hawk Steel screwed Voorhees out of the title but finally Mace Steel stepped to the plate setting it up, after twelve months it was set Voorhees vs. Hawk Steel for the #1 Contendership to the EHWF World Heavyweight Championship. Voorhees had vowed he would repeat his success and defeat Hawk Steel once again, he vowed that if anyone interfered in the match they would be DEAD, literally threatening their life, an EHWF Icon by the name of Brett Hardy decided to call Voorhees' bluff and in an attempt to set up an alliance with Hawk Steel he screwed Voorhees out of his victory setting him back, Voorhees was absolutely furious and the very next night would have killed Brett Hardy had the Police not interfered, Voorhees was held in jail without trail for 3 weeks before being released, the reason for his release was never made public. Brett Hardy and Voorhees would remain bitter enemies for the rest of their time with the company.

Voorhees meets JVX

  • When Voorhees come back and after a somewhat simply stalking attempt by the man who would later be known as JVX, Voorhees was not impressed or intimidated by JVX in any way and much to JVX's frustration he would eventually chose to ignore the so called threat and concetrate on his World Championship aspirations.

Voorhees Becomes Champion

  • It was all finally setup Voorhees was booked into a match against Manslaughter who at that time was the EHWF World Champion, a first blood match in which Voorhees ultimately would win, a very close match and to this day there are still some controversy surrounding the result, Manslaughter had claimed that Voorhees had bled first but his mask had hidden the blood, however this could not be proven, Voorhees celebrated his Championship win but fate would soon intervene, Voorheres would not have chance to celebrate for long.

The Imposter

*As the the Pay Per View went off air the lights were cut and during the blackout Voorhees was abducted by group working for Richard Hackman, a corrupt business executive that was set to try and take over the company.. Voorhees was taken away and for the next 2 months was impersonated by Seth Jones, a US Secret agent who purposely lost Voorhees the title, it wasn't until JVX realized that Richard Hackman was the one responsible for Voorhees' disappearance and 2 months after the abduction it became public knowledge and the fraud (Seth Jones) was publicly revealed. JVX (Richard Hackman's son) put his personal issues with Voorhees aside and set out on a mission to find the missing superstar, the search led him to an Aztec temple where Voorhees' essence was found in an ancient coffin..

Through JVX's time in the Aztec temple we learned of ancient tales that told of a figure, fitting Voorhees' description that threatened the kingdom of the days, this temple was one of three across the world designed specifically to hold Voorhees, it was during this that that we learned the truth. Voorhees had long claimed to be ageless. We found through this adventure that he was in fact immortal. JVX brought the ancient coffin back to the EHWF and ultimately freed Voorhees from his confines, unfortunately not before his physical body was destroyed, Voorhees essence was thought to be lost, a green mist rising into the arena ceiling.. Through the coming weeks JVX would set himself on a path for revenge and while the rest of the wrestling world was busy looking at Richard Hackman's attempt to take over EHWF, JVX and Seth Jones was set to face each other in a Hardcore Cage Match, JVX had been far from successful during this time and was widely considered an underdog, the match however was not the spectacle, but when a strange green mist filled the arena's rafters the crowd grew silent, the mist drifted to the entrance way and took shape, Voorhees has indeed returned, he took physical form and attacked the ring.. Seth Jones was escaping from the ring as Voorhees grabbed him and delivered a Choke-Lift-Slam from the top of the 15 foot cell and through the ring canvas. It was believed that Seth Jones was dead.. Voorhees however was never charged with the murder. Voorhees recognized what JVX had achieved on his behalf and despite their hatred for eachother they joined forces, they become The Deadly Alliance. They would become the most powerful tag team in EHWF history, ironically they never once had aspirations to go after the EHWF Tag Team Championship's.


  • The EHWF finally learned the truth that Voorhees had never lost his Heavyweight Championship but despite the coming of a tournament Voorhees refused to take part, he demanded an instant shot at the Championship, a request that Mace was not willing to grant, after all he had loyalties to his brother who at the time was Champion. Voorhees was angry and took vengeance against all his enemies, Voorhees was back but something wasn't right, he grew more and more unstable, unleashing against even JVX in his rage that is when a new enemy raised its head. A man with the exact same physical and spiritual appearance of Voorhees who names himself Venom, he had equal power and strength.. The name he chose (Venom) would not make much sense until some years later.. This strange force appeared to have the ability of mind manipulation, he infected the mind of Alex Draven (aka JVX) and created a split personality that would haunt him for many years to come, Alex was drawn between his alliances and it came down to a final match� The Schizophrenic Tag Team Match�, Voorhees eventually won and it was revealed that the body of this �Venom� was nothing more than an android, created by Richard Hackman to fight against and defeat Voorhees, the spirit within it controlled by Voorhees greatest foe who was indeed named Venom, this however would not be learned for another 3 years..

Venom - Part 2

  • With the destruction of the Venom android Voorhees returned to his normal self and once again went after the now EHWF Undisputed Championship, he would soon capture the championship and despite many challenges remained domionant, Voorhees' force was unstoppable , during this time Adam Jones the brother of Seth came to the EHWF seeking to avenge his brother's death unaware that Seth had infact got what he deserved Adam sought to defend his brothers name but in the end he was unsuccessful, Voorhees defeated him and Adam retreated. So Voorhees turned his attention to the bigger challenge, a man he had a past with.. Hawk Steel.

Voorhees vs. Hawk Steel

  • Hawk Steel had faced Voorhees before and both men had a victory over the other and each had an incredible hatred for the other. Voorhees holding a grudge over the Brett Hardy situation and Hawk angry that Voorhees had taken 'his' title. But despite the increadible demand from the fans Mace Steel the companies owner refused to book the match in fear that it could not be controlled. Some suggested that Hawk Steel had used his connections to stop the match but that was never proven. Despite their hatred the two would never meet in the ring, tghere were frequest brawls in which the two nearly killed eachother, Hawk Steel even had Voorhees arrested for the murder of Seth Jones, a charge that somehow got dropped. The company was in a fued with a stable by the name of The Unstoppables and so Hawk and Voorhees were forced to fight as partners for a short time, this did not last. When the two finally did meet it would be in a Iron Man Match with the ring surrounded by security to ensure no interference, the two men would fight to the end, much to the crowds dissapointment the match would infact end in a tie, Voorhees had Hawk pinned for the victory but the time ran out just before the 3 count. Obviopusly there is still alot of contraversy surrounding this. Theo two would never fight again.

OOC: The match ended in a draw because the 13th wanted it to be, Hawk was not well and had no had the chance to roleplay, so he asked for a drtaw so that they could finish the feud later. Which as we now know, the rematch never happened.

The Return of Seth Jones

  • Things would all change in the early months of 2005 when a man from Voorhees' past returned, Seth Jones. Seth Jones did not return to the EHWF but it was discovered that he had never in fact died but he had been in hiding, searching for the ancient artifact known as Pandora's Box, a mysterious Military man known as General O'Connor was attempting to make a deal with Seth for possession of the box but of course Seth refused.. After discovering the ancient artifact within the very temple that Voorhees had once been captured, Seth Jones traveled to the city of Entropy where the EHWF was booked for a show, both Seth Jones and General O'Connor had similar hopes for the box, Seth Jones wanted to use it to get revenge for Voorhees almost killing him. And so the General had Seth Jones assassinated and took the box for himself.

The Transformation

  • The General opened Pandora's box expecting to be given the power to control Voorhees but instead he unleashed something worse than anyone could have imagined. upon opening it Voorhees was transformed and against his will became Venom, Venom's true essence had been released from the box and had taken possession of Voorhees' body. It was quickly discovered that Venom was very different to Voorhees in that he did not have any morals and that he seemed to enjoy using and abusing people, there was no honor in Venom and the new star even went as far as forcing himself upon Sara Steel just to piss off Mace Steel. Venom's story isn't what we're here though, we're here for Voorhees and yes Voorhees did return roughly 6 months later having a small feud with Thir13en but the company eventually closed its doors after a rather controversial decition by Mace Steel.


  • There are many great moments during the career of this character that have not gone into in this document but at the end of the day the Voorhees character's legacy will be that he was never cleanly defeated, not once in his entire career. He was a character that lived to prove his point, perhaps the most unique character in e-fedding history.
Wrestler Statistics
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 254lbs
Hometown Unknown
Alighment Neutral
Build Heavyweight
Entrance Music "Immortal" by Adema
Major E-fed's Ultimate Wrestling Federation, Insane Wrestling Federation (1999-2001), International World of Fantasy Wrestling, Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation, Insane Wrestling Federation (2006)

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