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Height 5"11
Weight 210 pounds
Date of birth Unknown
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Trainer Ironsides, Anthony Romeri, Julius Jacobs
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Vorossa, is a journeyman superstar best known for his appearances in UCW. Vorossa was a near unstoppable force, undefeated save one match against The Cobra, in which he lost the UCW World title to the fellow lightweight.


Vorossa's mysterious origins were beginning to unfold on UCW. However due to one blunder by another due solely to the incompetence of owner Julius Jacobs, the company collapsed before more could be learned.

Filling a Freddy Kruger type role, Vorossa haunted his victims dreams, but whether this was a legitimate power or merely a delusion inflicted on those devastated by the monster in the ring is yet to be determined.

On 5/10/07, it was reported that Vorossa was sighted at a CWF house show backstage, but the truth behind tis report has been questioned, given its anonymous source.

ECZW Career

Begining in a minor Federation in the indies known as ECZW, Vorossa captured much success in his short stint, winning several titles against various Extremists who work there.

UCW Career

making a splash in UCW, when it reopened, Vorossa was the man to beat. Sadly, most were un able to defeat him, leaving him with a 13-0 winning streak which was finally ended at Buried Alive by Cobra, who won the UCW World Championship title as a result of the match.

After displaying strange behaviour backstage, Vorossa introduced the UCW Twisted Title to the company after becoming GM for a night on Prestige. Vorossa would later cripple and maim the man ho won the title, Ryan Davis who had to leave the company from injuries sustained. (He would later return as Dirty Davis after an intensive rehab session).

After filling in as a special referee in a UCW Title match the day after Buried Alive, Vorossa attacked several supertstars backstage.

It was shortly after this rampage started that the company closed down. IUCW owner Julius Jacobs claimed that Vorossa was the reason behind the Federation shutting down, n reality however, this was an elaborate hoax.

Vorossa had in fact quit UCW several days prior to the incident that led to the company shutting down, but was scape goated none the less. After several months of keeping tabs he has since cleared his name in most people's eyes.

Jacobs has not been seen since the incident.

Vorossa concluded his three month service to UCW with a final record of 13-1. Despite being the man who handed him his first loss, Vorossa has stated he is good friends with Cobra and respects him as an in ring competitor.

RISE Wrestling

In March 2009, Vorossa was announced in RISE Wrestling's "King of Trios 2009" event as a participant in Team Ego Trip along with Dane West and Donald Titan. The federation folded before the event officially took place.


In July of 2010 rumours surfaced on the internet indicating that Vorossa had signed with IGNITE PRO wrestling in Japan. THis rumour has not officially been confirmed as of the sate of this post.

Other Facts

Theme Music: "Acidic Soul" - Self Written (UCW) "Blood Red Sandman" - Lordi (RISE)

Finishing + Signature Moves


  • Sweet Dreams (Flying Body Check)
  • Fugue State (Sleeper Hold)


  • Vorossa Kick (Mafia Kick)
  • Big Bad Voodoo (Head Scissors Takedown)
  • Vorossa Slam (Modified Cruiserweight Side Slam)
  • Ballbuster (Double Underhook Inverted Atomic Drop)
  • X-phyxiate (Cross Arm Standing Chokehold)
  • Facebuster (Kneeling Facebuster)
  • Darkside Cannon (Reverse Enzeguri)
  • Nightmarcanrana (Hurricanrana)
  • Drop Kick
  • Spear

Championships and accomplishments

  • ECZW Lightweight Champion x3
  • ECZW Hardcore Champion x1
  • 13 win undefeated streak in UCW


  • Vorossa remains good friends with UCW alum The Cobra, and CWF's Janitor.
  • Vorossa's only loss in ECZW came as a result of a DQ after assaulting his opponent Greg Day with a steel chair. His final record is not known.
  • Despite being a Lightweright, Vorossa occasionally uses power moves given his monster heel status In interviews he has stated he hates being made to use them and would rather show case his natural talent.
  • Vorossa maintains a strong dislike for former UCW owner Julius Jacobs, stating that the UCW owner destroyed her own company and blamed him for it. Despite the overwhelming evidence to support this statement, Jacobs has never admitted to it, and on one occasion attempted to hack into his website. The site was recovered however, and Jacobs has not made a public aperance since.
  • Vorossa has stated that he wishes to wrestle in CWF before retiring, but does not plan on joining until some "things clear up".

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