Background information

Vortex, aged 23, is a highly popular risk taking member of the 2wwf roster. He was born in Saint Louis Missouri and was raised by his father. His father owned the most prestigous gym in the whole of Missouri, and Vortex worked as a trainer in there until the age of 19. In 2005, Vortex joined Future of Wrestling in the hope of becoming a world champion.

Future of Wrestling

Vortex swiftly moved up the FOW ranks, and teamed up with The Sentinel to form Citizen Erased. The Sentinel and Vortex's indifference soon meant they were to split up, but not before Fuse-Boy joined. Vortex and Fuse went on to win the tag team titles from DMX, before going their seperate ways. Their friendship was ended once and for all when Fuse-Boy burned down's Vortex's fathers gym. In his FOW days, Vortex won the tag team and international titles, aswel as beating superstars such as LPD, Mikey Heartbreak and El Harvo. He then left for 2wwf.


Vortex made an immediate impact on 2wwf, by winning the Internet title almost straight away. He defeated Mosh in oen of the most violent matches in the history of the business. In October 2006, Vortex entered the Hell Games tournament. He defeated Tommy Thunder and The Sentinel on the way to the final, before beating Fuse-Boy and The Monster in the final. He was 2wwf world champion, and the dream has could true.


Vortex dissapeared from the scene as world champion, leaving behind his dream and everyone he knew. It was rumoured he had commited suicide after the burning down of his fathers gym, and his father's death. However, exactly a year later from winning Hell Games, Vortex was back.


Vortex returned to action on 1st November 2007, facing AJ Badd in a singles match. Vortex won the match using his trademark finisher the 'Unstoppable Force'. The following week, Vortex took part in the 'Champions Invitational' match, starring former world champions Mikey Heartbreak, The Monster, himself, and then current Internet champion Lx-Tim. Vortex went on to win the Internet title he never lost, but only enjoyed a short stint as champion.

World Championship - Part 2

Vortex shocked the world when he defeated his old nemesis The Sentinel at Violent Reaction. The match was a chain match, and lasted for over 20 minutes. Vortex lost his title after a one month reign at 11th Hour in the Redemption Chamber. Much like his first world title reign, Vortex has been missing since his defeat.


2wwf World champion (2)

2wwf Internet Champion (2)

FOW Tag Team Champion

FOW International Champion

Hell Games winner 2006

WWA Co-World Champion

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