Beckham 3
Real name Thor Girod
Ring Names {{{names}}}
Height 6'0
Weight 220 lbs.
Date of birth June 2nd, 1989
Place of birth Seattle,Washington
Date of death N/A
Place of death N/A
Resides St.Louis,MS
Billed from Calgary,Alberta,Canada
Trainer James Mitchell and Randy Orton
Handled by Himself
Win/Loss Record lost count
Debut 2006
Retired {{{retired}}}

Vyper was born on June 2nd, 1989 in Seattle,Washington. When he was born , he was given the name of Thor Girod by his parents. When he was 5 years old, his parents had died due to being shot during a robbery. He would be held in protective custody for 5 years before being laced in a deliquent home for misfits. There, he learned how to fight from the best in the place and how to defend for himself. It was also there when he was 15 that a man named James mitchell was payign a visit as he normally did and spotted some fighting going on. What he didnt know was that Jake was among those fighters and when he eventually found out, he would train him for wrestling.

Beginning In The Buisness

Career In Jeporady

WWE Murderously Forgotten

" I signed with them to try and gain more experience and to see how good i would be in the future"

Once Vyper signed to MF, he had a match with Dallas Winston against Cor Von and Raven in which they lost via pinfall over Vyper. Then the stable of Southern Rebellion began as Vyper and Dallas Winston would recruit Heidenrich. They then would have some fun like they use to but his career cut short when the federation shut downand he was left without a job


"Signing to two companies at once was hard for me but i can make it"

Vyper would indeed have to make it as he was still awaiting his debut match but he decides to stay in the locker room alot if hes not on tour so he could practice for when he was on tour. He would be in his locker room whe nOrton came in and after a while of talking, Orton and Vyper became partners but Orton also wondered if Vyper wanted to join NWO

The Return

Just a couple of months after his recent departure from WuW, he returned. Tragedy that was meant for him brought him back as he would have only has to survive.

The one person who kept bugging me to make my return is no longer here. God have her soul.

He would return to make a statement about something for a title shot.

I don't respect you (Lifer) or what you have done. Simple fact is that you hold the first title i want. I do believe Mercy has a PPV coming up real shortly and i would love for my title match to happen there. You see, i have a clause in my contract saying that I get a shot at the title of my choosing on the brand im on.

That title match would neverh appened as WuW was forced to fold due to money situations. Fans to this day though still believe it would have been a great match, if it would of happened.


Christy Kelly (WuW)

Theme Songs

  • We Won't Die by TWIZTID
  • Silenced by Mudvayne
  • Fly by Criss Angel


  • Collision Course(450 Flip)
  • Death By Honor( Flip Pile Driver)
  • Way Of The Anarchist (Two Handed Diamond Cutter/Top Rope Hung Cutter)
  • Final Rites (Texas Cloverleaf)

Belts Held

  • CUW Tag Team x1
  • ISW Pure Internet 1x
  • ECW World Champion 1x


Longest regin in ISW history at 8 months

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