Wrestling W365 Federation
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Abbreviation W365
Weekly shows none
Time opened June 2007
Based in Romania
Federation type Hybrid
Pay-per-views 1 PPV a Month
Website Sport365 forum


W365 is a virtual federation .It's first manager was Big D but later The Warrior of the Light bought this fed. On the first PPV of this federation, W365 Plead Guilty, Death Bringer was crowned the first W365 World Heavyweight Champion. He became champion after defeating Mystic Vegeta, The Phenomenal, Quick Silver, Black Tiger, Killer Boy, Johnny Cage and Rated R Destiny in a Ladder Match. At W365 The Battle of Chaos was decided the first W365 RO Champion in the person of Quick Silver, who won a Fatal 4 Way Match against The Ghost, Black Tiger and Matt “The King” Cartman. Two powerful stables were created in Wrestling 365 Federation: Horror Team formed by Komatose, The Ghost and Killer Boy and X-Perience Club (Mystic Vegeta, Quick Silver, Black Tiger and Matt The King Cartman).

W365 vs WRM Era

A new era began for W365 because they started a feud with the rival federation WRM. At W365 The Battle of Chaos, WRM’s best tag team: Team Russia was defeated by The Maniac & Mr Rating, who represented W365. At the same PPV, the WRM Tag Team Champions: Grave Digger and Juggernaut defeated Killer Boy and Komatose. At WRM's PPV Uprising, W365 sent two of their best wrestlers: Komatose who was defeted by Alexa "La viuda negra" Aristizábal and the W365 World Heavyweight Champion Death Bringer who defeated Heath Scumm and retained the title.At WRM Retaliation, W365 once again sent the top two wrestlers in the federation : Komatose and Death Bringer.Komatose lost again with Hardcore Squad, but Death Bringer defeated Jack "The Showman" Johnson and Raiden "The Legend Killer".In W365, at W365 eXplosive, Death Bringer retained his title in a Last Man Standing Match with Crusher.Also Alexa won a match with Horror Team's The Ghost.At Retaliation, [[Team Russia] got his revenge against Mr Rating & The Maniac defeating them. At WRM's Red November the WRM Tag Team Championship finally came in W365, after The Dream Team formed by Mystic Vegeta & Komatose defeated the Hardcore Squad.Also, at W365 Metaphysic, Komatose became the W365 World Heavyweight Champion after defeating Death Bringer.He is now a double branded champion.After the match between Death Bringer & Komatose, Juggernaut stole the W365 belt from the announcer's table and fled.What will the future hold for this feud?

Wrestling365 Federation Roster





Stables/Tag Teams

Notable former stables/tag teams




W365 PPVs

January W365 The New Age War
February W365 Click
March W365 Spring's King
April W365 Peak
May W365 Young Blood
June W365 Menage A Trois
July W365 Revolution
August W365 Plead Guility
September W365 The Battle of Chaos
October W365 eXplosive
November W365 Metaphysic
December W365 Dangerous Santa

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