W365 Dangerous Santa
Promotion W365
Date December
Venue W365 ArenA
Pay-per-view chronology
W365 Metaphysic W365 Dangerous Santa W365 The New Age War
W365 Dangerous Santa chronology
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W365 Dangerous Santa is an annual W365's PPV!The first edition was disputed in 2007.


W365 Dangerous Santa 2007 took place in December. The tag-line for this event is "Naughty or Nice? "

Elimination # Wrestler Entrance Eliminated by Elimination move Time
1 Johnny Cage 2 Mystic Vegeta Pinfall after a Superkick 12:37
2 Mystic Vegeta 3 Komatose Submission after a Choke Hold 17:03
3 Death Bringer 6 Killer Boy Pinfall after a Roll Up 25:50
4 Killer Boy 5 Komatose Submission after the Gang Choke 28:58
5 Juggernaut 4 Komatose Pinfall after the Komatose Driver 31:20
WINNER Komatose 1

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