The W365 World Heavyweight Title is the highest ranked championship in W365

Title history


Wrestler: Times: Date: Pay-Per-View: Notes:

Death Bringer 1 August 2007 W365 Plead Guility 2007 Death Bringer was crowned champion after defeating Killer Boy,Mystic Vegeta,Johnny Cage,Rated-R Destiny,Black Tiger,Quick Silver and The Phenomenal in a Ladder Match
September 2007 Uprising 2007 Death Bringer defeated Heath Scumm
October 2007 W365 eXplosive 2007 Death Bringer defeated Crusher in a Last Man Standing
Komatose 1 November 2007 W365 Metaphysic 2007 Komatose was crowned champion after defeating Death Bringer
December 2007 W365 Dangerous Santa 2007 Komatose defeated Juggernaut, Killer Boy, Death Bringer, Mystic Vegeta and Johnny Cage in the first Elimination Chamber Match.
January 2008 W365 The New Age War 2008 Komatose defeated Juggernaut in a Ladder Match.
February 2008 W365 Click 2008 Komatose defeated Johnny Cage to retian the W365 Heavyweight Title.

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