World 3xtreme Wrestling
Federation Name World 3xtreme Wrestling
Abbreviation W3W
Shows W3W on X-Channel
Time open 1993-Present
Owner Mark Hoffman
Based in New York,New York
Federation type Unknown To Self,simulated
Pay-per-views Weekly
Merchandise XPW and WWE Sponsors

W3W is a private to self federation.Currently powered by Zeus Pro(will got to EWR).Also shares the WWE Roster.

1993-1995 The first W3W champion was Shawn Michaels(who held it for 11 months before losing it to Ron Krash in April 1994).W3W faced difficulty when Ron was suffering from cancer.They vacated the title.But 2 weeks later,Krash passed away.Krash's brother,Johnny,debuted as John Brass as the W3W Champion and held it for 1 hour before losing it to Will Incel.The 2nd championship was the tag team championships.The titles were won by Bret Hart and Nick Gulley.The titles were won at the first PPV,March of Patrick,by 62C and William Regal.After this,Nick Gulley was released and was hired by XPW.He made his "debut" on April 3,1994,but the owner found steroids in his locker room and was fired as soon as he pinned his opponent.On April 9,1994 the company shut it's doors due to that controversey.It reopened in Janurary 8,1995.

More to be posted tomorrow

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