WCCWE Anarchy Ru;z
Promotion WCCWE,WCWF
Date 5/11/08
Venue Perani Arena and Event Center
City Flint, Michigan
Attendance 4,567
Pay-per-view chronology
WCCWE Anarchy Ru;z WCCWE No Rules and No Justice
WCCWE Anarchy Rulz chronology
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WCCWE Anarchy Rulz

  • WCWF X Division Championship

Cody Underwood Defeated Bret Anderson

  • WCWF Television Championship

Hardcore Ken Defeated Jason Fast

  • WCCWE Cruiserweight Championship

JJ Jones Defeated ‎AW Pride

  • WCCWE World Tag Team Championship,WCWF Tag Team Championship

Tommy Warhead and Kurt Crazy Defeated Tim Powers and Frank Powers

  • WCCWE King of the Mountain 6 man Battle Royle and the winner get a Title shot up to 1 year

James Wiezorek Defeated Iron Race,Tony Snider,The Hardcore Knight,MattSaver,Mark Downs

  • WCCWE United States Championship

Steven Sinder Defeated Ron Potter

  • WCWF World Heavyweight Championship

Joe Awsome Defeated The Hawk Man

  • WCCWE World Championship

The Gotham Feak Defeated Iron Race