WCCWE July Fireworks Bash
Promotion WCCWE,WCWF
Date 7/6/08
Venue Cobo Arena
City Detroit
Attendance 89,0000
Pay-per-view chronology
WCCWE No Rules and No Justice WCCWE July Fireworks Bash WCCWE Very Hard Justice
WCCWE July Fireworks Bash chronology
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WCCWE July Fireworks Bash

  • WCCWE Cruiserweight Championship

JJ Jones Defeated Jason Fast

  • WCWF Television Championship

Hardcore Ken Defeated Bret Anderson

  • ACCWA World Championship

The Amazon Freak Defeated Tony Snider

  • WCCWE World Tag Team Championship

Tim Powers and Frank Powers Defeated Tommy Warhead and Kurt Crazy

  • WCWF X Division Championship

Cody Underwood Defeated Ron Potter

  • WCCWE United States Championship

Steven Sinder Defeated The Hardcore Knight

  • WCWF World Heavyweight Championship

Joe Awsome Defeated The Crowbar Freak

  • NCWA World heavyweight Championship in a Boxing Macth

James Wiezorek Defeated Showtime Jerome Wilber

Note Showtime Jerome Wibler Did not show up to the ppv so James Wiezorek had the Referee Count Showtime Jerome Wibler out.Then James Wiezorek get on the mic and said Jorome Wibler was a Wussy for not showing up.

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