WCF Tag Team Championships
Acronym WCF Tag Titles
Established January 2000
Style Tag Team
Current Champions The Red River Mafia (Davey Boone & Rich "TXO" Marciano)
Times Held 2 (Boone) & 2 (TXO)

The WCF Tag Team Championships are the pair of titles defended in the Tag Team division of the Wrestling Championship Federation.

Current Champions

The current WCF Tag Team Champions are The Red River Mafia (Davey Boone and Rich Marciano), who defeated Killswitch (Spike Kane and Jay Williams) at Explosion 2007 to win the titles.

Number One Contenders

Team NCW are the current #1 Contenders and will face the Red River Mafia at Aftermath.

Championship Reign by Time

Team Name Wrestler 1 Wrestler 2 Date Won Date Lost
A Favor House Atlantic Ellis Josephine Miyazaki May 28, 2006 June 18, 2006
The Dreadnoks Burnout Ripper/Road Rage (3 members) June 18, 2006 August 27, 2006
Devastation Inc. Jackhammer Chino August 27, 2006 September 24, 2006
Ace & Biggs Ace Resoland J.J. Biggs September 24, 2006 September 24, 2006
J.J. Biggs J.J. Biggs N/A September 24, 2006 November 5, 2006
Disorder by Design J.J. Biggs Danny Vice November 5, 2006 December 10, 2006
Thunder & Striker Thunder Skyler Striker December 10, 2006 January 14, 2007
Disorder by Design J.J. Biggs Danny Vice January 14, 2007 January 21, 2007
Blades & Logan Jack of Blades Logan January 21, 2007 February 11, 2007
The Alliance of Violence Davey Boone Adam Knite February 11, 2007 April 8, 2007
Team Xtreme The Xtreme One The Violent One April 8, 2007 May 27, 2007
Jay & Jack Jay Williams Reckless Jack May 27, 2007 June 3, 2007
Killswitch Jay Williams Spike Kane* June 3, 2007 June 24, 2007
The Red River Mafia Davey Boone Rich "TXO" Marciano June 24, 2007 Current
  • Due to injury, Reckless Jack was forced to give his title up and Spike Kane took his position with Williams.

WCF Championships
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