WCSF, short for WWE-Club Sim Federation, is a Pre-Booked Sim wrestling game based off of the forums owned and operated by Bryan Eggers. All contents of the WCSF game thereby fall under the WWE-Club and Eggers' copyright. The federation is typically seen as the premiere Pre-Booked Sim fed on the net, and the first well-known federation of that rare variety. It currently is run by Hanley!, reyflyinfury619, DarcKaos, and Str8Shooter, and is overseen by Bryan Eggers, owner and administrator of

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WCSF officially began in January of 2005, after an off-topic discussions post questioned what had happened to the previous WWE-Club SIM Game, based on WWE characters and events. The game was removed from the site as the WWE was beginning to press legal action against copyright infringement, and it was better to be safe than sorry.

Several members became interested in starting a new federation, and Bryan Eggers, the site administrator, decided that if a new federation was made, it was going to have to be completely original. Created characters, shows, titles, etc. Nothing could be taken from the WWE so as to avoid any legal action. Three members were appointed the first moderators of the WCSF; God That Failed (who had started the topic), Dan The Man, and reyflyinfury619.

After about three weeks of organization, as well as a change in moderation (Dan The Man departed, and Aaron was brought in), WCSF's first show, High Voltage/Mayhem (this was before the brand split) was on the 2/9/05. A link to that show is just here, so click to check it out. Looking back, it is a tiny shell compared to what future WCSF shows would become, but it was a start. Readers were introduced to the first great characters of the WCSF... Chris Cameron, The Executioner, the tag team TWF, Rage Mishima (at the time in the tag team The Yakuzas with The Blue Dragon) and Jason Williams, as well as the first high profile feud, between Cameron and Williams.

Milestones were reached in the forms of the first Pay Per View (WCSF Revolution), the first WCSF Heavyweight Champion (Chris Cameron), the first stable (The Dynasty, of Chris Cameron, Chris Osbourne, and Chris Michaels), the first big free agent acquisition (Dynamite), etc. The WCSF also became known for an innovative match time known as the Dome of Doom, which was originally used to settle a feud between Dynamite and Bale.

Months passed, and more moderator changes were made. Aaron left after a short stint, making way for The Crock to come in. But when God That Failed took a long hiatus, The Horseman was brought in. Horseman immediately sped up the process of making cards, putting up results, and general idea formation. When The Crock was forced to step down, Horseman was key in bringing in the next set of moderators, DontBeanA$$Clown and Walls of Jericho.

With those four, the game began flourishing more than ever. Records were reached in members active, pages per PPV, matches per PPV, etc. They lasted as a cohesive unit for nearly a year before DontBeanA$$Clown was forced to step down due to net issues, and Shadowblade was brought in to fill his spot on Unleashed with The Horseman.

Change didn't stop there, though. The Horseman was preparing to leave for the air force, and Walls of Jericho was getting burnt out. Reyflyinfury619 was unable to keep up as well. The Horseman and WOJ both stepped down, but RFF619 stayed aboard, as Jet and The Legend came on around the time of Revolution III, the WCSF's biggest Pay Per View event to date, featuring unforgettable matches, including David Logan defeating Jack Cannon in a bloody hardcore match, Rage Mishima defeating Dynamite and Chris Cameron in a triple threat to capture his first WCSF Mayhem! Championship, and Brian Davis defeating Alex Morgan to capture his first WCSF Unleashed Championship.

Reyflyinfury619 finally stepped down as mod shortly before the next PPV, Total Carnage. After a couple quick mod changes, Taj was brought in, and the WCSF soon regained its stature as the premiere Sim fed on the web.

In May 2009, there was a some philosophical differences between the current modding team and site management and it was decided that the current mod team would step down in light of the situation and a new team would be chosen to continue to run the game. This meant the end of Taj, Shadowblade, and jet as writers and mods of the game, but there contributions to the survival and thriving of the game cannot be ignored. The Legend decided to stay on as a writer and to help transition to the new Mod team as him and reyflyinfury619 were instrumental in choosing the new Mods. After deliberation, longtime writers super_heel_liker, DarkAnthony720, NEDM, and Hanley! were chosen as four of the veteran mods, along with relative newcomers Str8Shooter, and The Eclipse. The new team immediately set about making some changes but still keeping true to the original game. The Mods put a focus on gaining and maintaining a high level of participation from members through a variety of means and also put a focus on being available to hear members questions, concerns, and ideas about anything WCSF.

Recently the first show back, Mayhem, was posted and drew rave reviews, and the first Pay Per View since the return, WCSF Revolution IV, has been deemed the greatest Pay Per View event the WCSF has seen yet. The WCSF train kept on rolling afterwards, with each PPV seemingly being better than the last, as the high quality of shows continued throughout 2009 and into 2010. There were several Mod changes along the way, with super-heel-liker leaving due to outside commitments, The Eclipse leaving, and NEDM leaving due to personal reasons. Longtime WCSF writer iknowcool was recruited to be the 5th Moderator along with the core team that remained intact.

The WCSF was shut down in 2012 due to lack of activity and exctiment among the writers as well as the mods. In the final Mayhem's main event, Kaiser Cavanah succesfully retained the WCSF World Heavyweight Championship against Andrew Logan. The entire WCSF roster celebrated in the ring and thanked the fans as Mayhem faded to black and the WCSF officially ended.

Some WCSF stars, such as Kaiser Cavanah and Daz, were signed to a new company known as PCW in September of 2013.

Hall of Fame

The WCSF Hall of Fame features a characters section and a contributors section, and has had three different induction classes.

(See main article WCSF Hall of Fame)



WCSF Mayhem!
WCSF Uprising
Wednesday Night Warzone

WCSF Carnage and WCSF Rampage are both former WCSF shows. Rampage existed during the WCSF Brand Split, and Carnage was the name of the weekly WCSF program while Johnny Devine and the Mafia controlled the WCSF. Ascension was the former show that was meant for newcomers to the WCSF. It was replaced on the schedule by Uprising.

Pay Per Views

Note: Nothing to Lose, Destruction, and Total Carnage were formerly WCSF PPVs but have since been removed from the yearly line-up. Nothing to Lose was the longest active one, lasting for 4 years before being replaced by the returning Supernova in 2011.




Title Holder(s)
WCSF World Championship Kaiser Cavanah
WCSF International Championship Omega
WCSF Tag Team Championship Team Catwalk
WCSF Womens Championship Natalie Marie
WCSF Uprising Championship Upgrade Jackson

Defunct Championships

Annual Tournaments

Tournament Previous Winner
Battlefield Shane Evans
Starlet Battlefield Nicola Manson
Mayhem Tag Turmoil Series Sin City Saints

WCSF Roster

Stables/Tag Teams

WCSF Starlets

Uprising Roster


Notable WCSF Alumni

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