The WCSF Mayhem Tag Team Championship is the tag team championship exclusive to the Mayhem brand of the WCSF.


Before the WCSF Brand Split which took place after Revolution II, the WCSF only had one tag team championship within the promotion. However, on the night of the brand split, tag teams were drafted as units after Reaper and Oblivion - The Nightwalkers were drafted to Mayhem and Unleashed, rendering their team inactive.

A final match between Los Illuminados (drafted to Mayhem) and The Untouchables (drafted to Unleashed) for the WCSF Tag Team Championships would be their last as The Untouchables left for Unleashed and made the tag titles exclusive to the show.

Tag Team Tournament

Jay Jameson declared that there would be an eight team tournament to decide the first WCSF Mayhem Tag Team Champions - it would progess over two editions of Mayhem and the finals would take place at Destruction.

First Round

  • Re-Juventated (Fabio Morrocco & Riko Suave) defeated Jimmy Strike & Dante
  • TWF defeated Piston & "The Dominator" Bret Tanner
  • The Union Jacks defeated Gamer & Craig "The Kid"
  • Los Illuminados defeated Mickey Broadway & Ali Guy


  • Los Illuminados defeated Re-Juvenated
  • The Union Jacks defeated TWF


  • Los Illuminados defeated The Union Jacks
   Strike/Dante Pin  
     Los Illuminados Pin  
 Los Illuminados Pin
       Los Illuminados Pin
     The Union Jacks
   Tanner/Piston Pin  
     TWF Pin
     The Union Jacks  
 The Union Jacks Pin
   Gamer/"The Kid"  

Championship History

Tag Team Date Won Date Lost Days Held
Los Illuminados 13 June, 2006 15 August, 2006
Re-Juvenated 15 August, 2006 6 December, 2006
The Gamers 6 December, 2006 6 Feburary, 2007
Carnage Crew 6 Feburary, 2007 23 April, 2007
The Union Jacks 23 April, 2007 8 May 2007
Vacant 8 May 2007 Nothing to Lose
The Weight Fuckers Nothing to Lose Revolution 3
Carnage Crew Revolution 3 Current

Current Champion

The WCSF Mayhem Tag Team Championships are currently vacant. The Union Jacks went on a shoot promo that prompted General Manager Jay Jameson to strip the Union Jacks of the titles. Currently, five teams (including the Jacks) are involved in a Tag Team Championship Series. All the five teams will face each other in tag team matches. The two teams with the best win-loss record will face each other at the Nothing to Lose PPV for the championships.