The WCSF Middleweight Championship is the second highest championship exclusive to the WCSF Rampage brand.


Introduced to the WCSF on the Destruction 2005 pay-per-view, the Middleweight Championship was said by Jameson to be "the championship belt for people on their way up". Starting on the edition of Mayhem after Destruction, a tournament began to determine who would become the first Middleweight Champion:

Round One

  • T.K. Freeze def. ADG
  • Billy Spade def. Brian Davis
  • Reaper def. The Monk
  • The Buck def. Chris Hunter
  • Joe Martin def. Jack Dean
  • Jason Williams def. Oblivion

Round Two

  • The Buck def. Joe Martin
  • Billy Spade def. T.K. Freeze
  • Reaper def. Jason Williams

The final round consisted of a Triple Threat match between The Buck, Billy Spade and Reaper at Destruction 2005. The Buck pinned Billy Spade to become the first WCSF Middleweight Champion.


The Middleweight Championship was replaced by a new title, the WCSF International Championship. Delroy Andrews was instantly crowned the first-ever International Champion at Battlefield 2006 after successfully retaining the title against Jason Daniels. At this time, the title belt was stolen by Bray R.S. and Duvessa, which ignited a rivalry between Andrews and Bray.

Return to Unleashed

As a plan to expand the Crusierweight Division's competition along with other rising on Unleashed, Zhilone declared the WCSF Crusierweight Title to become replaced with the Middleweight Championship. At the time, reigning Crusierweight Champion Axis, Cyanide Lee, Chris Jackson and Jerry Platinum competed in a Fatal Fourway match at Battlefield 2007 where the winner would be crowned the new Middleweight Champion. Jackson managed to win the match, rendering the Crusierweight Championship defunct and re-activating the Middleweight Championship as an Unleashed exclusive championship.

Current Champion

The current WCSF Middleweight Champion is Daz, who won the belt on the June 18, 2009, edition of Mayhem, defeating Tristagi with the Dazaster Driver.

Championship History


  • *The Buck vacated the championship after filing a law suit against the WCSF after being attacked in his own home by a then-current WCSF worker[citation needed]. This led to his extreme disappointment of how the situation was handled. The Championship was then put on the line in a 6-Man Elimination Match at Annihilation. Everwinter won the match, and became the new champion.
  • **Andrews was stripped of the Middleweight Championship, thus ending his reign as the Middleweight Champion. However, his reign as a champion, continued with his hold on the International Championship. This ended at Revolution II on the 6th of April as Matt Falcon defeated Andrews.
Wrestler Date Won Date Lost Days Held
The Buck 27 May, 2005 18 September, 2005 112 days
Vacant* 18 September, 2005 11 October, 2005 --
Everwinter 11 October, 2005 15 November, 2005 35 days
Delroy Andrews** 15 November, 2005 25 January, 2006 40 days
Defunct** From 25 January 2006 To 23 April 2007 --
Chris Jackson 23 April, 2007 18 September, 2007 144 days
Johnny Briggs 18 September, 2007 30 December, 2007 103 days
Jerry Platinum 30 December, 2007 29 April, 2008 152 days
Anthony Blake 29 April, 2008 27 September, 2008 151 days
Tomohiro Matsuda 27 September, 2008 23 December, 2008 87 days
Mike Maverick 23 December, 2008 23 April, 2009 121 days
Tristagi 23 April, 2009 18 June, 2009 55 days
Daz 18 June, 2009 6 August, 2009 49 days
Amen 6 August, 2009 RETIRED NA

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