The WCSF Unleashed Championship is currently the highest ranking championship for the show WCSF Unleashed.


The Brand Split created a gap for Unleashed to fill as the holder of the WCSF Championship, Dynamite, chose to remain exclusive on Mayhem. Zhilone's first duty as General Manager of Unleashed was to name a new Unleashed Champion, in the form of a twelve-man tournament, culminating at Destruction:

First Round

Second Round

  • Chris Hunter defeated Tristagi
  • The Executioner defeated Bray R.S.
  • Jason Williams defeated Everwinter

In the Finals, a Triple Threat Match between Chris Hunter, The Executioner and Jason Williams took place, ending with Zhilone costing Williams the win and giving The Executioner the small chance that he took to become the first-ever WCSF Unleashed Champion.

Championship History

Wrestler Date Won Date Lost
The Executioner 13 June, 2006 6 December, 2006
Alex Morgan 6 December, 2006 6 Feburary, 2007
Bray R.S. 6 Feburary, 2007 23 April, 2007
Alex Morgan 23 April, 2007 Current

Current Champion

The current WCSF Unleashed Champion is "The Phoenix" Alex Morgan, who is in his second reign. He defeated The Executioner and Bray R.S. in a Triple Threat Match at Battlefield on April 23, 2007.

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