The WCSF Unleashed Tag Team Championship is the tag team championship exclusive to the Unleashed brand of the WCSF.


Before the brand split, only one set of tag team titles were available to the entire tag team division - known as the WCSF Tag Team Championship. On the 13th of April, The Untouchables and Los Illuminados were both drafted as units to Unleashed and Mayhem respectfully. Both teams fought for the titles on that very same show, with The Untouchables walking out as champions, thus leaving for Unleashed and becoming WCSF Unleashed Tag Team Champions.

Championship History

Tag Team Date Won Date Lost Days Held
The Yazukas (Rage Mishima & Blue Dragon) 2 April, 2005 27 May, 2005 55 days
TWF 27 May, 2005 23 July, 2005 57 days
The Yazukas 23 July, 2005 11 October, 2005 80 days
The Nightwalkers (Reaper & Oblivion) 11 October, 2005 19 December, 2005 69 days
Los Illuminados 19 December, 2005 6 April 2006 108 days
The Untouchables 6 April 2006 30 July 2006 115 days
Hellsing 30 July 2006 5 November 2006 98 days
The Untouchables 5 November 2006 6 Feburary 2007 94 days
The Mafia (Trotter & Devine) 6 Feburary 2007 Current

Current Champions

The current Unleashed Tag Team Champions are Blair "The Player" Trotter & Johnny "The Gambler" Devine, who both represent The Mafia. They won the titles on the 6th of Feburary, beating The Untouchables at Hacked.

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