The WCSF Womens Championship is contested for by the female members of the WCSF roster. It was introduced after the brand split with Sapphire Adams winning a Fatal-4-Way match to be crowned the first Womens Champion. The women's title was inactive for quite some time before it was given to Charisma by the Mafia, reintroducing the belt into the WCSF.

Charisma rarely defended it for a while as she was pretty much the only woman regularly appearing in the WCSF. But a renewed focus on the Womens Division in May 2010, now dubbed Starlets, brought several high caliber women into the fold, including former mainstay Kurisutaru, along with other talented women.

Current Champion

The current champion is Natalie Marie, who defeated Nicola Manson, Jenah Rose, and Lauren Lockhart in a 4 way Ladder match at Revolution VI. This is her second reign.

Championship History

Wrestler Date Won Date Lost Days Held
Sapphire Adams 26 May, 2006 19 September, 2006 116 days
Dayton Michaels 19 September, 2006 6 Feburary, 2007 109 days
Charisma 6 Feburary, 2007 Retired NA
Charisma 30 July, 2008 28 December, 2009 515 days
Kurisutaru 28 December, 2009 14 April, 2010 107 days
Dayna Parks 14 April, 2010 21 September, 2010 159 days
Natalie Marie 21 September, 2010 30 March, 2011 189 days
Nicola Manson 30 March, 2011 16 June, 2011 78 days
Jenah Rose 16 June, 2011 6 April, 2012 293 days
Natalie Marie (2) 6 April, 2012 CURRENT  ????

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