North American Heavyweight Championship
Current Holder Joey Spears
Date Won July 6, 2008
Event Revengnes
Most Reigns Matt Anderson‎
First Champion Nick Adam
Longest Reign Matt Anderson‎ ( days)
Shortest Reign

The WCWE North American Heavyweight Championship is the Secondary Title of Over load from 2003 to Present.

Title History

Wrestler Reigns Date Event Notes
Nick Adam 1 days
Matt Anderson‎ 1 days
Showtime 1 days
Cody Rage 1 days
Nick Adam 2 days
John Burke 1 days
Steve Flash 1 days
John Burke 2 days
Matt Anderson‎ 2 10/7/07 Implosion days
Joey Spears 1 May 4, 2008 Final Victory 46 days
Matt Anderson‎ 3 June 19, 2008 Over load 17 days
Joey Spears 2 July 6, 2008 Revengnes days
Tommy Fletcher 1 December 7, 2007 WCWE Resolution days

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