Slammin Sammi Vs John Cena*20 Min. Ultimate Submission Match*

JR: Hello Everybody And Welcome To WFW REVENGE Brought To You By Warrior Inc. Visit Their Website At We have A Full Card Here Tonight And I Cant Wait For The Action To Start.

King: Let’s Send You To The Ring For Our First Contest

-Slammin Sammi Vs John Cena*20 Min. Ultimate Submission Match*

John Cena’s Music Hits As The Crowd Erupts.
JR: This Guy Was Once A WWE Champion
King: Yea, And Now He Has Made It To The Big League

The Match Starts Out With A Test Of Strength With Cena Getting The Better Hand. SS Gets Upset And Tries The Tie-up Again. This Time Cena Hip Tosses Him But Holds Onto His Arm And locks In An Arm Bar. SS Tries To Hold On But The Move Is Locked In So Tight He Has No Choice To Tap. 1-0 Cena Favor With 18:43 To Go. Both Men Are Reset In Their Corner. The Bell Rings, SS Runs At Cena And Hits him With A Flying Forearm. SS Tries To Put A Triangle Choke On Him But Cena Escapes And Counters With A Blow To The Mid-Section. SS Is On His Knees Holding His Gut. Cena Goes Behind And Attempts A Camel Clutch But SS Pulls Cena’s Right Leg Out And Puts On An Ankle Lock. Cena Pulls Himself Towards The Ropes, But SS Drags Him Back Towards The Middle Of The Ring Were Cena Has No Choice But To Tap. 1-1 With 12:18 left. Both Men Get Up And Don’t Even Wait For The Bell, Cena Rushes At SS And Hits A Shoulder Tackle. But SS Gets Up And Cena Hits Him With Another Shoulder Tackle. Cena Signals He Is Going For The 5 Knuckle Shuffle, Cena Bounces Of The Ropes But SS Trips Him And Puts On In A Single Leg Boston Crab. Cena Tries To Hold On But Is Forced To Tap. 1-2 SS Favor With 6:45 To Go. Both Men Are Back Up Brawling IN The Center Of The Ring Not Even Aware That The Match Has Not Been Restarted Yet, The Ref Has No Choice But To Let Them Just Battle It Out So He Calls For The Match To Restart. Cena Gets The Upper Hand And Has SS Up For The FU. He Delivers And Puts SS In The STFU.

JR: There Is 15 Seconds Left On The Clock And If SS Can Hold On He's Going to Win This Thing

With 3 Seconds Left SS Has No Choice But To Tap

King: Well Folks That’s It

JR: Not So Fast King, Now We Go Into Sudden Death.

SS Stands At The Ropes Arguing With the Timekeeper That He Didn’t Tap Until After Time Had Expired; Cena Taps Him On The Shoulder. As SS Turns Around Cena Gives SS a Crippler Cross Face And SS Taps Immediately

Winner: John Cena

Tha Hitman & The Uncensored Phenom Vs. Christopher Suicide & J-Money

King: Well JR That Was A Great Match I Wonder What’s Going to Happen Next

JR: Well King Next Is The Tag Match To See Who Has What It Takes To Join The Nation Of Domination

-Tha Hitman And The Uncensored Phenom Vs. Christopher Suicide And J-Money

Tha Hitman And The Phenom Make Their Way To The Ring As The Crown Cheers. J-Money Starts Down The Entrance But Stops In Front Of The Ring To Wait On Christopher Suicide, But He Never Comes Out. J-Money Gets In The Ring And Is Immediately Attacked By Both Competitors. The Phenom Picks J-money Up And Gives Him A Snap Suplex. Tha Hitman Picks J-money Up And Sets Him In The Corner, He Lifts Him Up To The Top Rope And Delivers A Hitman Bomb, As He Rolls Through The Phenom Comes Flying From The Adjacent Corner With A Frog Splash. He Goes For The Pin And Gets The 3

Winners: Tha Hitman And The Uncensored Phenom

Kings Knights Vs. N.O.D Vs. Brothers Of Destruction*TLC*Tag Title*

-Kings Knights Vs. N.O.D Vs. Brothers Of Destruction*TLC*Tag Title*

The Match Starts With The Nation Of Domination And Brothers Of Destruction Beating The Hell Out Of The Kings Knights. Kane And The Undertaker Continue Beating On MJM And BigD While Crazy Chris And Supercrazy Go Outside The Ring And Get A Ladder And A Table. Supercrazy Gets Back Into the Ring With The Ladder While Chris Sets Up The Table On The Outside. Undertaker Turns Around Only To Beat Hit In The Forehead With The Ladder. MJM And BigD Give Kane A Double Low Blow And Throw Him To The Outside. Supercrazy Puts The Ladder On His Head And Does His Impression Of An Airplane While The Knight Roll Out Of The Ring. Kane Is Getting Back Up And Has A Chair In His Hands. As Chris Comes Around The Edge Of The Ring To Get Another Table Kane Knocks Him Out With The Chair. Taker Is Slowly Getting Up In The Ring AS MJM And Kane Fight On The Outside. BigD Throws Chris Into The Ring And Goes For The Pin, But Is Met In The Back Of The Head With Supercrazy’s Ladder. SC Sets The Ladder Up In The Corner As Undertaker Picks Up BigD And Gives Him A Chokeslam To The Outside Through The Table CC Had Set Up. As Undertaker Turns Around He Is Met By A Clothesline From SC That Throws Him To The Outside. Kane Gives MJM A Big Boot On The Outside And Gets Back In The Ring. CC Taps Kane On The Shoulder, When Kane Turns Around He Grabs Chris By The Throat. AS He Is Getting Ready To Go For The Chokeslam SC Comes Out Of Nowhere And Spears Kane. Supercrazy and Crazy Chris Both Lay On Top Of Kane And Get The 3 Count

Winners And New WFW Tag Team Champions: Supercrazy And Crazy Chris The Nation Of Domination

*Mini*Kitty Vs. Rachael Lilly* WFW Womens Title*

JR: Well King That Was One Hell Of A Match
King: It Sure Was JR, But Do You Know What’s Next?
JR: I Believe King It’s Our WFW Women’s Championship Match Isn’t It
King: It Sure Is JR And You Know What That Means
JR: King I’m Afraid To Ask
King: PUPPIES……. JR Royal Puppies And Everything
JR: King You’re Unbelievable

-*Mini*Kitty Vs. Rachael Lilly* WFW Women’s Title*

The Match Starts With Both Women Pulling Each Others Hair. But MK Soon Gets The Upper Hand When She Kicks RL Knee. RL Falls To Her Knee As MK Gives Her A Buzz saw Kick. MK Puts RL In A Half Boston Crab And RL Passes Out From The Pain.

Winner And New WFW Womens Champion: *Mini*Kitty

King: Wow JR She Looks Really Hurt; I Better Go Check On Her.
JR: You Better Not King You Never Know Where The Rest Of The Damned Court Is

Jerry Lawler Climbs Into The Ring To Check On Rachael, He Calls For Help From The Back. *Mini*Kitty Gets Back into The Ring Grabs The King By The Hair Pulls Him Up And Gives Him A Unprettier

KC Vs. The Russeliser *House Of Fun Match* Extreme Title*

JR: Why That Underlying Hooker, First She Takes Out Rachael’s Knee Now She Has Taken Out My Broadcast Partner. Well Ones Thing Is For Certain Christian Allen Is Not Going To Be Happy About This.

Folks You Might Want To Go Grab Something From Our Concession Stand While I Try To Find Someone To Call The Action With Me, And While We Get Set Up For Our Next Match

-KC Vs. The Russeliser *House of Fun Match* Extreme Title*

The Ring Ropes have Been Wrapped In Barbed Wire, And Weapons Are Hanging Form Sides Of A Cage Hanging Over The Ropes. What is A Juggalo Plays As The Russeliser Makes His Way To The Ring. He Climbs Up The Turnbuckle And Jumps Into The Ring. The Russeliser Stands In The Middle Of The Ring Awaiting KC’s Arrival. From Out Of Nowhere KC Jumps From The Rafters With A Steel Chair And Lands Right On To Of Russel. KC Slowly Gets Up And Continues Beating On Russel With The Chair. He Then Throws The Chair To The Outside And Goes Over To The Far side Of The Ring To Grab A Trashcan. Russel Starts Getting Up As KC Runs At Him With The Trashcan Lifted Above His Head. Out Of Desperation Russel Dropkicks KC’s Feet Out From under Him And His Head Goes Crashing Into The Trashcan. Russel Then Repediatly Kicks KC IN The Side, He Picks Him Up And Throws Him Against The Ring Ropes, But KC Doesn’t Come Back, He Has His Clothing Stuck To The Barbed Wire. Russel Then Turns His Back To KC As He Tries To Pull Down A Steel Chair, As He Turns Around KC Jumps Off Of The Top Turnbuckle And Hits Russel in The Face With A Stop Sign. KC Sets Up The Chair On Top Of Russel And Climbs Back Up To The Top Rope. He Signals He Is Going For A Moonsault. As KC Jumps Off Going For His Patented Moonsault Russel Throws The Chair Up And Hits Him In The Face. KC Is Knocked Out Cold As Russle Now Takes The Chair And Climbs The Turnbuckle, He Gets To The Top And Is About To Jump, But Instead He Turns Back Around And Jumps On To One Of The Cage Doors Hanging From The Side He Continues Climbing Until He Has Reached The Rafters, He Turns Around To See That KC Is Climbing Up Right Behind Him. KC Finally Reaches The Top But When He Does Russel Throws The Chair At Him And KC Staggers Back Toward The Edge. Russel Runs At Him And Goes For A Cross Body, He Hits It And Both Men Go Crashing 50 Feet Into The Middle Of The Ring Russel Is On Top Of KC And Gets The Pin Fall.

Winner And New Extreme Champion: The Russeliser

Manic Vs. Warrior Wrath *Warriors Rules Match*

-Manic Vs. Warrior Wrath *Warriors Rules Match*

As The Crew Takes Down The House Of Fun, Warriors Creation Is Lowered From The Top, Once It Hits The Ground A Ladder Is Propelled Over The Top And The Cage is Then Set On Fire. The Arena Is Silent As Manic And Warrior Wrath Are Lowered From The Rafters In Small Cages. The Cages Hit The Ring Mat And Manic’s Opens. But Warrior Is Still Trapped Inside, Manic Grabs The Ladder And Starts To Climb Out Warrior Is Furiously Shaking His Cage To Be let Out. Finally the Cage Opens As Manic Is Half Way Up The Ladder, Warrior Grabs The Bottom Of The Ladder And Pushes Manic Into the Flaming Steel. Manic Screams In Pain As The Fire Singes His Back. Warrior Picks Up Manic And Gives Him A Fall Away Slam Into The Cage. Manic Slowly Gets Up But Warrior Gives Him A Big Boot That Pushes His Head Back Into the Cage. Manic Is Still Screaming In Pain As Warrior Picks Up The Ladder And Rams Manic With It. Manic Is Seemingly Motion Less As Warrior Begins To Climb The Ladder, Once Again Manic Starts Back Up Slowly And Climbs The Other Side Of The Ladder. Both Men Get To The Top And Exchange Blows To The Face, Manic Finally Gets The Upper Hand And Takes Warrior And Gives Him The Last Rights From The Top Of The Ladder, Both Men Plummet To The Ring. Warrior Hits And Goes Straight Through The Canvas, Manic Gets Back Up And Starts Climbing Again, As He Makes His Way Up The Arena Fills With Green Smoke, As The Smoke Clears Warrior Is Standing On The Outside Of The Ring With his Arms Crossed. Manic Looks Confused As Warrior Is Announced The Winner

Winner: Warrior Wrath

As Warrior Celebrates His Win The Kings Knights Come From The Back And Attack Him The Lay Him Out With Steel Chairs, As The Cage Raises, Manic Makes His Way Out Of The Ring And Helps Beat Down Warrior. As The Three Men Leave Warrior Is Completely Unconscious. Medical Help Comes From The Back And Puts Warrior On A Stretcher. Warrior Is Carted Out And Transferred To The Local Medical Facility.

Battle Royal For US Title

-Battle Royal For US Title

JR: Let Me Explain What Is Going TO Happen Here Folks, 2 Men Will Start In The Ring When One Of Them Has Either Been Pinned Or Submitted 2 More Men Will Enter When One Of Those Three Men Have Been Pinned Or Submitted 2 More Will Enter, Then Finally When I Of Those 4 Men Have Been Pinned Or Submitted The Final 2 Men Will Come In And Then It Will Be An Over The Top Elimination

King: With That Said Lets Get The Match Started

Main Event And Bobby Lashley Are The First Two Men In The Ring. Lashley Gets The Upper Hand Early As He Hits Main Event With A Series Of Clotheslines, Lashley Waits For Main Event To Get Up, When He Does Lashley Spears Him And Gets The First Pinfall.

Death Assailant And Umaga Now Make Their Way To The Ring. As Soon As they Get In The Ring They Double Team Lashley. Death Assailant And Umaga Drag Bobby Lashley Over To The Corner, Umaga Moves Back And Is Going To Deliver A Running Thigh Attack, But On His Way Across The Ring Death Assailant Catches Him And Gives Him A Black Hole Slam And Gets The Second Pinfall Of The Match

The Next Two Competitors To Enter The Ring Are Jeffery Rage And RB Crunk

As Soon AS RB And Rage Get Into The Ring RB Turns Toward Rage And Rage Attempts To Hit Him With Sweet Chin Music. RB Ducks And Catches Rage In The Sit-down Prick. He Hits It And Gets The Three Count

King: Well That Portion Didn’t Last To Long
JR: Your Right About That King, Now With Showtime And Mr. Untouchable The Last Two Men To Enter, It Will Now Be An Over The Top Rope Elimination

All Five Men Are Staring At Each Other Trying To Decide Who Should They Eliminate First. Showtime Finally Takes Off For RB Crunk, RB Ducks And Showtime Goes Flying Over The Tope.

The Match Is Now Down To Bobby Lashley, Death Assailant, RB Crunk, And Mr. Untouchable

Lashley And DA Start Battling In One Corner While Mr. Untouchable And RB Square Off In The Other
RB Crunk Being The Much Larger Of The Two Men Picks Mr. Untouchable And Is Going To Throw Him Over The Top, But Mr. U Pokes Him In The Eye, And RB Drops Him, Mr. U Then Gives Him A Low Blow And Dumps Him Over The Top, From Out Of The Other Corner Booby Lashley Delivers A Dominator On DA, He Then Picks Him Back Up And Walks Toward The Ropes To Throw Him Out, But From Out Of Nowhere, Mr. Untouchable Comes Up Behind Them And Eliminates Both Of Them

Winner And New United States Champion: Mr. Untouchable

King Tater Vs. Christian Allen *WFW Championship Match*

-King Tater Vs. Christian Allen *WFW Championship Match*

JR: Well King We Have Had Four New Champions Tonight, Are We About To See A Fifth.
King: I Sure Hope So JR I Cant Stand This King Tater Guy, Everyone Knows I’m The Real King Here
JR: Your Right King, Lets Hope Christian Allen Gets What Is Rightfully His

Listen, Its Time Plays And The Crowd Erupts.

King: Wow JR They Really Do Love This Guy

Christian Allen Makes His Way Into The Ring.
King Of Kings Plays And King Tater Makes His Way To The Ring, Half Way Down The Entrance Way Manic Comes Out And Stops The King From Entering The Ring.

Manic: Hold Up King, I Have A Perfect Idea, How Bout your Match Become A No DQ Match

King Tater Makes It Into the Ring And The Match Starts, Christian Allen Starts Off By Challenging King Tater To A Test Of Strength But The King Refuses And Slaps Him Across The Face. CA is Furious And Charges At The King; He takes Him Down And Starts Hitting The King In The Face And Rib Area. Ca Picks King Up And Gives Him A Snap Suplex, Followed By A Quick Pinfall. CA Gets A 2 But King Kicks Out. CA Goes Over To A Corner And Removes The Turnbuckle, While King Slides Out Of the Ring. King Is Bent Down On The Out Side Of The Ring As CA Goes Out To Get Him. CA Grabs The King But As he Does The King Hits Him With The Royal Bitchslap. CA Falls to The Ground As King Gets Back Into The Ring. CA Slowly Gets Back Up And Crawls Back Into The Ring, As He Slides Under The Bottom Rope The King Hit Lands An Elbow Drop Right In The Middle Of His Back. CA Rives In Pain As King Picks Him Up, The King Then Delivers A German Release Suplex And Continues Stomping On CA’s Back. The King Gets Out Of The Ring And Grabs A Steel Chair, As He Climbs Back into The Ring CA Dropkicks The Chair Right Into The Kings Face. CA Signals He Is Going For The Kiss Of Death, He Picks The King Up And Delivers The Kiss Of Death, CA Then Climbs To The Top Rope And Hits The Frogsplash. He Goes For The Pin 1……………………….2………………….From Out Of Nowhere A Man Wearing All Black And A Ski Mask Comes Into The Ring And Cracks Christian Across The Back With A Large Piece Of Wood, The Masked Man then Puts King Tater On Top Of CA The Ref Counts 1………………2…………………….3

Winner And Still WFW Heavyweight Champion: King Tater

The Kings Court Comes Out Of The Locker Room And Lifts The Masked Man Onto Their Shoulders.

JR: Now What The Hell Who Is That Masked Man That Screwed Christian Over
King: Yea Come One We Gotta Know

The Masked Man Still Sitting On The Courts Shoulders Reaches Up And Rips His Mask Off To Reveal It To Be None Other Than

JR: WARRIOR WRATH!!!!!!! Ohh My Gawd, Now Come On This Guy Hates The Kings Court. I Guess We Will have To Wait Till Friday To Get Some Answers On This

King: Goodnight Folks And Thanks For Tuning In

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