-Preshow Match *Battle Royal With Everyone Who Does Not Have A Match*

Winner: RB Crunk

-Christain Cage Vs. MJM Vs. Mantrate

Winner: Mantrate

-*Mini*Kitty Vs. Tiana Allen Vs. *Krazy Ky* Vs. Chelz *WFW Womens Championship* Bikini Brawl* Hitman Special Quest Ref

Winner And New WFW Womens Champion: *Krazy*Ky*

-The Russeliser Vs. Iron Bull *Last man Standing*

Winner: The Russeliser

-Warrior Wrath Vs. Ludatik Kidd *WFW Extreme Title*Warriors Rulez*

Winner And New Extreme Champion: Ludatik Kidd

-Mr. Untouchable Vs Angel Of Death *United States Title Match*

Winner And Still United States Champion: Mr. Untouchable

-Undertaker Vs. Joker *3 Ring Circus*

Winner: Joker

-Lil' Murda Vs. Jeffery Rage Vs. Tony Carter Vs. MF From Hell Vs. J-Money Vs. Crazy Chris *Elimination Chamber *WFW Cruiserweight Title*

Winner And New WFW Cruiserweight Champion: Lil Murda

-5.The Showstopper Vs. 11. Supercrazy*WFW Heavyweight Title Tournament Final*

Winner And New WFW Heavyweight Champion: The Showstopper

This Is Coming To You From World Federation of Wrestling (WFOW)

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