WNWA Bruisers & Brawlers
Show Name WNWA Bruisers & Brawlers
Creator John Larson
Format Southern style rasslin'
Opening Theme Dirty Deeds by AC/DC
Country of orgin United States of America
Running Time Two hours per episode
Starring WNWA stars
First Aired April 11, 2000
Last Aired July 2000
Original Run April 11, 2000- July 2000
No. of episodes 15
Federation type Roleplay based

WNWA Bruisers & Brawlers was a weekly, syndicated wrestling program that showcased the stars of the WNWA during the spring and summer of 2000.


The show ran two hours and was pre-taped for syndication. The format of the show typically called for four to six matches and several interviews. The show was hosted by Chuck Roberts and Butch Williams and was produced and directed by Ronald Martin.

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