The WNWA World Television Championship is typically defended at every televised WNWA event, making it one of the most prestigious and oldest belts in ewrestling. The title is the oldest championship in the WNWA.

Title History

  • Malibu Mike Donovan 3/10/97 Montgomery, AL def. Kyle Route in tournament final.
  • Captain Redneck 6/25/97 Jackson, MS def. Malibu Mike Donovan. Title vacated on 8/1/97 when WNWA lost TV contract.
  • Amos Beiler (1) 4/18/00 Jacksonville, FL. def. Eustus Fraley and Tony Fanuci in a triple threat match for the vacant title.
  • Pike 5/20/00 Jackson, MS def. Amos Beiler. Title vacated in June 2000 when WNWA lost TV contract.
  • Amos Beiler (2) 8/21/2006 Roanoke, VA def. Pike in tournament final.

Beiler surrendered the championship after the October 2nd West Nickel Mines Amish Schoolhouse shooting.



WNWA World Television Championship belt

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