WNWA Wrestling
Show Name WNWA Wrestling
Creator Jimmy Collins
Network OIL TV
Format Southern style rasslin'
Opening Theme Fix - Infidel, Inc.
Country of orgin United States of America
Running Time Two hours per episode
Starring WNWA stars
First Aired September 5, 2006
Last Aired Present
Original Run September 5, 2006 - Present
No. of episodes 30
Federation type Roleplay based

WNWA Wrestling is a bi-weekly, Tuesday night wrestling program that airs exclusively on OIL TV. WNWA Wrestling showcases the stars of the WNWA.


The WNWA originally signed a television contract with Rural TV, but after viewing the WNWA Legends Reunion PPV Rural TV backed out of the deal. WNWA President J.R. Ewing then bought a local UHF station in Braddock, TX and turned it into his own cable network and renamed it OIL TV. The flagship show of the network is WNWA Wrestling. The show runs two hours. The format of the show typically calls for four to six matches and several live and pre-taped interviews. The show is hosted by Chuck Roberts and Butch Williams and is produced by Jimmy Collins and Ronald Martin and directed by Carl Bowman. The show emanates live on Tuesdays, bi-weekly from the OIL TV Studio in Braddock, TX.


  • December 12, 2006
  • Promo for The Night Tripper with Baron Samedi.
  • Erich Edwards def. Billy Bell to retain the Southern title. Ass Butte comes out and trashes Edwards and then tells him he'll show him how it's done and destroys both Billy and Bobby Bell. Edwards then defeats Butte by countout to retain the Southern title.
  • Ad for Time Life Redneck Country.
  • Team Agbor (Santa Sam Bash & The Nigerian Nightmare) def. The Restoration to retain the World Tag Team titles. After the match The Restoration attacks Seamus Street, injuring his arm, Kevin Knox makes the save.
  • Ad for Black Lung Cigarettes with Dale Taylor standing at the altar at a wedding and smoking a cigarette and holding up a noose at the groom.
  • Broadway Brad def. The Liberal Librarian and The Lummox to earn a World title shot against Thunderlips at Season's Beatings. The Insiders and Thunderlips attack Brad, then Thunderlips fires The Lib and The Lummox and he and The Insiders lay a savage beating on them.
  • Ad for Whataburger featuring Leroy Ahoy. "I lubs me some Whataburger, and remember at Whataburger 'It's Just Like You Likes It!!
  • Samuel Yoder def. Kevin Knox to retain the TV title. The Restoration attacked Knox with brass knuckles after the match.
  • Da Brothas def. The Muslim Militants to win the National Tag Team titles after Jefferson pinned Fatima El following the Social Security Check Splash. Redneck and Triple K kidnap Mustaffa El.
  • Ed Donaldson interviews the victorious Brothas, Curtis Lowe and Da Crunk. The Natural Born Niggaz attack and we have a brutal dressing room brawl.
  • Ad for Hoss's Steak & Sea featuring fATAS- "Try the new lunch time buffet- free with the purchase of a steak sandwich." fATAS has a hard time concentrating as he keeps lustily staring at the buffet. He finally thunders over to it and gives it a Shady Maple Splash and wallows in the food, rubbing cottage cheese and tapioca pudding on his nipples and then licking it off.
  • Bob Osborne gives the final rundown of matches for Season's Beatings.
  • WNWA Mid-Atlantic TV January 1, 2007, Greensboro, NC.
  • Carolinas Heavyweight Champion Otis Killings def. Malik Monroe.
  • Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions Shaska Stewart & DeShawn Dawkins def. Lynn Livingston & Robbie Hicks when Stewart pinned Livingston .
  • DelMarVa Champion Bo James & Old Dominion Champion Beauregard Lee wrestled The Vagrants to a time limit draw.
  • Mid- Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Lord Shaftsbury def. Skip MacGruder.
  • Elmer Miller def. Pervis Prioleau to win the Keystone State Heavyweight Championship. Miller announced that his brother Leroy and friends Jake Stoltzfus & Amos Beiler will be returning to the WNWA next week.
  • Leroy Ahoy def. Empire State Champion Maurice Stewart by DQ.
  • Mason-Dixon Champion Delbert Johnson def. Tony Fanuci by count out.
  • The Earl of Hurtford def. Seamus Street by DQ.
  • Da Brothas & Antonio Davis def. The Mennonite Mafia & Samuel Yoder when Jefferson pinned Joe Schmucker.
  • WNWA Southland TV Taping January 2, 2007 from Cecil's Corner, Meridian, MS
  • WNWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Erich Edwards def. Clint Doub with the Blurred Vision. He then cut a promo on Eustus Fraley & the two brawled.
  • Southland Heavyweight Champion The Night Tripper def. Buddy Jack Thomas with the Gris Gris Flip piledriver.
  • Southland Tag Team Champions Wayne & Wade Jenkins def. Ricky Roberts & Junior Kiger.
  • Deep South Champion Randy Fraley def. Bud Billings after help from his brother Eustus.
  • Sunshine State Champion Austin Adams def. Delmont Dawson.
  • Handsome Del Rey Preddy def. Buck Norman to win the Volunteer State Championship with help from Cocky Kevin Coleman and LuAnn Redneck. LuAnn Redneck then cut a promo on Captain Redneck and said her boys were coming to the WNWA to get him if he was too scared to show his yellow ass in WNWA Southland.
  • January 8, 2007
  • Thunderlips attacks Captain Redneck at Black Eyed Pea.
  • Amelia has fATAS arrested for attempted murder.
  • Billy Bell def. Tony Fanuci after interference from The Lummox and The Liberal Librarian. The Bells then join Frustrated Inc.
  • Ad for Yoder Dairies.
  • The return of The Amish Alliance.
  • Ad for Beiler's Organic Amish Foods.
  • Samuel Yoder def. Erich Edwards by DQ to retain the TV title after Chris Collins got Edwards DQed by striking Yoder.
  • Commercial break for CARO-LIN-A Kia!!! with Mike Hogewood.
  • Ad for Da Boom Boom Room- High Point NC's finest nightclub cause Da Crunk Say So, foo!.
  • Ass Butte def. Da Crunk by submission.
  • Judge Jennings reinstates the Natural Born Niggaz.
  • The Night Tripper def. Piss Pants Milligan.
  • Ad for Shady Maple Smorgasbord-thank God they arrested fATAS- we were going out of business because of him!
  • Cyrius Suk def. Broadway Brad to win the World Heavyweight Championship.
  • January 30, 2007
  • fATAS is shown being freed from jail and threatening Prince Charming.
  • Prince Charming recovering in his posh hotel suite speaks of revenge on fATAS, causing Pike and Leah to become enraged.
  • This week in Wrestling History: 1862 Confederate Wrestling Alliance ($1,000 in Gold Bounty--winner takes all)Arthur "The Georgian Gentleman" Simpson defeated the Literary Liberator in a Cherokee blood match. The Gentleman hit the Liberator with his toilet pot followed up with the "locomotive" to gain the 3-count victory. His man-servant and cousin Dale "The Tailor" Simpson assisted "The Gentleman" by manhandling the Liberator's personal bodyguard "the Oaf". The Georgia Gentleman who will remove to Mississippi later this year vowed to take his winnings and invest them wisely in Confederate bonds.
  • Dale Taylor def. Horatio Hernandez in a no-DQ match.
  • Shitifa announces yet another pregnancy and The Lib takes her out on a date.
  • Da Brothas def. Triple K & Eustus Fraley to retain the National Tag titles.
  • Ad for Luby's cafeteria: "Tastes like Texas, Feels like Home."
  • Broadway Brad def. TV Champ Samuel Yoder by DQ.
  • Judge Jennings awards the World Tag Team belts to The Liberal Librarian and The Lummox.
  • Ad for Agbor & Associates: At Agbor & Associates, our asses come provocative, bitch! Dial 1-800-Nig-SCAM
  • Agbor interview.
  • J.R. Ewing suspends Prince Charming.
  • Chi-Town Chris Collins def. Rowdy Brown.
  • Ed Donaldson interviews Retro.
  • Cyrius Suk lays down for Thunderlips who wins the World Heavyweight title.
  • February 13, 2007
  • The Restoration brutally attack Seamus Street, injuring his arm.
  • The Earl of Hurtford def. The Nigerian Nightmare.
  • fATAS retained the Mid-Western championship by def. Kevin Knox. fATAS demands J.R. Ewing reinstate Prince Charming so he can get his hands on him, but Ewing refuses. He does give fATAS 43 meal passes to Luby's Cafeteria.
  • Ad for Jack in the Box.
  • Commercial break for Cox Toyota Supercenter !!!
  • Samuel Yoder def. Jacob Stoltzfus to retain the TV title.
  • Commercial break for Clint’s Chicken and Adult Videos.
  • Ad for Yoder Dairies- Try our new Ice Cream- available in ten flavors!!
  • Seamus Street def. Lord Shaftsbury to win the Mid-Atlantic title.
  • Ad for Penrose Sausages and pickled eggs featuring Triple K.
  • Captain Redneck and Dale Taylor def. The Insiders. Thunderlips fires the Insiders then is brutally attacked by The Supremacists.
  • March 13, 2007
  • Intro for the WNWA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament by J.R. Ewing.
  • The Liberal Librarian def. The Turd who got himself intentionally DQed. The Lib advances to the second round, then gives Referee Rick Clark a Boston Baked Bean.
  • Commercial for “White Coochie” the Shammy Award winning album by Antonio “Da Crunk” Davis .
  • Ass Butte def. Amos Beiler to advance to the second round.
  • Commercial for J.R. Ewing Gas - Saving Money for the Little Man since 1983.
  • Commercial break for Love and War in Texas featuring Texas Food, Texas Music, and Texas Heritage - located in Plano and Grapevine Mills.
  • Seamus Street def. Samuel Yoder to advance to the second round. Shaftsbury and Sir Neville join Chuck and Butch for commentary.
  • Commercial for “Where Da White Womenz at?” wit Da Brothas, only on OIL TV.
  • Pike def. fATAS to advance to the second round after fATAS is attacked by Prince Charming. Charming then tries to kill fATAS and is arrested and taken away to Oak Ridge Sanitarium.
  • Commercial break – Oak Ridge Sanitarium, located outside Fort Worth , TX . A smiling J.R. Ewing is shown standing in front of the sanitarium. “I only trust my family’s mental health to Oak Lawn Sanitarium. Hell, I once had myself committed here. The supervising physician is a good friend of the family.” The newly renovated Ewing family wing will be opened in the Spring of 2007.
  • March 23, 2007: St. Patrick's Day Shootout, live from The Claddagh, High Point, NC
  • Rabbi Rage def. Lo Hung Schlong with the Briss at 14:03. Retro came to the ring and made sexual overtures toward Lo Hung Schlong whom he believes to be a Laotian teenager.
  • The Vagrants (Poor Mike Skills & Poor Matt Skills) def. Delbert Johnson and Cletus Vaughan when Mike forced Johnson to submit to the Microphone Check at 8:32.
  • Professor Ben Andrews def. Tony Fanuci with The Flab Grab at 1:16. Fanuci was then verbally assaulted by The Liberal Librarian and was tied down by the Bell Brothers and forced to watch Al Gore's glorified power point presentation An Inconvenient Truth on a continuous loop.
  • The Insiders def. Amish Alliance when Horatio Hernandez pinned Jacob Stoltzfus following the Insiders Edge at 13:32.
  • The Leprechuan (Sam Bash) def. DeShawn Dawkins with the Lucky Charm Leg Lock at 6:56.
  • The Turd def. Lynn Livingston with The Plop at 3:43.
  • Antonio Davis "Da Crunk" def. "Uppity Nigga" Pervis Priouleau with the "Cut a Y" at 4:15.
  • Pike def. Retro with the Shuicide at 9:19.
  • Ass Butte def. Skip MacGruder with the Black Out at :32.
  • "Richard Nixon" won The Blarney Blow-Out Battle Royal by eliminating Shamookey Sanders. Others involved were: The Earl of Hurtford , Kevin Knox, CityD, Otis Killings, Robbie Hicks, Beauregard Lee, Bo James, Shaska Stewart, Maurice Foster, Malik Monroe, Curtis Lowe, Reginald the Great, and Elmer Miller.
  • The Liberal Librarian def. Mike Milligan "Piss Pants" in an "I Can't be DQed but You Can Death Match" (by order of Judge William J. Jennings) with the Late Term Abortion following an attack by The Lummox at 2:02. Much to the crowd's delight, he was unable to perform his Cleveland Steamer or any other variety of defecation. The drenched in piss Lib then turned on the crowd calling them "a bunch of white, Irish Republican Army reprobates and said that they could stick their corned beef and cabbage and Guiness up their tight conservative arses" He then gave the double bird as he strutted to the back and The Turd rubbed salve on his wounded anus while The Lummox stole food and beer from the patrons.
  • Da Brothas def. Mennonite Mafia when Tyrone Jefferson pinned Jacob Schmucker following the "F You From Da 202" at 23:21.
  • WNWA World Television Championship

Amos Beiler and Samuel Yoder wrestled to a 30 minute draw.

  • Main Event-WNWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship

Seamus Street def. Captain Redneck with the Irish Whiskey Wallop at 24:32 after Lord Shaftsbury attempted to interfere but struck Redneck with his oak walking stick instead. Street then laid a severe beating on Shaftsbury, plunging his head into a big kettle of Irish Stew and then throwing cabbage all over him. The High Point Police Department were called to the scene after an enraged Captain Redneck burned a cross in the yard but he managed to get away and Shamookey Jones was arrested for the incident after eyewitness Eustus Fraley told the police what happened.

  • March 23, 2007, WNWA Southland Monthly TV Show, Gatlinburg Convention Center, Gatlinburg, TN
  • Southland Tag Team Champions Handsome Del Rey Preddy &Cocky Kevin Coleman def. The Bell Brothers when Hampton nailed Billy Bell with a tire iron while the ref was distracted.
  • Randy Fraley def. Ricky Roberts to win the Volunteer State Heavyweight Championship after interference by Eustus Fraley and Captain Redneck.
  • Southern Heavyweight Champion Chi-Town Chris Collins def. Buddy Jack Thomas with the Vodka Collins.
  • Captain Redneck cut a promo on LuAnn Simpson, The Liberal Librarian, mental retardation (Adult Onset Down Syndrome- which he claims Del Rey Preddy has), the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, and black people.
  • National Tag Team Champions Dale Taylor and Triple K def. The Twin Terrors: Wayne & Wade Jenkins.
  • Austin Adams def. Clint Doub
  • Shamookey Sanders def. Delmont Dawson then cut a promo on the KKK, welfare (in support of) and white women. Shamookey then danced a jig to the delight of the crowd who were earlier uproariously booing.
  • WNWA Mid-Atlantic TV Show, Dixie Stampede, Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Cletus Vaughan def. Malik Monroe to capture the Carolinas Heavyweight Championship-Vaughan was then attacked by Da Brothas.
  • The Liberal Librarian cut a promo on White on Black crime, gun control, the Iraq War, the World Heavyweight Championship, and post birth abortion (claiming that it should be legal to terminate a child up to the age of adulthood if it shows conservative or Republican tendencies).
  • Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Seamus Street def. Tyrone Jefferson by DQ when Eugene Washington interfered.
  • Jost Schmucker & Jacob Schmucker def. Bo James & Beauregard Lee to win the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Championship.
  • Broadway Brad def. Otis Killings
  • Ass Butte enabled "Richard Nixon" to win the Keystone State Heavyweight Championship by distracting Shaska Stewart and allowing Nixon to lock in the Katahajime forcing Stewart to scream "Yes Massa, I quit!!" Butte then cut a promo on the World Title tournament and how liberals and coloreds are ruining the world.
  • DeShawn Dawkins def. Tony Fanuci after Poor Matt Skills attempt at interference backfired.
  • Amos Beiler def. Skip MacGruder.
  • Reginald the Great def. Pervis Priouleau.
  • Antonio Davis performed his latest song "Me So Horny fo' White Bitches." He then claimed that Myrtle Beach was racist because he "can't be concubinin' with mulpiple (sic) white womenz up in here."
  • March 27, 2007
  • The Liberal Librarian, The Lummox and The Turd are shown laughing in the locker room.
  • Commercial break for Dr. Zobo Piss Soda with Attorney Daniel O. Agbor. Available in full piss, goat piss, light piss, and horse piss.
  • The Lummox def. Chi-Town Chris Collins to advance to the second round of the WNWA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.
  • Ad for Shamookey's Stereo Shop- "Come on up in hurr an' get yo' ass a boomin' system, shiiiiiit. We iz sitcheated on Harry Hine' Blvd. straight up in Dalla'. Make sho to get yo ass a colored ho while you iz in de hood, yo."
  • Lord Shaftsbury def. Eustus Fraley after interference from Sir Neville Chamberlain to advance to the second round of the tournament.
  • Commercial break for Dickens Cider with The Earl of Hurtford. "The next time you take her to the pub, she'll beg to have your Dickens Cider."
  • Public service ad for post birth abortions by The Liberal Librarian: The ad is very much like the old Iron Eyes Cody anti-litter ads from the 1970s. We see The Lib enjoying things such as attending non-secular pseudo religious ceremonies, a gay marriage, shopping at an organic grocer, waiting in line with multi-ethnics at the DMV and the Social Security Office, helping immigrant and ethnic patrons at the library, visiting DNC headquarters, and volunteering at a homeless shelter. We are then shown several white trash rugrats in the crowd at WNWA events, at Christian churches and at Wal-Mart. The Lib then appears and sheds a single tear. Then the words contact your congressman and tell them you support post birth abortions (only for white women).
  • Captain Redneck def. Cyrius Suk to advance to the second round of the tournament.
  • Commercial break for Gold Toof Wine: Dat Shit be Fine!! (with Da Crunk)
  • The Lib interrupts Fanuci's business in the bathroom and then orders Da Crunk and The Turd to brutally attack Fanuci in the toilet stall before The Lib puts a Hillary 08 bumpersticker on Fanuci's forehead before drilling him with a Late Term Abortion.
  • Commercial break for Kunzler Meats- "Kunzler...when it's cold outside come in to the warmth of a Kunzler." Featuring bologna, hot dogs, scrapple and steaks.
  • Dale Taylor def. Broadway Brad to advance to the second round of the tournament despite interference from Dusty Jones.
  • Prince Charming is freed from Oak Ridge Sanitarium by someone driving a black Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG.
  • April 10, 2007
  • Captain Redneck def. Seamus Street to advance to the semi-finals of the WNWA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.
  • Commercial break for Tom Thumb Supermarkets (Sir Neville Chamberlain is the spokesperson) - with locations all over the Metroplex to serve you.
  • Ad for Oil Today with J.R. Ewing- 8:00 a.m., every Friday.
  • The Vagrants def. Team Agbor (Sam Bash dresses as the Easter Bunny) to retain the National Tag Team titles.
  • Ad for “Where Da White Womenz At?” featuring Da Brothas and Curtis Lowe.
  • The Turd comes sashaying to the ring, blowing chocolate kisses to the men in the crowd and takes the mic from Ronald Martin.
  • The Liberal Librarian def. The Lummox in a rigged, carbon copy of the classic Thunderlips vs. Andre The Lummox match to advance to the semi-finals of the tournament.
  • Ad for Black Eyed Pea restaurants.
  • Rabbi Rage def. World Television Champion Samuel Yoder in a non-title match. The Mennonite Mafia then attack Rage but the Amish Alliance makes the save.
  • Da Crunk in a poorly done commercial for Da Boom Boom Room- Greater High Point’s finest in night time entertainment.
  • Ass Butte def. Lord Shaftsbury to advance to the semi-finals.
  • Dale Taylor def. Pike after Prince Charming "inadvertantly" got Pike DQed. The Liberal Librarian does commentary.
  • Commercial break for Southern Life with Eustus Fraley.
  • April 24, 2007
  • fATAS kills Beau James after his rip cord fails while doing a Shawn Michaels WrestleMania XII stunt. Prince Charming runs out to the ring attacks fATAS and steals the Mid-Western championship belt and challenges J.R. Ewing to make a match between himself and fATAS at Memorial Day Massacre.
  • Professor Ben Andrews cuts a promo on the Holocaust. Rabbi Rage attacks Andrews and challenges him to a Bar Mitzvah Bash at Memorial Day Massacre.
  • A commercial for Afro Sheen featuring Ms. Shitifa. "When yo nappy is looking crappy git yo ass some Afro Sheen, fooo."
  • The Vagrants def. The Insiders by DQ to retain the National Tag Team titles.
  • Commercial break...for Boudreaux's Butt Paste featuring the Lib and the Turd. The turd is applying the paste to the Lib's healing anus. "It even cures jock itch," says the Lib, winking at an estactic Turd.
  • Chris Collins def. Broadway Brad to retain the Southern Heavyweight Championship.
  • The Lummox def. Lo Hung Schlong. After the match Dusty Jones and Claudie Clay attack The Lummox who merely laughs at them.
  • Commercial break...for the American Red Cross featuring Pike, Leah and Bucky Cat. "Give blood or well come take it from you." Spine tingling laughs are heard from all.
  • Pike and Prince Charming def. Triple K and Eustus Fraley. Pike and Charming are arguing all throughout the match and after it's over.
  • Commercial break for the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace in Yorba Linda , CA featuring "Richard Nixon" and Ass Butte. "For your next conservative vacation try the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace."
  • Commercial break for Hyman's Seafood.
  • Ass Butte def. Captain Redneck to advance to the finals of the WNWA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, after two men distract CR and Nixon assists Butte with some leverage. CR is brutally attacked by the mystery men and LuAnn Simpson after the match.
  • Ed Donaldson interviews Simpson and the two men, [[Del Rey Preddy|Handsome Del Rey Preddy] and Cocky Kevin Coleman, The Confederate Cripplers.
  • The Liberal Librarian advances to the finals of the Tournament when Dale Taylor is arrested for a federal hate crime by Judge Jennings after he calls Da Crunk a mild racial epithet and punches him. The Lib wins by countout.

  • May 8, 2007
  • A big brawl ensues between Captain Redneck and Del Rey Preddy and Kevin Coleman. Eustus Fraley then def. Hampton but he and Redneck are brutally attaked by Bob-Oh Wheir and Preddy and Coleman.
  • Commercial for Beef Burger with Curtis Lowe. “Come on ova to Beef Bugah and eat you a bugah, some frin fry, and a urange sody and hope ya’llz sugah don’t get high.”
  • Broadway Brad and Erich Edwards def. Jake & Joe Schmucker. Chris Collins and Samuel Yoder attack Brad and Edwards after the match and appear to break Edwards' hand. The Amish Alliance make the save.
  • Commercial for Shifty and Son Funeral Home where the first three letters in funeral are F-U-N, FUN!!!
  • Rabbi Rage def. "Manservant" Tony Fanuci.
  • Commercial break for Time Life music presents Shit Rock.
  • Ass Butte def. Da Crunk by count-out but is brutally attacked by Frustrated Inc. Team Agbor makes the save and Sam Bash hits The Lib with his own Steamer.
  • Commercial break for Family Dolla with Shamookey ”Fambly Dolla, Whey po peoplez shop. Nuff sed.”
  • Commercial for Head-On!! Apply directly to the ass!
  • Commercial for Menz Fashions- Home of the Steve Harvey Vested Suit- in beautiful Winston-Salem , NC near the prison.
  • Commercial break for Roto Rooter with The Turd
  • Sam Bash def. The Earl of Hurtford and attacks Sir Neville and Lord Shaftsbury and steals the National Championship.
  • June 12, 2007
  • Ad for Whataburger.
  • Eustus Fraley def. Bob-Oh Wheir.
  • Ad for Mount Holy Olive People's Temple
  • Dale Taylor def. Bobby Bell.
  • The Lummox def. TripleK who was then assaulted by The Turd.
  • Ad for Ewing Oil: The Environment is our #4 priority.
  • Da Crunk performs his new single as Shitifa brings her new baby to show to Da Crunk.
  • Ad for Ruby's Cafeteria
  • Prince Charming def. Seamus Street to win the WNWA Mid-Atlantic Championship with help from Lord Shaftsbury while Pike seethes in the locker room.
  • Amos Beiler def. Lo Hung Schlong to retain the World Television Championship.
  • Ad for On the Road with Captain Redneck: On the next episode, CR visits The Alamo in San Antonio.

  • June 26, 2007
  • Judge Jennings comes to the ring and orders a streetfight between The Liberal Librarian and Daniel O. Agbor and announces that Agbor & Associates will be barred from the building.
  • Amos Beiler def. Chris Collins to retain the World Television Championship.
  • Ad for Harper Brothers Barbecue- serving Texas Style BBQ for 7 months.
  • The Turd def. Kevin Knox after interference by The Lummox.
  • Ad for Willard "Digger" Barnes Memorial Park -- This week join us for "Art in the Park."
  • Da Crunk def. Erich Edwards to win the WNWA Southern Heavyweight Championship thanks to interference from Curtis Lowe.
  • Pike def. The Earl of Hurtford.
  • Ad for Mount Holy Olive People's Temple featuring the Rev. Dr. Curtis Lowe -- Come here da massaj of da Lawd!!
  • Rabbi Rage def. Shamookey Sanders after interference by Curtis Lowe and Truman Marlin.
  • Ad for Claude Acuff's Northside Chevrolet in BEEEEEEE-UUUUUU-tiful downtown Braddock!!
  • The Liberal Librarian def. Daniel O. Agbor in a street fight. CityD attacked both men during the match.
  • July 10, 2007
  • "Richard Nixon" attacked The Lummox, breaking his hand in the door jamb of The Liberal Librarian's new stretch Prius.
  • The Lib tells the Lummox that Judge Jennings has gotten him a title shot against Ass Butte for later tonight.
  • J.R. Ewing tells the crowd that since Butte has to defend his title, The Lib has to defend his in a three way match against Sam Bash and Dale Taylor. The Lib Roid Rages in the back and attacks The Bell Brothers.
  • The Confederate Cripplers def. Da Brothas. Captain Redneck runs in after the match and destroys all four men plus LuAnn Simpson and Curtis Lowe.
  • Prince Charming interview. He tells Pike he has his back at UnCivil War.
  • Ed Donaldson interviews a bed ridden Obeso who challenges fATAS to an eating competition at the next WNWA Wrestling show and a match at UnCivil War in which the loser must have gastric bypass surgery at Braddock Obesity Clinic.
  • The Liberal Librarian def. Sam Bash and Dale Taylor in a three way match to retain the Human Rights Heavyweight Championship thanks to a ton of outside interference.
  • Ad for Section 8 Acres in beautiful East Braddock.
  • The Turd def. Claudie Clay by DQ when Triple K attacked The Turd. During the match David Downs and Letravis Gorman attacked Dusty Jones. After the match Triple K brutally assaulted The Turd who seemed to be in sexual ecstasy.
  • Ad for Whataburger.
  • TV Champion Amos Beiler def. Hampton by DQ when Bob-Oh Wheir interfered.
  • Ad for Parker Brothers BBQ.
  • Interview with Pike.
  • We see the Lummox with a cast on his hand.
  • Ass Butte def. The Lummox to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. The Lib comes out and is on the verge of apoplexy as he cuts a scathing promo on Butte, Bush, the Iraq War, the environment, the economy, etc.
  • August 7, 2007
  • Erich Edwards challenges Chi-Town Chris Collins to a ladder match. J.R. Ewing makes the match a ladder match for a World Heavyweight title shot at November Nightmare.
  • The Liberal Librarian def. Sam Bash to retain the UN/ACLU title.
  • Ad for An Inconvenient Café and GLBT Lingerie Bar featuring Tony Fanuci dancing suggestively for a highly aroused man who keeps pulling his pants up as the crowd chants “Go High Pockets!! It’s your birthday!!!”
  • A Texas Tag Team Championship match between Crummox and The Confederate Cripplers ended when The Supremacists attacked both teams.
  • Video footage of Yeti and Dale Taylor is shown.
  • Ad for Ruby's Cafeteria featuring fATAS.
  • Obeso attacks fATAS during an eating competition.
  • Ad for Yoder Dairies.
  • Seamus Street is attacked by Samuel Yoder and the Mennonite Mafia. Yoder challenges Street to a match at ILL Gotten Gains.
  • Ad for BCPL- a very strange, almost semi-erotic interchange between the director and Retro, talking about intimately touching the lives of the citizens of Braddock County.
  • Prince Charming def. Amos Beiler by DQ when Pike attacked Charming.
  • Ad for the Coach Ass Butte Show: This week’s guests will be Dallas Cowboys coach Wade Phillips and Sheriff Fenton Washburn.
  • Ass Butte def. Lord Shaftsbury to retain the World Heavyweight title.

Crwnwa Fataswnwaw

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