[[Image:|250px|Image of WORMZ]]
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Height 5 ft. 8 in.
Weight 200 pounds
Date of birth Unknown
Place of birth Hoboken, New Jersey
Date of death Alive still
Place of death Alive still
Resides Hoboken, New Jersey
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Trainer The Great Khali
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WORMZ is a journeyman wrestler currently working for CWF.

WORMZ is a dyslexic, and promotes many Charities for Research to combat this Learning Disability. WORMZ is also an outspoken fan of the book "HOW TO WRESTLE" written by the Great Khali, form which he says he learned everything he knows about ring work.

CWF Career

WORMZ appears occasionally on CWF TV, generally as a jobber. WORMZ promos are often extremely volatile and violent, however his comical antics in the ring prevent any fan from hating him for long. WORMZ is notable for nearly pinning CWF's former owner and former World Champion Anthony Romeri, however in the end, Romeri picked up the win over WORMZ with an Exterminator.

To date, only one man has been pinned by WORMZ, Battle. This happened during an Over-the-Top-Rope Battle Royal however, so it didn't actually mean anything during the match.

Other Facts

Theme Music:

  • "Acid Trip" by Sulfuric Acid

Finishing + Signature Moves

  • The World's Greatest Clothesline (Running High Impact Clothesline)
  • It Came from Hoboken (High Impact Spear)
  • Megaton Clash (Corner Splash)
  • Worm-a-Palooza (Frankensteiner)
  • 800 Degree Splash (360 Splash landing on Head)

Championships and accomplishments

  • Never Won a Match

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