The Recreation of the WRF World Heavyweight Championship

The WRF has reborn and realised that they had no world champion. With lots of young and bright talent, there had to be a champion. A tournament was made including several wrestlers, the final match happened at WRF Road to Glory, WRF's biggest event of the year.

Current Champion

The current holder of the title is "Lethal" Liam Yoshio who is on his second reign as champion. In Yoshio's first reign, he came the longest reigning champion since the rebirth, but when he won the title for the second time he set the bar higher as he continues to defeat opponents and extend his reign. Yoshio won the title at Wrestle War on June 24, 2007, where he defeated rival "Wrecking Ball" Eric Desalve is their final encounter.

List Of WRF World Heavyweight Champions

Wrestler Date Won Date Lost Notes
Liam Yoshio June 24, 2007 Current Champion This was a Three Stages of Hell match at Wrestle War.
Eric Desalve May 27, 2007 June 24, 2007 This was a pay-per-view special held in Iraq called Ground Zero.
Liam Yoshio March 3, 2007 May 27, 2007 This match was held on the Evolution weekly television show.
Drake Daniels November 19, 2006 January 11, 2007 The title was vacated after Daniels left the company.
Vance Bain October 22, 2006 November 19, 2006 This match was held at the Mind Games pay-per-view.
Dodge August 27, 2007 October 22, 2006 This match was held at the Road to Glory pay-per-view.

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