The WRM Title is the highest ranked championship in WrestleRoMania

Title history

Wrestler: Times: Date: Pay-Per-View: Notes:
IceMan 1 August 2004 King Of The Ring Ice Man was crowned champion after defeating Decron in King Of The Ring Final
Decron 1 October 2004 Uprising Defeated IceMan and Anarchist in a Triple Threat
Heath Scumm 1 November 2004 Red November Defeated Decron and IceMan in a Triple Threat
Reaper 1 November 2005 Red November Won the first-ever King Of The Mountain match
Lethal 1 January 2006 Sweet Revenge Won a Hell In A Cell Triple Threat match against Heath Scumm and Reaper
GraveDigger 1 April 2006 Ultimate Showdown Defeated Decron, Lethal and Runaway in a Fatal Four-Way
24XS 1 May 2007 Non-PPV Shocked WRM after pinning the champion on his debut match
Lethal 2 June 2007 It Ain't Family Guy Pinned 24XS in a Tag Match
Alex Vita 1 July 2007 Last Soul Standing Won the title after guest referee Heath Scumm stopped the match in a Last Man Standing
Crusher 1 August 2007 King Of The Ring Knocked out Vita in the second round of the tournament
Reaper 2 August 2007 King Of The Ring Won the tournament after defeating Crusher, Death Bringer and Showman
Lethal 3 November 2007 Red November Defeated Alex Vita, Geony Vedeta, DeathBringer and Reaper in a King Of The Mountain match
[Vacated] n/a March 2008 Alive Champion to be decided after Lethal's suspension
WRM Title
The WRM World Title
Promotion WRM

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