World Wrestling Championship Federation
Company Profile
Acronym WWCF
Company Slogan "We will never die."
Founder Shane McMahon
Chris Tyme
Owners Shane McMahon
Founded July 10, 2001
Dissolved Still Active
Formerly CWE (3/1/04 - 4/10/04)
HeadQuarters New York, NY
Area Served Internationally
Industry Professional Wrestling
Genre Sports Entertainment
Style Mixed
Key People Shane McMahon, Founder
Parent None
Brands None
Sister Companies None
Homepage [WWCF]

World Wrestling Championship Federation or simply WWCF for short is a professional wrestling company based in the United States, with it's headquarters located in New York City, that holds shows worldwide, has international programming and has been in existence since July 10th, 2001. World Wrestling Championship Federation was originally founded by the Shane McMahon along with former superstar and current member of the WWCF Hall Of Fame Chris Tyme. In late 2015 Shane McMahon stepped down as the owner while Hall of Famer Drake Connors took ownership of the company. However, Shane would make his return and take back the company he built before handing it over to his brother-in-law Triple H and his sister, Stephanie McMahon. The company's programming features high risk, fast paced action on it's weekly episodic program WWCF Thursday Night Pulse and also runs pay-per-view events on a monthly basis. The WWCF currently has three singles titles available to all active WWCF superstars, which are the WWCF World Heavyweight Championship, WWCF Legacy Championship, and WWCF Television Championship. Participants also compete in the annual Quest for the Gold Tournament where the winner gets the right to challenge for the World Championship at the company's inaugural and most anticipated pay-per-view event called Freedom, which is held in July.

Current Title Holders

Championship Current Champion(s) Date Won
WWCF World Heavyweight Championship Matt Valour February 24th, 2017
WWCF Legacy Championship Kevin Orion January 27th, 2017
WWCF Television Championship Vanessa Nightwing December 18th, 2016
WWCF Tag Team Championship Beau and Dinky January 27th, 2017

Defunct Championships

  • WWCF United States Championship
  • WWCF King of the Deathmatch Championship
  • WWCF North American Championship
  • WWCF X-Championship
  • WWCF Divas Tag Team Championship
  • WWCF National Championship
  • WWCF Underground Championship
  • WWCF Intergender Championship
  • WWCF Women's X Championship
  • WWCF Heavyweight Championship
  • WWCF Hardcore Championship
  • WWCF King of Deathmatch Championship
  • CWE Championship
  • WWE/NWO Championship
  • WWCF Intercontinental Championship
  • WWCF European Championship
  • WWCF Women's Championship
  • WWCF World Tag Team Championship
  • WWCF Rising Star Championship

Current WWCF Roster

Male Supers

  • Billy Kronik
  • Brent Dailey
  • Chris Simmons
  • David Arnold
  • Drake Connors
  • Dinky
  • Ethan Jones
  • Kevin Orion
  • Kris Kristian
  • Kurou
  • Kyle Davis
  • Mickey Connelly
  • Mike Dimter
  • Matt Valour
  • The Swamp Thing
  • Tim Shady
  • Tom Gallo
  • Tony Tran
  • Trevor Broadway
  • Wasted Youth
  • Will Jackson

Female Superstars

  • Poly Norris
  • Valerie Valour
  • Vanessa Nightwing
  • Victoria Scott

Tag Teams/Stables

  • High Caliber [Drake Connors & Kris Kristian]
  • Beau & Dinky
  • Sudden Impact [Tim Shady & Wasted Youth]
  • Norris & Gallo [Tom Gallo & Poly Norris]
  • The Valours [Matt Valour & Valerie Valour]
  • The Kingdom [Mike Dimter & Victoria Scott]

Hall Of Famers

  • Alex Chance
  • Analicia
  • Andrew Carter
  • Booker T & Kevin Nash
  • Brandon Michaels
  • Brent Daley
  • Chris Carter
  • Chris Tyme
  • Drake Connors
  • Go-D
  • Harlem Dragon
  • Hell's Angel
  • Jace Pittman
  • Jason Sanders
  • Joshua Lokamp
  • Kris Kristian
  • Kyle Davis
  • Lynden G
  • Lynn Storm
  • Mercedes
  • Mike Dimter
  • Plugga (Handler)
  • Richy
  • Roller Deuce
  • Samoa Joe
  • Sean Mason
  • Skitz-O-Frenik
  • Torrie Wilson
  • Triple H & Ethan Jones
  • Vanessa Nightwing

Grand Slam Champions

  • Analicia
  • Brandon Michaels
  • Brent Daley
  • Drake Connors
  • Ethan Jones
  • Harlem Dragon
  • Hell's Angel
  • Jace Pittman
  • Kris Kristian
  • Skitz-O-Frenik
  • Triple H

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World Wrestling Championship Federation

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