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WWE EFed Pay-Per-View History

Sunday, July 31st, 2005 - WWE Bad Blood '05 -- How do you handle the first PPV in an e-fed which would soon become the greatest on the Internet? From terrible match writing to god-awful commentary, this is not the way WWE E-Fed should have kicked off. I apologize to any of you if you wrote those matches, but truth be told, they suck. Anyways, isn't the whole person still here from that PPV Achille? Or were you Lesnar back then as well, Drew? Anyways, the only good things about Bad Blood were the banner (did Jose make that?) and the nostalgia factor of Christian becoming the first WWE Champion. Other than that, this PPV sucked balls from start to finish, which isn't saying much as it was super short. Congratulations to Achille on being our first ever champion, but why did the old Matt Hardy have to get involved? WHY?

Best Moment: Christian winning WWE Title.
Worst Moment: Jose actually winning a match.
Insteresting Fact Only PPV to have a Free for All
Grade: D+

Sunday, August 7th, 2005 - WWE Great American Bash '05

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