Height: 6'2 Weight: 250 pounds Entrance song: Line in the sand

Gimmick: Best of the best, egomaniac

Style: Dirty

Finisher: Spear

Signature Moves: Knee drop, frog splash, spinebuster

Career Accomplishments: -OWW World Champion, x2. -ROG Fallout Champion(current)

WWEfan started in OWW's Efed Takedown. He made his debut in the tourny to claim the first ever champion. WWEfan advanced to the finals, by cheating his way through all of his matches, using his stable, the Rebellion. WWEfan, leaded the Rebellion, (The Legend Killer, Macho Man, and Y2Jericho,) to the finals, where he defeated Rated R, and Newbs, to become the first ever OWW champion. He was defeated shortly, the same night, by a surprise match, with Qurck, his first round opponent. At the next card, WWEfan won the title back, with interference, to become the first two time champion in the fed. After retaining the title against opponents such as, Qurck, JHG, BMD, Horsemen, and more, WWEfan has received a high popularity, and reputation as the best of the best. He is currently still the World Champion.

WWEfan made high news, when during his title run in OWW, he was signed to ROG. WWEfan instantly made an impact, defeating STL, and earning his way to a Fallout championship match. WWEfan defeated Rated PG at Apocalypse, to become the Fallout champion. After doing obnoxious stunts, such as attacking PG's wife, the feud raged on. WWEfan defended the title at the next card, WWEfan moved on two his next battle. He has faced main event level opponents, and is currently the Warzone Team captain heading into the Glory Games, where he will, represent Warzone, in an elimination tag match.


(ROG) Warzone, 1/30/08 - WWEfan defeats STL in his in-ring debut, becomes #1 Contender for Fallout Championship

Warzone, 2/6/08 - WWEfan and Legend Killer vs Steve Ace and STL ends in No contest

Warzone, 2/13/08 - WWEfan is defeated by #1Contender for Universal championship, Steve Storm

Warzone, 2/20/08 - WWEfan vs Steve Storm ends in No-contest

Apocalypse - WWEfan defeats Rated PG, becomes new Fallout champion

Warzone, 3/508 - WWEfan and Legend Killer defeat STL and Rated PG

Warzone, 3/19/08 - WWEfan loses to STL, forfeit

Warzone - WWEfan, Legend Killer, and Nick Nitro, are defeated by Y2J, Iceman Williams, and Aaron Kendrick

Death Wish - WWEfan defeats Rated PG to defend Fallout Championship

Warzone, 4/9/08 - WWEfan defeats Rated PG to defend the Fallout Championship, and become captain for Team Warzone at Glory Games!

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