Civil Revolution is WZCW's Equivalent to WWE's Cyber Sunday, where fans get to vote on participants, stipulations, and more.


  • Steamboat Ricky Def. Sammy Orwell (London Street Match)
  • Nate Thorpe Def. Joe, The Maxx, and Tom McBrady (Elite X #1 Contender's Match)
  • "The One Big Will" Def. Gus (w/ Heidi "Until the end of the match"), Mohammed Hasheem, and El Guerrero
  • (Fatal Fourway Ladder Match - New Elite X Champion)
  • Sincade Def. Aaron Craig (Do or Die Match, Sincade New Boss for a Month)
  • Joseph Rios Def. Everest to Retain WZCW Championship (Last Man Standing)

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