WZCW Elite Championship
Current champion Steven Holmes
Date won December 27, 2011
Promotion WrestleZone Championship Wrestling
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Date created June 2007
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Past design(s) {{{past_designs}}}
First champion Big Will
Most reigns Big Will, Gus (2 reigns)
Most defenses
Longest reign
Shortest reign

The WrestleZone Championship Wrestling (WZCW) Elite Championship (formerly Elite X) is a professional e-wrestling championship. Currently, it is the second tier singles championship in WrestleZone Championship Wrestling.


The WZCW Elite X Championship was brought back for the revival of WZCW in June of 2007. A tournament was held at Meltdown 6 with four matches, won by Big Will, Gus, El Guerrero, and Mohammad Hasheem. At Civil Revolution, a Fatal Four Way Ladder Match was held to determine the inaugural champion, and was won by Big Will. Since then the title has been defended regularly in WZCW, both on PPV and on Meltdown television events.

At the 2012 Ascension Anarchy event then champion, Steven Holmes, unveiled a new championship which replaced the classic design for the belt. This championship also saw the name of the belt change from "Elite X" to "Elite" in order to play into Holmes' elitist gimmick.

Current champion

The current champion is Steven Holmes. He defeated Sam Smith and Constantine at All or Nothing 2011


Champion: Defeated: Event: Note: Defenses:
Big Will Gus, El Guerrero, and Mohammad Hasheem Civil Revolution
• Won in a four way ladder match to become the first champion. • None
Gus Big Will and Nate Thorpe Meltdown 10 • Won in a triple threat match. • None
Big Will Gus All or Nothing
• None drew with Gus at Meltdown 11
Gus Big Will Lethal Lottery
• Defeated Big Will in a Three Stages of Hell Match • None
Ben Legend Gus Kingdom Come • None def. the Grand Mystique and Murfish at Redemption
Vacated N/A Meltdown 17 • Vacated following an eight man tag team match • N/A
Carmen Bratchny Drake Callahan, Vengeance, and Red Mask Apocalypse
• Won the vacant title in a Four Way def. Red Mask at Unscripted II
Titus Carmen Bratchny Meltdown 22 • None • None
Zander Titus, Frankie Smith Ascension 4
  • Triple Threat match
  • None
Frankie Smith Zander, USA Lethal Lottery II
  • Triple Threat match
  • def. Criminal Karnage at Kingdom Come II
Criminal Karnage Frankie Smith Ascension 11
  • None
  • def. Austin Reynolds and Chris Beckford at Redemption 2010
Austin Reynolds Criminal Karnage Ascension 14
  • None
  • def. Chris Beckford at Apocalypse 2010
  • def. Chris Beckford in a Inferno match at Unscripted 2010
  • def. Showtime at Ascension 21

" David Cougar

Austin Reynolds All or Nothing 2010
  • 30-minute Iron Man match
  • def. Baez at Ascension 25
Vacant N/A Lethal Lottery 2011
  • Vacated due to "Showtime" challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship
  • N/A
Micheal Winters Brad Bomb Ascension 29
  • Best of 3 Series
  • def. Brad Bomb and Phoenix at Kingdom Come III
Sam Smith Micheal Winters, Chris Jones, Phoenix Redemption 2011
  • Fatal Four Way
  • def. Constantine by DQ at Ascension 33
  • def. Constantine at Apocalypse 2011
  • def. Steven Holmes in a Three Stages of Hell match(Pin only, Submission only, Last Man Standing) at Unscripted 2011, 2 falls to 1
Steven Holmes Constantine, Sam Smith All or Nothing 2011
  • Triple Threat
  • drew. with Austin Reynolds at Meltdown 67
  • def. Gordito in a Xtreme Submissions match at Lethal Lottery 2012
Current WrestleZone Championship Wrestling championships and accomplishments
Current Championships World HeavyweightElite XMayhemEurAsianWorld Tag Team
Championship Milestones Grand SlamTriple Crown

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