The WZCW Mayhem Championship is the equivelent of the hardcore title in WZCW. The matches that take place to defend it are not sanctioned by WZCW, it is currently held by Armando Paradyse.

The WZCW Mayhem Championship

Wrestler: Times: Defeated: Event: Notes:
Steamboat Ricky 1 N/A N/A Ricky showed up on a Meltdown with it.
The Maxx 1 Steamboat Ricky Lethal Lottery
Everest 1 Reaper Kingdom Come Vacated Title, Maxx was injuried at Meltdown 14 and stripped of the title
Milenko 1 Eric Derf Redemption Vacated Title, Everest was stripped of the title
Drake Callahan 1 Milenko Unscripted The ring consisted of 5 sides
David Cougar 1 Drake Callahan Meltdown 26
Ty Burna 1 David Cougar, Drake Callahan All or Nothing 2009 Two out of Three falls Match also for the Eurasian Championship
James Baker 1 Ty Burna, Rush Meltdown 31 Triple Threat Match
The Killjoy 1 James Baker, Mr. Baller. John Smith Ascension 10 Fatal Four Way
Scott Hammond 1 John Smith, Mr. Baller, James Baker, The Killjoy, Doug Crashin, CardiffCam, Trevor Steel Kingdom Come II Mayhem Scramble, title changed hands 6 times
Baez, The Killjoy 2 Scott Hammond Meltdown 39
Chris Jones 1 Baez, The Killjoy Meltdown 45
Wilhelm Wunder 1 Chris Jones Meltdown 47
Ferbian 1 Wilhelm Wunder, Baez, Mr. Baller Ascemsion 23 Fatal Four Way
Chris Jones 2 Ferbian Lethal Lottery III
Alex Bowen 1 Chris Jones, Justin Cooper Meltdown 53
Sean Cruz 1 Alex Bowen, Ale, Johnny Scumm, S.H.I.T., Jack Skinnner Unscripted 2011 Mayhem Gauntlet
Vacant N/A N/A N/A Title was stripped from Sean Cruz due to discipline issues
Alex Bowen 1 N/A Ascension 39 Title was awarded to Alex Bowen by Vance Batemen after a banned diuretic was found in Sean Cruzs locker
Armando Paradyse 1 Alex Bowen, Sean Cruz All or Nothing 2011 Triple Threat

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