Unscripted was the new WrestleZone Championship Wrestling's first PPV.


  • Ben Legend Def. Tristan Kist
  • Hatchiama Manzo Def. Jack Harris
  • AJ and Sincade Def. Celeste Crimson and Aureilia Molotov
  • Mohammed Hasheem vs. Titus (Draw)
  • Everest Def. Downward Spiral (Street Fight)
  • Jospeh Rios Def. DC and Aaron Craig (New WZCW Champion)


The ring consisted of five sides for this PPV

Downward Spiral & Celeste Crimson def. The One Big Will & Steamboat Ricky

- Ricky was involved in a car accident before the PPV and didn't show on time
- Sprial & Crimson beat will up to a pulp

Full House Daves (Big Dave & Ace David) def. Showtime-Trademark Productions, Phoenix & Garth Black, USA & Chief Anoki and The Driveby Express to become the new Tag Team Champions

- Ace David pins David "Showtime" Cougar after a Stamp of Authority and Rock out
- The tag titles were contested for the first time since being vacated

Vegeance def. Daniel Stokes

- Vengeance won with the Judge, Jury & Executioner
- Winner of the match gets a choice of the Elite-X or Mayhem Titles to face at a later time

Drake Callahan def. Milenko to become the new Mayhem Champion

- Drake won using a brainbuster onto a steel chair

Carmen Bratchny def. Red Mask in a match where the stipulation had yet to be announced but Stipulation had to be choosen by either Carmen Bratchny or his manager Swindle McKenzie

- Red Mask had pinned and made Bratchny submit before Swindle McKenzie announced that it was a Last Man Standing match (half way through the match)
- McKenzie ordered Bratchny to unmask Red Mask and revealed him to be Titus

Steamboat Ricky def. Everest to become the new WZCW World Heavyweight Champion

- Ricky won by countering the Rock Slide with a Blunderbuss
- Everest shakes Ricky's hand after the match


This PPV featured a gimmick to each match featured on the card and also had audience selection for certain matches.

Phoenix def. Blade in a First Blood match

- Both men came second & third in a poll for the Elite X Championship Challenger
- As Phoenix was the second pick, his added stipulation of a First Blood match was added
- Phoenix had been cut in arm during the match but kept the bleeding covered so the referee didn't see.

Reckless Youth def. Mark Hancock & Matt Fox and Pride of Toyota/Brothers in Arms* to become the new Tag Team Champions

- *Scott Hammond was an immediate replacement for Hunter Kravinoff who was attacked by the Crashin Movement, the new alliance saw a name change
- The match was chosen to be an Elimination match where both team members had to be eliminated
- Wasabi Toyota was pinned by Alex Steele after the Twisted Steele to determine the victors

Baez def. Steven Holmes to retain the Mayhem Championship

- Match stipulation was a Strap Match with pin rules
- Baez won after trapping Holmes under a ladder and laying on top of it
- Steven Holmes and the Crashin Movement had stolen the Mayhem Championship at Apocalypse

Austin Reynolds def. Chris Beckford to retain the Elite X Championship

- This match was an Inferno Match
- Beckford was set on fire after a Ratings Killer

John Constatine def. Doug Crashin and Everest

- Constantine won by pinning Crashin after an Axis of Evil
- Doug Crashin and Everest were a drawn pick out of five possible opponents
- The other choices were Wilhelm Wunderbar, Gordito and Scott Hammond

Big Dave def. Titus to retain the EurAsian Championship

- Dave won by catching Titus during a Red Comet and countered with a Stamp of Authority
- This match was cotnested under Extreme Rules
- Titus had waged his career on the line in this match, thus having to retire from WZCW due to the loss

Ty Burna def. Vengeance, Showtime Cougar and Dr. Steven Kurtesy to become the new WZCW World Heavyweight Champion

- The match was contested in WZCW's first ever Hell in a Cell Match
- Ty Burna won after Vengeance deliberately submitted to the Finale Séance
- Dr. Steven Kurtesy was thrown face first into a glass plate which left scarring
- Kurtesy also threw Vengeance through the roof of the Cell via an arm drag

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