WZCW World Heavyweight Championship
Current champion Steven Kurtesy
Date won January 29, 2012
Promotion WrestleZone Championship Wrestling
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Date created June 2007
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First champion Joseph Rios
Most reigns Joseph Rios, Everest, Titus (2 reigns)
Most defenses Ty Burna (6 defences)
Longest reign Ty Burna (64 weeks)
Shortest reign DisasterPiece (2 hours)

The WrestleZone Championship Wrestling (WZCW) World Heavyweight Championship is a professional e-wrestling championship. Currently, it is the highest ranked championship in WrestleZone Championship Wrestling.


The WZCW World Heavyweight Championship was brought back for the revival of WZCW in June of 2007. To establish an inaugural champion, a tournament named the 'Pinnacle Pursuit' Tournament was established to crown the first champion.

The tournament would come to a head at Meltdown 4, but the match between DC and Aaron Craig went to a no contest. As a result of this, Joseph Rios declared himself the champion as he was the ‘last person standing’ in the 'Pinnacle Pursuit' Tournament.

Chuck Myles, would not award him the championship, and declared that at Unscripted, the first WZCW PPV, Joseph Rios would wrestle Aaron Craig and DC in a Triple Threat match to decide who would be the first WZCW World Heavyweight Championship. Rios would go onto win at Unscripted, pinning Aaron Craig and becoming the inaugural champion. Rios would go onto to defend his title three times, defeating Everest in a last man standing match at Civil Revolution, losing to Sincade by DQ at Meltdown 8 and defeating Everest again at the inaugural Lethal Lottery.

Rios would finally lose the title to DisasterPiece in the first match at Meltdown 12 B but would later go onto regain the title on the same show after invoking his rematch clause with Chuck Myles, defeating DisasterPiece in the main event.

Rios’s reign wouldn’t be as long as his first though as just a few weeks later he would lose the title to Lethal Lottery winner, Big Will at the inaugural Kingdom Come, WZCW’s premier PPV.

Big Will’s reign would be even shorter as at Meltdown 15, just after Kingdom Come, he was brutally attacked by the former champion, Joseph Rios, prompting a mystery man, later revealed as Vance Bateman, to appear and declare the title vacant and at the next show, another tournament (dubbed ‘Championship Chase’) was established to crown the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion.

The ‘Championship Chase’ came to a head at Apocalypse, where Everest faced off against Hatchiyama Manzo in a singles match. Although Magnus Maximillion tried to interfere on behalf of Manzo, Everest was able to put Manzo away with the Rock Slide and become the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion.

At Unscripted II, Everest would face off against King For A Day, Steamboat Ricky and the title would change hands as Steamboat was able to put Everest away. Steamboat would defend his title at Meltdown 22 against Vengeance where he would lose but thanks to it being by disqualification, he kept his title.

Everest would become a two-time World Champion at Civil Revolution 2009 as he overcame Steamboat and Carmen Bratchny in a No-DQ Triple Threat match. Everest’s first defence of the title would come at All or Nothing where he faced off against Bratchny, Steamboat, Titus, David Cougar and Lars Reidar in a six pack challenge match. The rules of the match stipulated that three men would be eliminated and the three remaining would complete in a Triple Threat match.

Everest became only the second man to ever successfully defend the title via pin fall or submission as he pinned Steamboat Ricky in that match after earlier eliminating Lars Reidar. He would go onto defend his title once again at Lethal Lottery II against Lars Reidar in a Buried Alive match.

His title reign would soon end though as at the main event of Kingdom Come he faced off against Lethal Lottery winner, Titus in a Pure Rules match, a match that would see Titus emerge victorious.

At the next PPV, Redemption (2010), Titus would defend his title against Everest and Carmen Bratchny in a Triple Threat match that also unified the ‘Real’ World Heavyweight Championship with the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Following Redemption, Titus would begin fighting with Vengeance, leading to a No-DQ match at Unscripted 2010, where Vengeance would win thanks to some interference from his cohort, Ty Burna.

Ty would soon turn on Vengeance, becoming a fan favourite in the process and led to a Fatal Four Way Hell in a Cell match at Unscripted that also featured Dr. Steven Kurtesy and “Showtime” David Cougar. Ty would make Vengeance tap out and win the title and retiring his former ally in the process. This would start the longest title reign in WZCW World Heavyweight Championship history.

Ty would defeat Gordito at All or Nothing 2010, Everest at Meltdown 50, Gordito and Barbosa in a Triple Threat at Lethal Lottery 2011, “Showtime” David Cougar at Kingdom Come III, “Showtime” and Austin Reynolds in a Triple Threat at Redemption 2011 and Austin Reynolds again, this time in No-DQ match, Apocalypse 2011.

His epic reign would finally end at the same event and same match he’d won it in, a Fatal Four Way Hell in a Cell match at Unscripted 2012, 64 weeks after he’d initially won the title. He would drop the title to Big Dave in a match also featuring Mr. Baller and Dr. Steven Kurtesy.

This started a bit of a hot potato situation with the title because although Dave would retain against Ty at Ascension 39, a brutal post match attack at Meltdown 66 by his opponent, John Constantine, Steven Holmes and the Apostles of Chaos would leave Big Dave beaten down enough for Barbosa to become the first WZCW wrestler to cash in the King For A Day briefcase and win the WZCW World Heavyweight Title.

His reign would last just a couple weeks like Dave’s as he lost a Fatal Four Way elimination match at All or Nothing 2012 to Titus, a match that also featured Big Dave and Steven Kurtesy. This began Titus’ second title reign but like Barbosa and Dave before him, it was short lived and only lasted two weeks as Steven Kurtesy would defeat him on Meltdown 68 to win his first WZCW World Heavyweight Title.

Kurtesy is the current reigning champion and has his first defence against Barbosa at Lethal Lottery IV.

Current champion

The current champion is Steven Kurtesy. He defeated former champion Titus on Meltdown 68, in a singles match on the 29th January 2012.


Champion: Defeated: Event: Note: Defenses:
Joseph Rios DC and Aaron Craig Unscripted
  • Won in a no DQ Triple Threat to crown the first champion.

def. Everest at Civil Revolution
lost to Sincade at Meltdown 8 by DQ
def. Everest at Lethal Lottery

DisasterPiece Joseph Rios Meltdown 12 B
  • None
  • None
Joseph Rios DisasterPiece Meltdown 12 B
  • Won later on the same Meltdown that DisasterPiece won the title
  • None
Big Will Joseph Rios Kingdom Come
  • Big Will won the title match after winning the Lethal Lottery
  • None
Vacant N/A Meltdown 15
  • Title was vacated following Big Will vs Ben Legend
  • N/A
Everest Hatchiyama Manzo Apocalypse
  • Won in the finals of the Championship Chase Tournament
  • None
Steamboat Ricky Everest Unscripted II
  • None
  • def. Vengeance at Meltdown 22 by disqualification


Steamboat Ricky, Carmen Bratchny Civil Revolution
  • No DQ Triple Threat Match
  • def. Carman Bratchny, David Cougar, Lars Reidar, Steamboat Ricky, and Titus at All or Nothing 2009
  • def. Lars Reidar at Lethal Lottery 2009 in a Buried alive match



Kingdom Come II

  • Pure Rules Match
  • def. Everest and Carman Bratchny at Redemption 2010 to unify it with the Real World Heavyweight Championship
Vengeance Titus Apocalypse 2010
  • No DQ Match
  • None
Ty Burna Vengeance, "Showtime" David Cougar, Dr. Steven Kurstey Unscripted 2010
  • Hell in a Cell Match
  • If Vengeance lost, he was forced to retire
  • def. Gordito at All or Nothing 2010
  • def. Everest at Meltdown 50
  • def. Gordito and Barbosa at Lethal Lottery 2011
  • def. "Showtime" David Cougar at Kingdom Come III
  • def. "Showtime" David Cougar and Austin Reynolds at Redemption 2011
  • def. Austin Reynolds at Apocalypse 2011 in a No-DQ Match
Big Dave Ty Burna, Mr. Baller, Dr. Steven Kurtsey Unscripted 2011
  • Hell in a Cell Match
  • def. Ty Burna on Ascension 39
Barbosa Big Dave Meltdown 66
  • cashed in KFAD
  • None
Titus Barbosa, Gordito, Big Dave All or Nothing 2011
  • Four man elimination match
  • None
Steven Kurtesy Titus Meltdown 68
  • None
  • None
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